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Might & Magic X: Legacy

Secrets, Lore and Game Guide

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy

The Raider's Code, The History of Karthal, Sea Shanties and Harbour Songs, Michael and His Glories, Bestiary of Ashan, Portal to a Distant Star, Mystery of the Hidden Shrine, A Passage through the Isles, Clouds, Darkside, The Divine Right, For Kin and Glory, Night of the Destroyer, Decree of Destiny, The War of Bitter Ashes, The Fabrication of the Orcs, The Binding of the Clans, Malassa Mourning, Dynasties of Light, The Myths of Creation, Houses of Wizardry, On the Nature of the Spirit World, Titan Finder, The Eighth City, The Dragon of Karthal: a Popular Folk Tale, The Distant Home, Wandering the Waves, The Treasures of the Shantiri, A Savage History of the Pirates, Manifesto of the Karthal League, Song of the Earth, The History of Hammer Fall, Excerpt from Montbard's Journals, Dunstan's Last Adventure, Astronomical Notes, A Tour of the Free Cities