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Might & Magic X: Legacy

Secrets, Lore and Game Guide

Dynasties of Light

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game

author: Loremaster Elias of the Blind Brothers

From Ronan the Great to Lea the Peacemaker and the end of the years of healing.

Ronan the Great, son of Arzhel and Galena of clan Falcon, founded the empire and united the clans in the 3rd Year of the Seventh Dragon. He wed the dark haired cousin Treva of house Falcon and they were blessed with three sons and a daughter. The first son and heir, Brian, was born in 18 YSD.

Brian the Blessed, crowned in 35 YSD, was wed to the light haired Brietta of house Griffin in the summer of 40 YSD. Brian embraced the Dragon Elrath. Brian and Brietta ruled peacefully until Brian's death in 65 YSD. They had seven children.

Ronan II the Gifted, born to Brian and Brietta, was crowned in 65 YSD, and married Amena of house Stag the next year.

Logan the Beloved was crowned in YSD 86 and married the golden haired Aude of Greyhound in YSD 90. They had seven children, the eldest Morvan died of sickness at age seven. The seventh child and second boy, Connor, born in 111YSD, after the crashing of an astre from the sky, would inherit the throne.

Connor the Graceful was crowned in YSD 119. He married Tatiana of house Griffin in YSD 123. They had five golden haired girls and a dark haired boy, Laegaire. The girls were married to five Duchies of the Holy Falcon Empire, the boy was married to the sixth Duchy, Ingrid of Wolf in YSD 147. He remarried Vesta of Griffin in YSD 160 three years after the death of Tatiana. She bore the empire two fiery haired daughters. As a widow, Vesta would retire from public life and found the religious order of the Vestals. Ronan II's reign lasted sixty years.

Laegaire the Mad was crowned in YSD 174 at 40 years of age. He named a goat to the head of his armies. Married to Ingrid the Sad of house Wolf, they had twelve children. Alas, seven died in childhood.

Erwan the Builder was crowned in YSD 199, over two decades after his wedding to Lucinda of house Bull. His first son Brian, born in YSD 175, would inherit the throne upon Erwan's death while hunting in 223.

Brian II the Merry was crowned in YSD 223. He wed black haired Morgana of house Stag in 188 and they had three children. He was the first Emperor to die on the field of battle. His death marks the end of the age called the years of Healing.

Ronan III the Patient was crowned in YSD 260. He was the grandchild of Brian II, his father, the Prince Aymeric, having died in battle the day before his father Brian. He wed Alice of house Unicorn in YSD 238. They had two children, Morvan the Terrible was the Eldest.

Morvan the Terrible was crowned in YSD 261 and had wed Victoria of Unicorn in YSD 239 at the age of 11. They had no children. Victoria was executed for adultery and Morvan wed Belinda of House Greyhound the year before he died in battle, before she could bare him a child.

Lea the Peacemaker, daughter of Seamus and Elena, was crowned in YSD 264, niece to Morvan. She had wed Sebastien of house Greyhound the year before. They had six children.

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