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Might & Magic X: Legacy

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On the Nature of the Spirit World

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game

author: Sar-Aggreth

Sar-Elam, our teacher and mentor, our example and friend, journeyed to the Spirit World and returned as the Seventh Dragon. These were his words more so than my own, for though I have managed myself to pierce the Veil on occasion and walk the other side, none but him has found a way to travel to Asha's moon, through the Void, and return back again sanely, with memories intact, and the powers of a Dragon God.

The Spirit World is said to have been created in legend and song after the Wars of Creation, when Urgash, the Dragon of Chaos, and his children the Demons, led by the Demon Overlords, attacked the Dragon Gods and their peoples. Asha, the creator and Dragon of Order, was wounded and retired to the moon for healing where she still resides. She created the Veil to shield all things essential from the Demons so that the peoples of Ashan would always have them, creating two worlds from one. There is the world we call real, and the world beyond this Veil that we call spirit.

The First Law

What is destroyed in the real world never ceases to exist in the Spirit World. This is the first fundamental law of the Veil.

Hard Things destroyed become heavy Shadows: If a castle or rock, mountain or sea, it fades slightly, becoming a heavy shadow. The shadow is consistent and can be touched and even walked upon. The most strange and eerie thing about the spirit world is that if a house or castle is destroyed and another built in its place, both exist and both can be visited. There are certain places with hundreds of houses standing in the same place, but as soon as one decides mentally the place one wishes to visit, only that image remains until one leaves the house.

Trees: Trees with Dryads are able to move in the Spirit world, as Treants are capable of moving within the real world. When they are destroyed in the real world, they are said to take root again wherever they happen to be in the spirit world, as a seed in the ground.

Living Creatures: When a living creature dies their spirit solidifies in the Spirit World and gains consciousness. This is a crucial moment for the spirit who might either decide to fly on to the Moon and embrace reincarnation, or linger in the Spirit World to resolve problems or troubles that keep it from leaving peacefully. The more persistent eventually learn how to appear in the real world as ghosts.

Djinns and Elemental Spirits: Djinns and Elemental Spirits are native to the Spirit World, but can be brought into the real world as servants or allies. The Greatest Mage Priests of the departed Shantiri Empire mastered this magic better than any, and had developed lasting ties between the two worlds. Djinns however only appeared after Sar-Elam's ascension to Dragonhood. When they are destroyed in the real world, they simply reappear in the spirit world. In fact, one should not say destroy a Djinn: the more appropriate terms would be to repel or banish a Djinn.

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