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Might & Magic X: Legacy

Secrets, Lore and Game Guide

Michael and His Glories

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game

author: Priestess Celina

Though much has been said about the Archangel Michael and his return to Ashan to lead the armies of Light and righteousness against the dastardly Demons and the treacherous Faceless, this tome has been transcribed for the use of both Kings and Captains, and all those curious in the arts of military strategy and proper preparation for war.

Archangel Michael was tremendously powerful and brilliant in the art of tactical warfare: capable of fielding Knights and Griffins, while leading Angels and Crossbowmen with his powerful shout. Although his Glories on the battlefield wreaked tremendous damage unto the enemy, it was off the field that these units proved even more valuable, and certainly were the determinant factor in the Archangel's brilliant dominance.

The Glories, Elemental Spirits of pure and holy Light sent by Dragon Elrath to aid his loyal followers, are faster than a flash of Light and loyal to their leader in all situations. Michael, as supreme commander of Emperor Liam's armies, also used the fleetest amongst them as messengers to communicate with this generals and captains fighting battles and skirmishes simultaneously on a hundred fronts all across Ashan.

Within weeks of the Bloodmoon eclipse, three Demon Princes were massing powerful armies, while a dozen lesser Chaos Lords were leading smaller legions throughout the Falcon Empire, the Seven Cities, and both under and above the Northern Mountains. Michael could not hope to meet them in a single battle because in their chaotic fury they refused all noble confrontation. Yet armed with the truth, Michael defeated them all the same.

Duke Anton, leading the Duchy of Griffin, is given credit today by the Blind Brothers for the defense of Falcon's Reach after Emperor Liam's tragic charge. Few mention that Anton had sent a Glory to warn Michael of the predicament and that the Demons were not completely dispatched until Michael returned with the main part of the Imperial forces.

Michael had more than four score Glories dispatched throughout the sensitive territories with express orders to keep him informed of enemy and ally movements. When Duchess Irina of Wolf landed with a legion of Nagas, Michael knew within the day. When the Necromancers of the Seven Cities bore down upon the Demon hordes in the ill-fated valley, he knew within the hour.

Glories are immune to the perilous forms of Dark magic. During the Demon Invasion, the Faceless attempted to kill Michael on numerous occasions and the Glories were able to thwart all of their attempts. Alas it was after the Demons had been defeated and Michael's guard fallen, that he was treacherously defeated. Michael had sent his Glories to the Spirit world so that they might rest from their half-decade of loyal service. The armies of Darkness caught Michael by surprise.

The Death of the Archangel Michael, General of the Armies of Light and Supreme Commander, could have been avoided. Once his shield of Light disbanded, his strategy and tactical genius alone were no match for the treacherous. Now only the truthful ways of our Dragon Elrath might disperse the Dark plans of Malassa.

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