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Might & Magic X: Legacy

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Titan Finder

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game

author: Javed

I am not one for flowery words or long phrases spit out generously like so much polish for the bronze plates of the proud houses of the Seven Cities. I am a pragmatic man, Wizard of House Materia, who has been asked to find a solution to a simple problem. Since the Beastman incident, that tremendous and "unpredictable" rebellion where our walls and towers were shook to their foundations beneath the sand, we are without an army and without sufficient labour to maintain our lavish ways.

I am a builder, an architect, a maker of things. For centuries our House has let the others play with their fireballs, their Orc regiments and blood-bound mages. They fought the battles and won the laurels while we rebuilt the cities, the bridges, the towers and mines. They played while we worked. It is time things changed.

House Eterna is working to build armies of undead, using the bodies and spirits of the fallen to assure our defenses. I am not yet convinced that this is not just another illusion. We once like them thought we could control the wills of our creations, but even the Goblins rebelled. Their ghouls and ghosts might well do the same. There is only one remedy for the Seven Cities. We must build an army that stands as a loyal emanation of our own resourcefulness. We must construct them from the secrets of the past. We must discover how to rebuild the Titans of our ancestors the Shantiris. They stood strong and invincible for twenty centuries, with an army made of stone.

And so my quest is to find the secrets of the Shantiri Mage Priests, who understood the mysteries of the Dragons and could cross the veil into the Spirit World as easily as man in Al-Safir enters the public library. I know not where to look, but I know what I am looking for.

A year back I dozed in my contemplation and a daydream came to me of a giant Titan destroying our enemies and protecting our city. I have etched this dream magically onto a stone that I now carry with me always. It took me great effort to create this artefact which I call Titan Finder. It warms my pocket and sends me excited vibrations. I have followed it to the Eastern coasts of the Wizard realms. It points me now in the direction of the Jade Sea. Certainly, across this expanse, in Stonehelm, the Pao Islands, perhaps even in Hammer Fall, I shall find the secrets of the Shantiris.

I, and House Materia, shall build such an army of stone and steel, that the Seven Cities shall once again become the invincible force, the protectors of Ashan, the makers of magic, and the rightful legacy of Sar Elam, the Seventh Dragon.

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