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Might & Magic X: Legacy

Secrets, Lore and Game Guide

The Raider's Code

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game

author: Owen the Raider

If Raider you wish to become or Raider you are, then this book of code is paramount for working the trade without sin.

The First Rule - Life is more precious than gold
No man or woman shall be left behind, while breath remains within them. Whether gold or jewel, relic or spell, the value of a life is greater.

The Second Rule - The price of life is life
If ever another Raider breaks the first rule and you make it out alive to tell, then you are required to kill the scoundrel, and make it clear that the only price for life is life.

The Third Rule - A share is a share
Shares are equally divided between any Raider who survives and risked life on the expedition whether treasure was found in light or in shadow, with fight or none.

The Fourth Rule - Maps and Clues are paid for
Maps, clues and any information offered to the group are bought and paid for with gold before the expedition. Only those who go below the ground merit a share.

The Fifth Rule - Pick first and pick well
Once a group has been formed, nothing shall break it until all are returned safe to a town. Once the pact is made and the expedition started, there is no turning back, no matter what the cause.

The Sixth Rule - Group before your Dragon
Worship your Dragon on your own time, and pray to whichever you want. But when the raid has begun, the group is your only religion. Protect your brothers and sisters, and thank your Dragon after its done.

The Seventh Rule - It's not stealing if the owner's dead
Raiders recover treasures from the dead and buried, not the living. We recover those things forgotten and bring them back to those who might use them for new purpose.

The Eighth Rule - Treasure is treasure
No matter what the nature and power of the treasure you might find, it is not for the Raider to judge whether it is good or evil, nor a tool for right or wrong doing. Treasure is Treasure. Relics do not kill: people do.

The Ninth Rule - Never divide until it's safe
Never divvy up the loot until safely back in town. Sell it all and count in gold. If you want something back, buy it from the merchant who barters all the fare. Whether spell or relic, map or tome, staff or sword, sell it all and divide the shares.

The Tenth Rule - Rules are written to be bent
If ever a rule gets in the way of common sense and the group can come to a mutual agreement, where everyone agrees, then the new rule prevails.

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