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Might & Magic X: Legacy

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The Books of Beginnings

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game

author: Unknown Shantiri author

The Birth of the All and Everything

Before the beginning there was the Void.

Out of the Void came the Cosmic Egg, from which a brother and a sister Dragon were hatched. The Godly twins, Chaos and Order, were born and the great All and Everything was set into motion. Chaos pulling and Order shoving, the siblings wove a complex and marvellous creation. The All was forever built and forever torn asunder, and the Void was no longer empty.

Asha, the Dragon Goddess of Order, created Ashan, a world full of life. She gave birth to the Elements as sibling pairs, each the friend and enemy of the other, each breathing and clawing to build a more beautiful world.

Asha's brother Urgash returned with a desire to reshape and rebuild anew all that his sister had created. And his children, the Demons, inherited his wrath and became it.

The Void did not intervene. It did not watch. It did not ponder. The Void does not act. The Void is nothing. It opposes nothing. The All and Everything claim to be its opposite, but the Void claims nothing. The Void needs nothing. The Void is not, and not it will always be.

From the Book of Beginnings
Unknown Shantiri Authors

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