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Might & Magic X: Legacy

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Houses of Wizardry

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game

author: Crusader Commander Alia

This report was written at the request of Archangel Michael, in the 561th Year of the Seventh Dragon.

Created by Sar-Elam's disciples, the Academies of the Seven Cities have become the greatest power in Ashan outside of our Holy Empire. Fortunately, in the last century, the Cities have also become profoundly divided, splintered into various Houses, constantly competing for influence. This should give us an advantage if the Empire ever finds itself at war with these heretics.

Your Holy Grace will find below descriptions of the main Houses currently found in the Seven Cities.

The blasphemous House Eterna controls the city of Al-Betyl, far to the south, and is currently the most powerful House. It was founded relatively recently by Belketh, our Fallen brother, who forswore obedience to our father Elrath to embrace the heretic teachings of Sar-Shazzar, and follow the darkest paths his master had to offer. Eterna is known for its Undead legions, summoned and controlled by dark Wizards known as Necromancers. It is of note that House Eterna is now turning into a religious order dedicated to the worship of the Spider Goddess, an aspect of Asha. This puts them at odds with the other Houses, since the Wizards pride themselves as unrepentant atheists, arrogantly rejecting the guidance of the Dragon Gods.

House Anima of Al-Safir comes second in terms of power and influence, and is a frequent political adversary of the Necromancers. Also called "Summoners" or "Elementalists", its members are binders of Spirits, inspired by the ancient Shantiri rituals. They were the first school of Magic in the Seven Cities, but their power within the Circle has been decreasing steadily. They regained some of their lost political influence after House Chimera's fall from grace, but they are still no match for Eterna's armies. It is, however, obvious their fierce rivalry will only continue to escalate in the coming years.

House Materia of Al-Imral is a relatively minor House but has been gaining influence over the last few decades. It has been unearthing ancient Shantiri ruins, seeking the knowledge of the lost Empire. Their experiments with animated statues collectively known as "constructs" has proven fruitful: House Materia was able to provide the Cities' armies with troops such as Golems and Titans. My sources tell me they are now trying to create flying constructs, or "Gargoyles". More costly but also more reliable than Beastmen and other half-Demon aberrations, the constructs could become a way for the other Houses to challenge the grip House Eterna currently possess on the military, especially if Anima and Materia were to ally.

House Chimera of Al-Rubit are the creators of the Orcs and Beastmen. They used to be the undisputed leaders of all Wizard Houses... that is, until the Orc Rebellion shattered their influence. It seems unlikely they will ever recover from the damage wrought by their creations and the bad reputation they now hold among their fellow Wizards. Chimera has fallen under the shadow of Eterna and Anima, and even their control of their home city has been challenged. Some Crimson Wizards are reportedly thinking of leaving the Seven Cities altogether, maybe to found a Free City where they could start anew. Darker reports indicate an increase of incidents linked to Demon-worshipping within their ranks...

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