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Might & Magic X: Legacy

Secrets, Lore and Game Guide

Song of the Earth

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game

author: Lord Haart

Monlin, the Elven tongue, is one of Ashan's oldest languages, a fact made evident by the many places and landmarks bearing names of Elven origins. Even Elrath, our Dragon God, is known to us in his Elf name, simply meaning "Dragon of Light".

The purpose of this book is therefore to teach you, my esteemed and curious reader, the rudiments of the euphonious and elegant language of the Children of the Earth. Let's start with a basic glossary:

Ad(a): Land, Place, Kingdom (very general term)
Adan: Man, Human
Ag(a/i): Wild, untamed
Al(a): Eternal, endless, everyoung
An(a/i): Friend, Beloved
Ar(a): Fire
Ash(a): Harmony, Order
Ay(a): Jewel, Gem

Beth: Despair, Sadness
Bor: Stream

Chall: Haven, Home
Col: Wall

Da: Day (you should recognize this word from the names we give our week days: Ashda, Malda, Elda...)
Dam: Cursed
Dan: Child
Di(a): Two, Twin, Double

El(a/e): Sun, Light
Er(a/e/u): One, Lonely, Alone, Single
Fail: Luck
Fall: Abundance, Plenty
Fin(i): Beautiful, Nice, Fair
Fir(i): Sharp

Gal: Wolf
Gar: Red
Gath: Cold
Gathal: Mist
Gil: Gift, present
Gor: Demon

Hal: Pure, Sacred, "Holy", Good

In(a): Lady, Noble, Elevated, Honoured (female honorific)
Irn(a): Tree

Ker: Giant, Great, Dire
Ky(a): Mind, Will

Lad: Vale
Lan: Glade
Lin: Song, Chant
Leth: Death
Lir: Joy, Smile
Loth: Leaf
Lur: Peace

Mal: Darkness
Men: Stone
Mon: Earth
Mor(a): Evil, Corrupted, Blasphemous
My(i)r: Lake

Nar(a): Burning
Nec: Nest

Os: Eyes
Ost: Watchtower, Fortress

Rael: Wisdom
Raen: Sword
Ran: Blood
Ron: Mercy
Rath: Dragon
Ris: Blade
Rista: Jagged

Sai: Steel
Sal: Iron
Salgun: Chains
Seish: Serpent
Sha: Port
Shad: Night
Shal: Sea, Ocean
Shan: Shadow
Sin(i): Spirit, Soul
Sor: Grim
Swe(h): Skin
Sweris: Flayed
Syl: Forest, Wood
Syr: Lord, Noble, Elevated, Honoured, High (male honorific)
Syris: High Palace, capital city

Tal(a): Heart
Talost: Home, Shelter
Tar(a/i): Black
Thal: Green
Thalla: Water
Thin: Silver
Thil: Grey
Thir: Three, Trinity
Thra(l/n): Strength
Tor: Fang
Ty: Ancient
Tyl: Hill
Tyr: Mountain

Ur(a): Chaos

Van: Gold
Vay(a): Swift, Fast
Vin: War, Battle
Vir: Enemy

Wel: Spring, Fountain
Wen: Flower
Wan(na): Pale
Wyn(na): White
Wyr: Fate, Destiny
Wys: Wind

Y(a): Little, small (female diminutive)
Yesh: Whisper
Ygg: Below
Yl: Moon
Yla: Air
Yn: Wings
Yon: Distant
Yr: Star
Yrris: Arrow

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