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Might & Magic X: Legacy

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The History of Karthal

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game

author: Loremaster Elias of the Blind Brothers

As long as Ashan's history has been recorded, the great port of Karthal has been considered one of the jewels of the crown of the Falcon Emperors. The name Karthal is believed to derive from the Elven "Ker-Thal", which can be translated as "the Great Green", as the city stood on the edge of the great Elven Forests.

Before there was a city, there stood the great cathedral known as the Vigil of Karthal, built by the Angels on the site of one of their first great victories during the Elder Wars. Around this landmark, a fortress was erected, consisting in the area now known as the modern-day city's Upper District. From there, the city grew. It was only when the young Emperor Brian Falcon converted to the worship of Elrath that the Angels, led by the Archangels Uriel and Sarah, offered Karthal to the Falcons.

While Karthal is considered one of the most beautiful cities of the Empire, its actual political status within the Holy nation has long been a matter of debate. Located far from the imperial heartlands, the city and the surrounding Peninsula are sometimes considered the "seventh Duchy" of the Empire, although it has no Duke and no real power, making it, in effect, an imperial protectorate. Day-to-day matters are handled by a City Council that convenes in the Vigil, but Karthal has no army of its own and must rely on the support of the neighbouring Duchies of Unicorn and Greyhound, and is usually represented by a Governor appointed by the Emperor.

Of course, Greyhound and Unicorn try to impose their own candidates for the position, as Karthal represents an important trading centre with Irollan and the Seven Cities, and therefore an important source of wealth. So far, no Governor of the Agyn Peninsula has been a child of Karthal or the Peninsula. It can however occur that the imperial throne selects its own candidate as Governor, as is the case with the current Governor, Jon Morgan. Morgan succeeds Lord Montbard, a Greyhound Governor, believed dead during the Second Eclipse.

In the centuries that followed the Angels' gift, Human presence in the Peninsula has been growing. New settlements like Seahaven and Sorpigal-by-the-Sea have been established. As Karthal and the Peninsula continue to grow in importance, some denizens of the city have banded together as the "Karthal League", demanding more autonomy and the right to self-governance. One of their main arguments is the chaos that followed the Second Eclipse, as the city was left to defend itself from the Demons on its own. Without the timely arrival of Duke Anton of Griffin and Necromancers of House Eterna, it is certain the city would have been sacked by the Demons and thousands of lives lost.

Conservative nobles have been opposed to listening to the League's plea, claiming it could lead to Karthal seceding from the Empire entirely, and becoming one of the Free Cities. This blatant lack of trust has only fuelled the League's resentment.

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