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Might & Magic X: Legacy

Secrets, Lore and Game Guide

The Treacherous Queen Tuidhana

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game

author: Priestess Celina

The treacherous nature of Queen Tuidhana is known throughout the Falcon Empire, and the War of Bitter Ashes, with its ensuing deaths and cruelties, was her darkest creation. This is an accounting of her rise to power related by travellers from the Dark realms.

It was a cold and rainy day in the peaceful forests of Irollan, and the young princess Tuidhana was not yet crowned, for she had two brothers and two sisters older in age. None of her older siblings would ever bear or foster a child, for each of them would meet a tragic death.

Felleron the Archer, the handsome first son of Tuidhana's brood, fell in love with a lovely Elven maiden from the North. Gwendan's hair was white as snow, and her skin as soft as doeskin. The little Tuidhana prepared them a blackberry pie to welcome her new sister into the fold. Horror, by ill fortune a venomous mushroom mistakenly fell into her recipe, and both bride and groom were killed, along with her older sister.

Tuidhana mourned inconsolably alongside her family. Alas, she was young and innocent, and incapable of malice. Her mother, in her grief, went so far as to proclaim that some evildoer must have come and placed the fungus in the batter whilst her daughter had turn her eye.

Tuidhana's mother and father were swept away beyond the Veil by a mysterious sickness the following spring, and no foul play was suspected. It was the grief of losing two children that had weakened their fortitude and sent them to early graves.

The finger-pointing started when the next sister died. Norellian took her bath in a gentle stream whilst Tuidhana watched over her clothes. While dressing, a Griffin-Asp bit her in seven places, and she fell into a great sleep. Tuidhana ran for help, but the healers could do nothing. Her second sister died that night.

Lorelian was the smart one. It is said he could count the hairs of a porcupine using some strange Seven City algebra. Now Tuidhana's only surviving brother and king, he had her locked up in a remote cave for the remainder of her years to keep the realm safe from "bad luck". The place was dark, but still dry and warm, fit for the daughter of a king.

Alas, Tuidhana finally revealed her true nature within that dark cavern where she plotted and planned. Seducing first the guards with her beauty, she made them her vengeful assassins. Blaming her brother for the deaths of her family and her own unlawful imprisonment, she rallied enough treacherous daggers to her cause to stage a coup.

On a moonless night in the middle of winter, she accompanied five assassins up her brother's tree castle and killed all guards and servants. It is said that she herself slit King Lorelian's throat and placed the bloody crown upon her own head.

This my friends and servants of Elrath, is the nature of the Queen that spawned the Dark Elves.

Priestess Celina - Servant of Elrath and the Holy Falcon Empire

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