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Might & Magic X: Legacy

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Excerpt from Montbard's Journals

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game

author: Lord Montbard

2nd Day of the Night Veil, 558 YSD

I received a letter this morning, bearing the imperial seal.
Emperor Liam has chosen me to become the new Governor of the Agyn Peninsula. I know I have to thank the Duke of Greyhound for this, since he's the one who's been whispering my name to the Emperor's ear for months, but yet I can only praise his Majesty for the great honour he bestowed upon me.

7th Day of the Night Veil, 558 YSD

I knew my predecessor, the Baron of Ashwood, had passed away, and assumed he had died of old age. It seems I was wrong. If the stories I heard are true, he actually fell from the castle's fortifications. According to the inn's patrons, he had grown senile and incoherent, and jumped to his death. I only met Ashwood once and he seemed a rational man, but old age is a mind's worst enemy.

3rd Day of the Sun Blossom, 559 YSD

One of the servants found a secret passage today. It leads to a network of caves below the castle. Probably some old escape tunnel. A foul air is coming from the depths, so I've decided to have it sealed shut.

25th Day of the Shining Star, 560 YSD

I woke up in the middle of the night. Like last time, I could have sworn something was floating next to me, whispering in my ear..
Is it loneliness starting to weigh on my soul? Is the choice I made all those years ago coming back to haunt me?

6th Day of the Moon Mother, 561 YSD

I almost skewered a servant today. I didn't see him as a man, I only saw this dark creature.Must be the lack of sleep. I haven't had a full night's sleep in months.

17th Day of the Laughing Winds, 561 YSD

Last night, I dreamt of Heloise again. She never forgave me for what I did. But I had no choice. The scandal would have destroyed us both.

(Starting with this entry Montbard's handwriting becomes increasingly harder to decipher.)

Radiant Crown, 12th, 561

Heloise was there last night. She was not a dream. Was she a ghost? An Angel sent by Elrath to torture me?
I can still feel her warmth. She looks as radiant as she did twenty years ago.
I fear I am losing my mind, but I'd rather lose my mind than lose her again.

Blood Moon, 5th, 562

I abandoned her in a rose bush, near a Chapel of Elrath, that very day, two decades ago. Our daughter. I had no choice. I'm sure the Vestals have taken good care of her.

Spider Queen, 21st, 562

Heloise said all was forgiven, that a more urgent threat was looming over the Empire. The Faceless are back, hiding among us.
I woke up with a new sense of purpose. I must save the Empire from Darkness.

White Maiden, 3rd, 562

I've started recruiting a militia to help me defend the Peninsula against the Faceless. It is my sacred duty to protect this land from the Children of Darkness.

(Illegible), 564

The Faceless have taken Portmeyron. Or were they Demons? I couldn't say. An Eclipse burns the sky. Their leader looked Human, but aren't the Faceless masters of disguise? An Angel with fiery wings was riding at his side.

(Illegible), 564

The Peninsula is lost, but I'll fight as long as I live. I know the Faceless are among us.I remember the old tunnels below the castle. I'll hide there. I'll build my army again, and we'll retake our lands from these creatures. I swear it to Elrath!

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