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Might & Magic X: Legacy

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The Eighth City

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game

author: Falagar

Founded by Sar-Elam's disciples, the Seven Cities are among the wonders of Ashan. While the great magical kingdom counts a lot of cities, its name derives from the original seven academies established by Sar-Shazzar, Sar-Issus and Sar-Aggreth. The simple enumeration of these magnificent jewels, blooming in the sands of Sahaar like desert roses, fills my heart with pride and joy.
Al-Safir, home of the Summoners of House Anima.
Al-Betyl, where the necromantic Spider Cult originated.
Al-Imral, bastion of House Materia with its daring architecture and clever mechanisms.
Al-Rubit, the city of my own birth, siege of power of my order, House Chimera...

There is however a city that was not founded by any Wizard but is still considered by many among us as the "Eighth City", despite being part of another realm. That city is none other than Karthal. Yes, Karthal's flag is that of the Holy Falcon Empire; yet when you walk its streets, you'll find more similarities, architectural or cultural, between Karthal and the Seven Cities than between Karthal and Falcon's Reach, Yorwick or Nilshaven.

This is not so surprising when you look at our common history. There were times when the city had more contacts with the merchants from Al-Imral than with the neighbouring imperial Duchies. When the Demons rampaged through the Agyn Peninsula during the Second Eclipse, Necromancers from Al-Betyl fought to defend Karthal alongside the knights of the Holy Empire. And when the war was over, it was us Crimson Wizards of House Chimera that led the relief effort, sending food and medicine to the population, and Beastmen workers to help with the reconstruction.

This also led to my appointment as Ambassador of the Seven Cities in Karthal, although my arrival, almost nine years ago, was delayed by some impromptu adventures involving rogue Nagas and pirates. But I digress again, and furthermore, that story has already been chronicled in another of my journals.

Since then, I have come to think of Karthal as my home, and have been thoroughly depressed by the disdain with which the Empire has been treating this marvelous city and its courageous inhabitants. The situation has evolved positively under Empress Gwendolyn, especially since Jon Morgan has become Governor of the Peninsula, but I believe the bond of trust and loyalty between Karthal and the Empire has been damaged for good.

Regardless of what the future may bring, there is little doubt in my mind than the destinies of Karthal and the Seven Cities will remain closely intertwined in the ages yet to come...

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