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Might & Magic X: Legacy

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Malassa Mourning

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game

author: Jorgen

Her body was laid to rest as her Human children cried, and though one son carried a banner of Light and another a sword of Chaos, the moon of Darkness was carved upon her tombstone. It was an image expressing grief, cold and glowing, of our Dragon Goddess Malassa, as she mourns.

Lady Cate was born a Stag and married to a Griffin. Who was she to judge a foolish Emperor, or his bright emissaries, the Angels of Light? Under the sign of secrets, and while doing what her heart deemed right, she left her mother's side and married a man whose head was cold as snow. Cate married and bore four children, and raised them to be right. When they were of age, and able to think for themselves, she heard the calling of Malassa, and left them for a higher purpose, to save the memory of an age.

Lady Cate had become a Dragon Knight, and could assume the sacred form of our Goddess. Flying as a Dragon, high above the allies of mystery and Darkness, armed with comprehension and compassion, she united our feeble efforts, and with them formed a single shadow, capable of covering their blinding and merciless Light.

The Archangel Michael of the Falcon Empire, thought lost in the Elder Wars, had returned in some clever vessel, forged by the Angels with a despicable plan. Michael's hatred for the Faceless, a secret to none, was turned against our mentors and friends cleverly and with guile. His anger gave him a singular will that united the nations behind walls of stubborn truth. Such was this mighty legion that it brought the Demon hordes to their knees. Though we can only thank their Elrath, for dousing the Lords of Chaos with a fire similar to their own, the righteous flames proved addictive, and blown upon by this pompous Angel of old, burned dangerously high and void of restraint.

The mysterious ways of Malassa are beyond our comprehension, for the truth is too big a burden for the boundaries of a single soul. But when one such as Cate gives her life to protect the weakest amidst our numbers, and defend our right to imagine a happier future, the Dragon Goddess mourns. And we the children of Darkness, remember her passage, in candle and in shadow, at mid-day and at night, in longing and in sorrow, in fervour and in fright.

Cate is dead.

Malassa mourns her daughter.

May her passing be remembered.

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