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Might & Magic X: Legacy

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Astronomical Notes

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game

author: Edwin

Dancing Flames, 22th, 564

By all Dragon-Gods! I could have sworn my calculations were correct. The Eclipse should happen in one year's time. Not now. The only time the Blind Brothers and I actually agree on something it turns out we are all wrong.
This should serve as a lesson. Urgash is Chaos, and Chaos cannot be predicted.

Dancing Flames, 23th, 564

Asha is resting within the Moon, and Urgash is imprisoned in our world's fiery core. Bloodmoon Eclipses occur when Ashan's shadow covers the Moon -- therefore, when Urgash eclipses Asha.
But I just realized that there's another consequence. If Asha's influence is weaker than usual, then it means Asha's Veil too shall be thinner.
If my theories are correct, this is the opportunity I've been waiting for -- the moment that only occurs once in a lifetime. It will be dangerous, but I've waited too long to hesitate now.

Dancing Flames, 25th, 564

The Demons burnt the Blind Brothers' observatory near Yorwick. I won't be able to use their telescope. I have to go to Kilburn. I hear the local lord is rather fond of astronomy.

Laughing Winds, 2nd, 564

Lord Kilburn is leaving for the Griffin Duchy, following a vision Elrath sent him. He allowed me to use his mansion's observatory until his return. This is perfect. I only need to enhance Lord Kilburn's telescope with the special lenses I had the Dwarves make for me.

Laughing Winds, 4th, 564

My theory was true! Tonight I could see the distant stars with a glorious clarity!

Laughing Winds, 11th, 564

As I always suspected, the constellation of the Dragon has nine stars, not just eight. To think all our star charts have been sporting such blatant mistakes for centuries. Finally, I can make things right.

Laughing Winds, 14th, 564

I spotted a planet tonight. It had oceans and several large isles. It's located rather far from Ashan, beyond the Void.
These lenses are truly a wonder!

Laughing Winds, 23rd, 564
My hand is still shaking as I write this. I cannot believe what I saw. Yet I checked three times, with three different lenses. This could change everything. Everything we ever thought we knew, everything we ever believed.
I saw another world. I could spot mountains and oceans, and a tiny sun orbiting it.That world was right in the middle of the Void, and it was FLAT.

Laughing Winds, 24th, 564

I tried to watch the strange world again, but I lost it. I'm sure the coordinates are correct. Was it only a dream?
I heard rumours that a Demonic Legion was marching on Kilburn. The villagers are starting to leave, seeking refuge in the mountains. I cannot follow them, not yet.

Laughing Winds, 25th, 564

I found it again. It must have moved somehow. Praise be Asha, this was no hallucination.

Laughing Winds, 27th, 564

It definitely moves. I'm trying to chart its course, but I've never seen any celestial body moving that way. Then again, I'd never seen a flat world before.

Blood Moon, 3rd, 564

I'm starting to get a feeling that world is moving of its own will, rather than being moved by the cosmic forces that rule the Void.

Blood Moon, 7th, 564

I calculated where the mysterious flat world is headed. There's a planet there, just on the outskirts of the Void, in the same region where I had spotted the "isles" planet earlier. Unfortunately, that new planet is too far, even for my precious lenses.

Blood Moon, 9th, 564

The Demons are approaching. I can see the fires over the horizon.
I cannot put my research in jeopardy. I have to leave.
To think I might never be allowed to look beyond Asha's Veil again...!

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