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Might & Magic X: Legacy

Secrets, Lore and Game Guide

The History of Hammer Fall

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game

author: Owen the Raider


In the days when the Dragon Gods still flew the skies of Ashan, a thousand centuries of peace was ended by a war. The Demons were jealous of the world the Dragons had made, and fought with all their hate and envy to destroy it.

The Dragons were victorious. But the price they paid was dire. Hurt and bloodied, our gods were forced beyond the Veil...
And when Dragons bleed... the earth remembers.

Oh, how we missed the Dragons. So we built great cities on the very battlefields where their blood had turned to crystal.
And then to fill our emptiness we fought amongst ourselves to own them.
The killing helped us forget.

Hammer Fall! This city you seek... was built on sacred grounds.
Beneath its foundations lie the secrets of a forgotten age... when blades were forged in magic... but deeper still... it hides memories!
Memories of Dragons are power. They inspire men... and rouse the demons.

The Demons left the hells of Sheogh on the dawn of the second eclipse. The Wizards of the Seven Cities were by all accounts winning the war for all of Ashan. Their newly made armies were killing Demons faster than a horse's tail snaps flies. But while the Wizards were working to make their Orcs and Cyclopes battle worthy, the rest of Ashan bled. Hammer Fall was besieged by Demons in 331 YSD and would have fallen, were it not for the Knights of Falcon, led by Connor II himself, who drove them away the very same year.

When Connor rode the streets of the beautiful city of Hammer Fall, celebrated by the merchants and Bloodsmiths as their saviour, the temptation was too great. Dragon Crystals abounded in these regions and the Bloodsmiths knew how to fashion them into armour and weapons. Their skill and art are what made the city rich. Connor annexed Hammer Fall and seized all its artisans, declaring them under the protection of the Holy Falcon Empire, and stationed both a garrison and a monastery of priests.

A church and castle were soon to follow, built high above the city atop the falls that gave it its name. And so a century and a half would pass, with the once free citizens grumbling in their beards. The Bloodsmiths went into hiding.

It was when the Orcs and Beastmen rebelled that Hammer Fall followed. In 479 YSD, the Empire had its hands full with Orc armies, once slaves living in the heart of their territories. Hammer Fall was far to the East of their more troublesome concerns. So the people took back their city and declared it a safe haven for Orcs and any men fleeing the atrocities of the old Falcon Empire.

Hammer Fall's worries are not over. For whatever the Dragons have blessed and their blood ordained, there will always be those with ambition and thirst for power to stake a claim.

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