Vista Del Rey Map - Heywood - Cyberpunk 2077 (CP77)

Detailed and revealed Map for Vista Del Rey Subdistrict located in Heywood District for Cyberpunk 2077 Maps & Walkthrough (CP77).

Map of Vista Del Rey in Heywood District for Cyberpunk 2077

Vista Del Rey Map in Heywood District - Cyberpunk 2077

Vista Del Rey Map in Heywood District - Cyberpunk 2077
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Vista Del Rey Subdistrict Info

Vista Del Rey is an game zone for players with 24-40 experience levels.

There's no need to sugarcoat it, Vista Del Rey is the worst part of Heywood, eaten alive by poverty and oppression. Gangs are the neighborhood's undisputed rulers – though the streets they rule over are often deserted. Fugitives or suspicious types hide in the shadows of megabuildings that've seen much better days – now their run-down exteriors seem to scorn you as you pass them. It's no wonder then that Vista is a thorn in the side of the powers-that-be in neighboring districts like Corpo Plaza and North Oak. Corporate executives would happily forget about the squalor of Heywood if it weren't literally right on their doorstep. Every once in a while rumors circulate that the city's authorities could take over and "clean up" Vista Del Rey, but who'll actually step up to the task?

Main Jobs starting in Vista Del Rey

Main Jobs

Main Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 are quests related to the main plot of the game. You can check the order in which they appear on the diagram Main Jobs.


Search And Destroy


Goro Takemura Hanako Arasaka

Takemura's hideout in Vista Del Rey

Meet with Takemura and Hanako Arasaka in room 303, after knock doors four times.

Know what my downside is? No matter how much I might want to, I don’t make fucking mistakes. Lo and behold! Our factory-reset ronin, hounded by every single Arasaka soldier in Night City for KIDNAPPING Saburo Arasaka’s daughter. Kudos to him – I couldn’t have fucked this plan up better myself. And after all this, he STILL wants you to drop by? I don’t know who’s more whacked – him or us. Just remember to knock four times. His head, preferably – against a fucking table.

Side Jobs in Vista Del Rey

Side Jobs

Side Jobs will appear with the completion of specific storyline Main Jobs or other Side Jobs. Some of the Side Jobs are closed episodes, others open up more Side Jobs. There are also important Side Jobs influencing the game endings called Major Side Job.

Do not reject any calls to Side Jobs so as not to close the storyline variants. You can check all Side Jobs and their availability on the Side Job List


Tune Up

Major Side Job Human Nature + read message from Delamain

Fender benders are a dime a dozen in Night City. A Delamain though? A first, I'm guessing. But now he wants to hand out compensation for damages? That's just downright suspect. Way I see it, he's got a the AI equivalent of a gun pointed at his head, and this message is nothing but a coded cry for help. Nobody, and I mean nobody, doles out compensation for a little chipped paintwork. Go and see what this is about – worst case you come out a little richer.

This Side Job will open 7 new Epistrophy Side Jobs, consisting of finding 7 lost Cabs in various districts of the city.

  • Read the message from Delamain.
  • Go to Delamain HQ.
  • Talk to the receptionist.
  • Talk to Delamain.
  • Follow Delamain's Drone.
  • Talk to Delamain.
  • Take the device.
  • Leave the garage.
  • Reestablish connection between Delamain and his 7 divergent forms.
  • Return to Delamain HQ.
  • Place the scanner in the box.
  • Talk to Delamain.

Only Pain

Playing for Time

"To serve and protect…" Funny, would've thought "To extort and torture" might fit better. Not sure what this guy's beef is with badges, but if you don't step in, they'll be scrapin' him off the sidewalk. Once they smear him there first, of course. But I dunno... maybe it's for the best? After all, no one's in Night City's dyin' an innocent soul.

You see Policemen beating a civilian. Don't attack them, just come over and try to ask them what's going on. If you have Streetkid Lifepath, you can try to do it peacefully, if you don't provoke the policemen and kill them. Then talk to Corpo lying on the ground.

Only Pain Side Job - Cyberpunk 2077

Only Pain Side Job

  • Defeat the cops.
  • Wake the corpo.
  • Talk to the corpo.

Machine Gun - Skippy

Playing for Time

In the alley you find a corpse with Smart Pistol lying next to it. Pick up the gun.

It turns out to be a very unusual weapon, Skippy, a smartgun with a unique voice-user interface and he is slightly unpredictable.

Skippy for Machine Gun Side Job - Cyberpunk 2077

Skippy for Machine Gun Side Job

Skippy is a pretty good weapon, and we could actually end the story there ... but it doesn't stop there.

Skippy asks us to select the operating mode:

  • Stone Cold Killer (headshots only)
  • Puppy Loving Pacifist (aim legs)

The choice seems obvious, but before you make it, read it completely because it's a tricky Side Job.

For the action to move forward, you need to kill enemies with Skippy.

Regardless of which mode you choose, after a few dozen of killed enemies, Skippy will change the mind and switch to the opposite mode, in which it will be ultimately impossible to change.

  • So if you choose Puppy Loving Pacifist first, it will turn into Stone Cold Killer and you will have a very good pistol. The best thing about it is that Skippy scales to the user's level.
  • If you choose Stone Cold Killer, he will turn into Puppy Loving Pacifist and you can continue Side Job.

After a while, Skippy will remember who the rightful owner is. It is Regina Jones, who you can get a weapon in exchange for a cash reward.

Or you can leave the gun to yourself.

Unique Weapons in Vista Del Rey

For more, check All Unique Weapons List.


Smart Pistol

Location: Vista Del Rey, Side Job Machine Gun

Base Weapon: TKI-20 Shingen - Scales to your level

Gigs in Vista Del Rey


Gigs are additional tasks that you get from the Fixer in a given district. More Gigs spawn as your Street Cred Level increases. Gigs are not related to the main plot of the game but provide experience points, equipment and resources.


Gig: Sr. Ladrillo's Private Collection

  • Gig type: Thievery
  • Objective: Steal data from a computer
  • Location: Dicky Twister, corner of Congress and Pajaro St.

Saint Augustine once wrote: When one has a healthy sense of smell, he will immediately recognize the stench of sin. Well, even anyone with a sinus infection in this city can smell the fuckfests over at Dicky Twister. This gay strip club is full of chicos with glazed, dead eyes who will do anything you desire for an extra eddie tucked into their thongs.

The stench coming from that place finally wafted into NCPD command. My little rats tell me they plan to kick down the door any day now. That's bad news. The owner of Dicky Twister, a pimp called Sr. Ladrillo, is no gonk – and a fanatic for recordkeeping. He has a computer full of data thanks to spying tech in his VIP rooms. We're talking politicians, suits, crime bosses, celebrities (maybe even the cops themselves)... If the boys in blue get their hands on these recordings, Ladrillo's geniusly built house of cards collapses, leaving the whole district in chaos. And chaos isn't in our best interest at the moment.

Klep those recordings at the Dicky Twister before the cops do. Thankfully, the Lord has blessed us – Ladrillo is currently out of town. But better to make haste, for ignoring divine assistance is a sin in its own right.

  • Go to Dicky Twister.
  • Get to Sr. Ladrillo's office.
  • Steal the compromising material from within Dicky Twister.
  • Get out of Dicky Twister.
  • Deposit the compromising material in the Drop Point.

Gig: Old Friends

  • Gig type: Gun for Hire
  • Target: Karubo Bairei
  • Location: Dive bar on the corner of Congress and Pigeon st

There's a time for forgiveness and a time for revenge. There's a time for turning the other cheek and a time for crushing your enemies like the roaches they are. In the words of the prophet Jeremiah: "Cursed is he who keeps their sword from bloodshed!"

The man you're to eliminate is Karubo Bairei. He's an old-timer, but don't let appearances fool you – he used to be a solo. He killed my friends – people who were like brothers and sisters to me. When all hell broke loose in Night City, he fled to the east coast. Now he's back, probably thinking everyone forgot about him. But not me.

Karubo runs a filthy dive that serves as a Valentinos hangout. Go there and show him that nobody can avoid the hand of justice.

And try not to make a scene, OK? Be professional – no unnecessary attention.

  • Enter Karubo's bar.
  • Neutralize Karubo without raising the alarm.
  • Neutralize Karubo Bairei.
  • Carry Karubo's body outside.
  • Carry Karubo's body to the fixer's transport.

There is an entrance from the back of the bar, but requires a high skill, it allows you to get things done without alerting others.


Gig: Jeopardy

  • Gig type: Search and Recover
  • Objective: Shard with daemon program
  • Location: La Catrina Crematorium, intersection of Phalarope and Plover St.

I'd like you to commit a minor transgression against God and His people – disturbing the dead from their eternal rest.

Deceased's name is Jim Greyer. He smuggled unstable shards by slotting them inside his head. Sadly, during his last transit things went sideways. The Daemon got out of its cage and barbecued his brain. Jim Greyer ended up in the La Catrina funeral home along with my client's shard.

Go to La Catrina, find Greyer's body and get that shard before it's burnt to cinders. FYI – the crematorium's cozy with the Valentinos. That's where they get rid of their bodies. One wrong move and you'll end up there too.

  • Go to the funeral home.
  • Find Jim Greyer's body.
  • Get inside the morgue.
  • Find Jim Greyer using your scanner.
  • Pull the shard from Jim Greyer's body.
  • Leave the crematorium.
  • Deposit the shard in the Drop Point.

Reported Crimes in Vista Del Rey

Reported Crime Location Reported Crime starter

Reported Crimes are NCPD Scanner Hustles in which you are looking for clues leading you to the next location where you are carrying out the task.

There are no Reported Crimes in Vista Del Rey

Cyberpsycho Sighting in Vista Del Rey

Cyberpsycho Sighting

There are 17 Cyberpsycho Sighting in Cyberpunk 2077. Treat your opponents like Mini Bosses, choosing the right tactics for each one.

There are no Cyberpsycho Sighting in Vista Del Rey

Fast Travel Dataterms in Vista Del Rey

Fast Travel

Fast Travel is a way to travel fast in Cyberpunk 2077. If you discover a particular Dataterm by approaching it, you will be able to move there from any other Fast Travel point.

FT 01 Delamain HQ

FT 02 Republic & Vine

FT 03 Skyline East

FT 04 Metro Congress & MLK

FT 05 College ST

FT 06 Shooting Range

Known locations in Vista Del Rey

Recognizable locations in Vista Del Rey related to Cyberpunk 2077 Lore.


Dicky Twister

A gay club run by the Valentinos, Dicky Twister is probably the only place in town where your sexual orientation still means something. But the atmosphere is the club's true draw – hot, steamy, and provocative, it brings in a bold clientele (doesn't the name say it all?). The place is usually safe; the Tinos make sure the place remains a respectable front for the gang's other, shadier sidebiz.


La Catrina

A Valentino-run funeral home, La Catrina is a completely legal enterprise in the eyes of both God and state. And the caskets are absolutely, positively full of bodies of the deceased, not drugs and guns. You could go and see for yourself, although that would be a shocking, shocking display of disrespect.

Mercado Sonora

One of the few attractions Vista Del Rey has to offer - a pedestrianized area that serves as a market and meeting hub for the local community. There's something for everyone here - though more often than not it's trouble.

Tarot Cards Location in Vista Del Rey

Tarot Card

Access to Tarot Cards will become open to you (you will see them on the walls) at the beginning of Act 2, during the "Fool on the Hill" mission for Misty. You have to scan them with Scanner, check the location of all Cards on All Tarot Cards Location.


The High Priestess - Tarot Card

The High Priestess - Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Card - Cyberpunk 2077

The High Priestess - Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Card

Do not seek simple answers. Be open to your intuition, your subconscious, your dreams.

The High Priestess is a card of mystery. It shows how all our secrets hang by a delicate thread and the struggle between common sense and intuition. The High Priestess symbolizes the cold, calm waters as well as the mysteries hidden in their depths.

Cars and Vehicles to Buy in Vista Del Rey


Once you start Act 2, the fixer in the district will start sending you offers for cars that you can buy. Besides the amount you have to pay, it is sometimes up to your Street Cred to get an offer. You have to go to the place marked by the marker on the map and make the transaction.

For more check Full Car and Bike List.


Brennan Apollo

Location: Vista Del Rey

Price: 94,000

Street Cred: 30

Brennan Apollo - Cyberpunk 2077

Brennan Apollo

The Brennan Apollo doesn't have the most elegant design, nor does it have the sleekest metal finish or the shmanciest dashboard guages. But who cares? Only stuck-up city folk care about that sort of frippery, and the Apollo wasn't made for them – it was made for the desert. its oversized fuel tank allows it to complete long distances without refuelling, while its solid build and suspension can easily withstand bumpy and rocky terrain – not to mention a powerful engine that will outrun any Raffen Shiv convoy.