North Oaks Map - Westbrook - Cyberpunk 2077 (CP77)

Detailed and revealed Map for North Oaks Subdistrict located in Westbrook District for Cyberpunk 2077 Maps & Walkthrough (CP77).

Map of North Oaks in Westbrook District for Cyberpunk 2077

North Oaks Map in Westbrook District - Cyberpunk 2077

North Oaks Map in Westbrook District - Cyberpunk 2077
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North Oaks Subdistrict Info

North Oaks is an game zone for players with 14-24 experience levels.

North Oak is the newest district in Night City. It's also the richest. Freedom from poverty and gangs – now that's what you call luxury. It's hard to believe, but fifty years ago this was just a rocky hill hemming the city in from the northeast. After the nuclear bomb went off at Arasaka Tower, almost eight thousand desperate Night Citizens moved to higher ground, putting up corrugated tin roofs and à la shantytown. Over the next few years, the hill became something of an independent district – its poverty and duct-taped houses a grim reminder of the past. Finally, in the 50s, the Night City council – sponsored by corporations – decided to do some spring cleaning, officially waging a "War against crime." The North Oak slum was forcefully evacuated and bulldozed, only to boast the city's priciest real estate soon after.

Today North Oak houses the city's wealthiest elite: corpo execs, venture capitalists, actors, musicians living next door to their producers and rock stars such as Kerry Eurodyne. All of North Oak is dotted with spacious villas featuring their own microclimates and manicured lawns. North Oak is the city's very own Elysium and every Night Citizen's dream neighborhood.

Main Jobs starting in North Oaks

Main Jobs

Main Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 are quests related to the main plot of the game. You can check the order in which they appear on the diagram Main Jobs.

Side Jobs in North Oaks

Side Jobs

Side Jobs will appear with the completion of specific storyline Main Jobs or other Side Jobs. Some of the Side Jobs are closed episodes, others open up more Side Jobs. There are also important Side Jobs influencing the game endings called Major Side Job.

Do not reject any calls to Side Jobs so as not to close the storyline variants. You can check all Side Jobs and their availability on the Side Job List


Epistrophy: North Oak

Tune Up

Delamain Cab for Epistrophy: North Oak - Cyberpunk 2077

Delamain Cab for Epistrophy: North Oak

  • Find the Delamain cab in North Oak.
  • Stay within signal range.
  • Stay close to the Delamain cab.
  • Get in the driver's seat.
  • Slowly drive the cab back to Delamain HQ.
  • Talk to Delamain.

The cab runs around the roundabout. You have to approach her and wait for her to open the driver's door. Get in and drive Cab to Delamain HQ, you can't go too fast.


Holdin' On

Major Side Job Chippin' In


Poem Of The Atoms

Stairway To Heaven

You really enjoy this meditation thing? Calms your nerves, does it? 'Cause it somehow reminds me of is those black-tie musicians they stick next to the towels and mouthwash in monochromer joints so you can get taste of culture after you let out a shit. But hey, to each their own.

"Poem Of The Atoms" it is third of 4 Side Jobs series related to Zen Master.

Side Jobs in order are:

  • Imagine - The Glen
  • Stairway To Heaven - Japantown
  • Poem Of The Atoms - North Oak
  • Meetings Along The Edge - Southern Badlands
Zen Master in North Oak for Poem Of The Atoms Side Job - Cyberpunk 2077

Zen Master in North Oak for Poem Of The Atoms Side Job

  • Approach the Zen master.
  • Talk to the Zen master. (Agree to the offer)
  • Meditate with Zen master.

Go to Southern Badlands for "Meetings Along The Edge".

Unique Weapons in North Oaks

For more, check All Unique Weapons List.

The Headsman

Power Shotgun (have to be crafted)

Location: North Oak, boss in Suspected Organized Crime Activity.

Base Weapon: M2038 Tactician - reduced reload time and Bleeding

Gold Plated Baseball Bat

Two-Handed Club

Location: North Oak, Side Job Second Conflict, pool in Denny's villa.

Base Weapon: Baseball Bat - Chance to bleed and stun.

Gigs in North Oaks


Gigs are additional tasks that you get from the Fixer in a given district. More Gigs spawn as your Street Cred Level increases. Gigs are not related to the main plot of the game but provide experience points, equipment and resources.


Gig: A Shrine Defiled

  • Gig type: Agent Saboteur
  • Objective: Place a wiretap in a Tyger Claw-controlled shrine
  • Location: Shinto shrine at Milagro Terrace

The person should not stray from the road and the tiger should not leave his mountain steppes. Or misfortune will find them both.

Tyger Claw boss Taki Kazo thinks he's smart. He thinks I won't find out about his agreement at the shinto shrine on Milagro Terrace. He thinks I don't know he's using the shrine's honden for secret meetings. He thinks he can rule Japantown without my influence. He will be wrong.

I'll give you a wiretap to place right at the shintai in the most sacred of shinto spaces. Don't make a noise. And don't disappoint me.

  • Get to the honden.
  • Remain undetected.
  • Place the wiretap inside the shrine's main hall. (on terminal)
  • Get out of the shrine complex.

Use side windows (they are on both sides)

Reported Crimes in North Oaks

Reported Crime Location Reported Crime starter

Reported Crimes are NCPD Scanner Hustles in which you are looking for clues leading you to the next location where you are carrying out the task.


Reported Crime: Table Scraps

  • Go to Jalapeno Joe's hideout.
  • Loot Joe's stash.

Watch out for the mines.


Reported Crime: Crash Test

OK, V, got a simple case here. Dude got skezzed on his own product and went for a ride about town. It's your lucky day. No sense waitin' around when his pad is beggin' to get cleaned out.

  • Go to the dealer's stash in Japantown.

Stash is in Japantown.

Cyberpsycho Sighting in North Oaks

Cyberpsycho Sighting

There are 17 Cyberpsycho Sighting in Cyberpunk 2077. Treat your opponents like Mini Bosses, choosing the right tactics for each one.

There are no Cyberpsycho Sighting in North Oaks

Fast Travel Dataterms in North Oaks

Fast Travel

Fast Travel is a way to travel fast in Cyberpunk 2077. If you discover a particular Dataterm by approaching it, you will be able to move there from any other Fast Travel point.

FT 01 Drive-In Theater

FT 02 Kerry Eurodyne's Residence

FT 03 North Oak Sign

FT 04 Columbarium

FT 05 Arasaka Estate

Known locations in North Oaks

Recognizable locations in North Oaks related to Cyberpunk 2077 Lore.




Villa Eurodyne

Located in the up-scale North Oak, Kerry Eurodyne's villa is a shining example of what money can buy you in Night City when you have more than you can spend. Kerry's estate is ultra-modern, designer-built, comfortably furnished... and eerily empty. No doubt, there are rooms that have the rockerboy's rebellious spirit on full display – a wall of vintage guitars or his famous portrait taken by Kristina Lundmark, for example – but the rest feels barren, as if Kerry hasn't even explored it yet.

If the Kerry Eurodyne of 2020 could've seen this place, he'd probably think: "Let's get wild and tear this place to pieces." The Kerry of 2077 invests in security bots in the garden and practices yoga on the patio every morning.

Tarot Cards Location in North Oaks

Tarot Card

Access to Tarot Cards will become open to you (you will see them on the walls) at the beginning of Act 2, during the "Fool on the Hill" mission for Misty. You have to scan them with Scanner, check the location of all Cards on All Tarot Cards Location.


The Lovers - Tarot Card

The Lovers - Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Card - Cyberpunk 2077

The Lovers - Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Card

You are surrounded by a force that will challenge you. You will also come into conflict with another, inner force.

The Lovers is the card of dichotomies. It points to the contradictions that clash within each of us and of the challenge of striking a balance between extremes. The Lovers is also the card of dilemmas, like The Fool who stands at the crossroads, unable to make his choice.


Temperance - Tarot Card

Temperance - Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Card - Cyberpunk 2077

Temperance - Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Card

You're ready to shift the balance of your life. You might succeed, as long as you can reconcile what is now at odds.

Temperance is the card of balance. It may symbolize self-restraint or the gradual shift toward a more mature state of equilibrium. Temperance is associated with being in control of oneself as well as the desire to achieve inner peace.


The Moon - Tarot Card

The Moon - Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Card - Cyberpunk 2077

The Moon - Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Card

In her light, what was once far away and difficult to grasp becomes sharp and clear.

The Moon reminds us that reality is not always what it seems at first glance. In a world of appearances and illusions, the best course is often charted by one's own intuition. The Moon is also the card of dreams, desires, and of course, sleep – Death's nightly ritual.

Cars and Vehicles to Buy in North Oaks


Once you start Act 2, the fixer in the district will start sending you offers for cars that you can buy. Besides the amount you have to pay, it is sometimes up to your Street Cred to get an offer. You have to go to the place marked by the marker on the map and make the transaction.

For more check Full Car and Bike List.


Arch Nazaré Racer

Location: North Oak

Price: 138,000

Street Cred: 40

Arch Nazaré Racer - Cyberpunk 2077

Arch Nazaré Racer

The roar of one of these beauties gives all those corpos stuck in their sluggish, armor-heavy limos something to mull over in traffic. What if, instead of those endless quarterly report meetings or - barf - corporate responsibility retreats, they just hopped on one of these bad boys, got that motor runnin' and drove off into the sunset? Sigh... Because the ARCH Nazaré isn't just a bike. It's a way of life.


Rayfield Aerondight "Guinevere"

Location: North Oak

Price: 225,000

Street Cred: 50

Rayfield Aerondight Guinevere - Cyberpunk 2077

Rayfield Aerondight Guinevere

For many, the name Rayfield is synonymous with wealth - and for good reason. The price of the Rayfield Aerondight exceeds the GDP of many island nations. And it's worthing noting this British-made ultra-luxury, ultra-performance masterpiece is worth every enny of it. The pedigree engine under its hood puts this car on equal footing with professional racing vehicles, and the interior feels like a 5-star penthouse suite. But if that's not enough to get you excited, the Aerondight doesn't have a single window. With the help of CrystalDome, the vehicle's surroundings are displayed in real time inside the cabin, ensuring complete driver privacy and a stunning experience.