Arroyo Map - Santo Domingo - Cyberpunk 2077 (CP77)

Detailed and revealed Map for Arroyo Subdistrict located in Santo Domingo District for Cyberpunk 2077 Maps & Walkthrough (CP77).

Map of Arroyo in Santo Domingo District for Cyberpunk 2077

Arroyo Map in Santo Domingo District - Cyberpunk 2077

Arroyo Map in Santo Domingo District - Cyberpunk 2077
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Main Jobs CP77

Main Jobs

Side Jobs CP77

Side Jobs

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Gun for Hire CP77

Gun for Hire

Search and Recover CP77

Search and Recover

Thievery CP77


Agent Saboteur CP77

Agent Saboteur

SOS: Merc Needed CP77

SOS: Merc Needed

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Reported Crime Clues CP77

Reported Crime Clues

Reported Crime Location CP77

Reported Crime Location

Assault in Progress CP77

Assault in Progress

Organized Crime Activity CP77

Organized Crime

Cyberpsycho Sighting CP77

Cyberpsycho Sighting

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Tarot Card

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Drop Point

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Weapon Shop

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Melee Vendor

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Junk Shop

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Arroyo Subdistrict Info

Arroyo is an game zone for players with 22-32 experience levels.

Arroyo, "When are they gonna finish Arroyo?" residents like to joke about their district. For many, it seems like a neverending construction site, with buildings being bulldozed overnight to make way for new ones that same morning. Arroyo currently hosts a power plant, a fully automated factory, a logistics center and a gigantic landfill. Arroyo's no Pacifica, but investment has been shaky – driving through you'll see scores of decrepit or unfinished buildings. But just because the factories and warehouses are closed, doesn't mean they're abandoned – many of them serve as hideouts for the 6th Street Gang. Perhaps then it isn't strange that whatever's still owned by Arasaka or Petrochem is carefully guarded by corporate military squads.

Main Jobs starting in Arroyo

Main Jobs

Main Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 are quests related to the main plot of the game. You can check the order in which they appear on the diagram Main Jobs.

Side Jobs in Arroyo

Side Jobs

Side Jobs will appear with the completion of specific storyline Main Jobs or other Side Jobs. Some of the Side Jobs are closed episodes, others open up more Side Jobs. There are also important Side Jobs influencing the game endings called Major Side Job.

Do not reject any calls to Side Jobs so as not to close the storyline variants. You can check all Side Jobs and their availability on the Side Job List


Beat on the Brat: Arroyo

The Rescue

Heard somewhere the champ of Arroyo is a grade-A prick. Good news – should make beatin' his ass all the more fun.

  • Go to the fight in Arroyo.
  • Talk to the champion of Arroyo.
  • Defeat Buck.

The place to fight is not in the market as indicated by the marker. You need to walk around the market, outside on the south side, and go under the platform with the market.


A Day In The Life

Playing for Time

Gonna sound like my gramps for a sec, but you know, in my time, being a punk meant something different. People fought against the system whatever way they could, frying the biggest fish they could catch, tearing down palaces brick by brick. Now every random gonk-brain fool thinks they're a hero for flatlining an unarmed normie. This isn't your beef, I get it... But are you sure don't wanna teach those worms a lesson?

Talk to Darrell, vendor in market.

Vendor Darrell to start A Day In The Life - Cyberpunk 2077

Vendor Darrell to start A Day In The Life

  • Talk to the vendor.
  • Decide if you'll help the vendor.
  • Talk to the thugs.
  • Defeat the thugs. (or scare them)
  • Talk to the vendor.

You don't have to kill your opponents, just scare them


Ezekiel Saw the Wheel

Playing for Time

Here's a joke for you: V walks into a bar… and gets robbed. The end.

Jesus, you and your shit luck. You better figure something out quick or our epic story's about to get cut short in the stupidest way imaginable. Accidental deaths don't jive too well with me. Or with the birth of legends.

To activate this Side Job you have to enter the small Dinner and sit behind the bar. Bandits are attacking the bar.

  • Kill or scare away the thugs.
  • Talk to the diner owner.

You don't have to kill them, just scare them. This is a scene referring to the movie Pulp Fiction.


The Beast In Me

Major Side Job Double Life



Major Side Job Life During Wartime


A Like Supreme

Major Side Job Second Conflict +24h


Gun Music

Riders on the Storm

Unique Weapons in Arroyo

For more, check All Unique Weapons List.

Comrade's Hammer

Tech Revolver (have to be crafted)

Location: Arroyo, boss in Suspected Organized Crime Activity

Base Weapon: RT-46 Burya - High damage, but low clip size and long reload times.


Power Sniper Rifle

Location: Arroyo, Beat on the Brat: Arroyo, defeating and loot Buck.

Base Weapon: SPT32 Grad - Shoots explosive projectiles.

Prototype Shingen: Mark V

Smart Submachinegun

Location: Arroyo, Main Job Gimme Danger, container 667.

Base Weapon: TKI-20 Shingen - fires explosive rounds.


Power Revolver

Location: Arroyo, Side Job A Like Supreme, given by Kerry.

Base Weapon: Overture - Reduced recoil and chance to stun targets.

Gigs in Arroyo


Gigs are additional tasks that you get from the Fixer in a given district. More Gigs spawn as your Street Cred Level increases. Gigs are not related to the main plot of the game but provide experience points, equipment and resources.


Gig: Race to the Top

  • Gig type: Thievery
  • Objective: Steal documents incriminating Matheus Stove
  • Location: Kendachi Factory, El Camino Rd

Your mom ever tell you saying "two wrongs don't make a right"? Yeah, well we're the third one.

Kendachi's about to select a new director of some shit department or other – that part doesn't matter. What's important is it's two candidates for one gig. Know where this is going, right? Bingo – one of 'em is my client and he wants dirt on his new arch-nemesis Matheus Stove.

Main problem is that Stove's the human equivalent of unseasoned, boiled scop. He's bland, he's boring. No bodies in his backyard, no dates with minors, nothing. But there's no way a guy in his position in a place like Night City is 100% dirt-free. I mean there's no fuckin' way.

Couple contacts of mine say Stove has a few strings tied to the Valentinos. You need to slip into his office and slip a few files off his computer. If we're lucky, we get something to back up the rumors, costing Mr. Squeaky-clean Stove his shot at the promotion.

  • Get onto Kendachi factory area.
  • Get inside the Kendachi factory.
  • Get inside Matheus' office.
  • Find incriminating data on Matheus. (check terminal)
  • Leave the Kendachi factory area.

Gig: Severance Package

  • Gig type: Thievery
  • Objective: Retrieve Rihanna Kumar's Cytech research
  • Location: Cytech Factory on Olivia St.

Rihanna Kumar used to be a top engineer at Cytech. Lived in a preem house, ate ganic meat, looked down on the poor – all the corpo basics. Then her little fairy tale took a twist. Cytech turned her world upside down. No more house, no more meat – but got new perspective on poverty from the other side of the fence. She's enlisted us to help her get a severance package.

Break into the Cytech factory and retrieve the data of the projects our poor, mistreated client was working on. With that, she can turn this personal shitstorm into a new dawn for her career (fuck... missed my calling as a poet). Anyway, most important thing is that she's paying us for the gig. Have fun.

  • Enter the factory area.
  • Go to the factory.
  • Get to the second floor.
  • Get to the server room.
  • Retrieve Rihanna's data files.
  • Leave the factory.

Gig: Serious Side Effects

  • Gig type: Search and Recover
  • Objective: Retrieve a container containing beta acid
  • Location: Dewdrop Inn

This ain't too complicated, you know the drill. Something slipped through somebody's fingers and it's your job to get it back. Got this choom, Doug – Denver Doug – a ripper. Recently did this patch job on a 6th street dickhole and when he took off Denver noticed a gallon of beta acid gone missing. Dunno wtf he uses it for but that 6er knows all kinds of shit can get cooked from it on the street. 1+1 = a dealer klepped it.

So Denver hired a guy, Booker Updike, to find the missing acid, then POOF – he's a ghost. Last seen at the Dewdrop Inn in Arroyo. Head over there, get your hands on that beta, and if you got a minute, find out what happened to this Booker guy.

  • Go to the Dewdrop Inn.
  • Find the beta acid container.
  • Find Booker Updike.
  • Search room 103.
  • Look for the stolen beta acid in the lab.
  • Go to room 203.
  • Retrieve the beta acid container.
  • Get out of the motel.
  • Deposit the beta acid in the Drop Point.

Gig: Hacking the Hacker

  • Gig type: Agent Saboteur
  • Objective: Infect 6th Street computer with a virus
  • Location: 6th Street hideout on MLK Blvd

Those boys and girls from 6th Street think they got wicked smarts, that they can jump a Militech transport in my hood without me knowing about it. They think they can crack corpo weapons and tip the balance of power in this city to their favor. It's time they got a rude awakening.

I'll snap you the location of the 6th St hideout and the door code. Job's simple – find a way in, look for the comp they use to jailbreak corpo tech, upload the virus I'll supply to you and voila, their fancy new weapon melts into a sparkly new slagheap.

One more thing. If you happen to find a Lucius Thoran, do me a favor and make his ass disappear, will ya? Thoran's a techie – came up with this gonk plan, which makes him a real thorn in my ass. Pun intended.

Stay safe and have fun.

  • Enter the megabuilding.
  • Get inside 6th Street's hideout.
  • Find 6th Street netrunner's computer.
  • Upload the virus onto 6th Street netrunner's computer.
  • Kill Lucius
  • Leave the 6th Street hideout.

Reported Crimes in Arroyo

Reported Crime Location Reported Crime starter

Reported Crimes are NCPD Scanner Hustles in which you are looking for clues leading you to the next location where you are carrying out the task.


Reported Crime: Supply Management

Another poor choom just trying to get by. All he wanted was to undercut the corps a little, make a few eds off a few boosters. Well, didn't do much for his health. Know what would give us a boost, though? A little peek at what he left behind.


Reported Crime: Disloyal Employee

Cyberpsycho Sighting in Arroyo

Cyberpsycho Sighting

There are 17 Cyberpsycho Sighting in Cyberpunk 2077. Treat your opponents like Mini Bosses, choosing the right tactics for each one.


Cyberpsycho Sighting: Under the Bridge

V, you don't have anywhere else to be? Only thing you'll stir up here is trouble. I'd beat it, but... you do you.

  • Find the cyberpsycho.
  • Neutralize the threat.
  • Search the area to collect information.
  • Read the shard "Archived Conversation: Tamara Cosby and Tony Ludic".
  • Check your messages from Regina about Cyberpsycho Sighting: Under The Bridge

Fast Travel Dataterms in Arroyo

Fast Travel

Fast Travel is a way to travel fast in Cyberpunk 2077. If you discover a particular Dataterm by approaching it, you will be able to move there from any other Fast Travel point.

FT 01 Republic East

FT 02 MLK & Brandon

FT 03 Megtabuilding H6

FT 04 Arasaka Industrial Park

FT 05 Hargreaves ST

FT 06 Metro Wolleson St - Invisible on the map

FT 07 Megabuilding H4

FT 08 Red Dirt Bar

Known locations in Arroyo

Recognizable locations in Arroyo related to Cyberpunk 2077 Lore.

Tarot Cards Location in Arroyo

Tarot Card

Access to Tarot Cards will become open to you (you will see them on the walls) at the beginning of Act 2, during the "Fool on the Hill" mission for Misty. You have to scan them with Scanner, check the location of all Cards on All Tarot Cards Location.


Justice - Tarot Card

Justice - Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Card - Cyberpunk 2077

Justice - Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Card

Be very careful with those you meet. Not all will be worthy of your trust.

Justice is the card of conflict resolution. It proclaims the need for order, to see through lies and deceit, and a return to the natural state of affairs. Justice implies a just sentence, but also due process.

Cars and Vehicles to Buy in Arroyo


Once you start Act 2, the fixer in the district will start sending you offers for cars that you can buy. Besides the amount you have to pay, it is sometimes up to your Street Cred to get an offer. You have to go to the place marked by the marker on the map and make the transaction.

For more check Full Car and Bike List.


Thorton Mackinaw MTL1

Location: Arroyo

Price: 128,000

Street Cred: 30

Thorton Mackinaw MTL1 - Cyberpunk 2077

Thorton Mackinaw MTL1

The Thorton Mackinaw MTL1 is a staple, all-purpose vehicle. Solid, but not clunky – cheap, but not shitty. It's perfectly suited to city roads, where it's used by small and large traders alike, as well as on the desert terrain surrounding the city. Its modest engine won't propel you to any crazy speeds, but let's be real – you don't buy a pickup for racing.


Mahir Supron FS3

Location: Arroyo

Price: 16,000

Street Cred: 1

Mahir Supron FS3 - Cyberpunk 2077

Mahir Supron FS3

Everyone wants a Rayfield or a Herrera, but not everyone can afford it. It's with those customers in mind – the ones with big needs and limited means – that the Mahir Supron FS3 was built. Its biggest selling point? If you hadn't guessed from its look, sound, or feel – it's cheap as borscht. The Mahir Supron was constructed from cheap plastic, textiles and wishful thinking. It breaks down often, but on the flipside it's easy to fix. It's large size suggests it can carry a heavy load, but it's better not to get too "carried" away – the anemic engine under its hood might just give up on you.