Main Jobs Cyberpunk 2077 Story Missions, Epilogues & Endings

Main Jobs - Main Story Missions chronology, Epilogues & Endings in Cyberpunk 2077 (CP77) Maps & Walkthrough.

The main storyline in Cyberpunk 2077 is featured by about 30 Main Jobs. Whether we like it or not, it is quite linear.

New Main Jobs will appear sequentially after completing the previous ones, some we will have to wait for while performing other activities in the game.

Only Nocturne OP551N Main Job as we approach the game finale decides how our adventure will end. The number of possible endings and epilogues is influenced by the choices made during this mission. In fact, it doesn't matter what we do from the beginning of the game until the beginning of this mission, how we behave and who we meet. But the number of possible endings is influenced by some Side Jobs which we will complete during the game.

Below you will find diagram describing the plot development, the sequence of Main Jobs and possible endings in Cyberpunk 2077.

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Story, Epilogues & Endings in Cyberpunk 2007

Prologue Cyberpunk 2077

The prologue introduces you to the world of Cyberpunk 2077, but you cannot explore the entire map freely yet.

If you choose Corpo Lifepath

The Corpo-Rat

01A Corpo Plaza / City Center

Arasaka HQ Tower, Lizzie's Bar.

Arthur Jenkins, Jackie Welles, Susan Abernathy.

This is the first mission you will get in the game if you choose Corpo-Rat Lifepath when creating your character.

You will be thrown into the midst of a corporate intrigue that you will not emerge victorious from. You will meet your friend Jackie Welles who will help you through the first part of the game.

If you choose Nomad Lifepath

The Nomad

01B Southern Badlands

Badlands - Southern Desert

Sheriff, Mike, Jackie Welles.

This is the first mission you will get in the game if you choose Nomad Lifepath when creating your character.

This mission is your way from the wilderness to Night City with your friend Jackie Welles.

If you choose Streetkid Lifepath

The Streetkid

01C The Glen / Heywood

El Coyote Coj, Embers

Kirk Sawyer, Jackie Welles, Sebastian "Padre" Ibarra .

This is the first mission you will get in the game if you choose Streetkid Lifepath when creating your character.

Introductory mission where you steal a car with your future "business" partner Jackie Welles.

Practice Makes Perfect

02 Japantown / Westbrook

Virtual Tutorial Simulation

Jackie Welles, T-Bug.

Before Main Job The Rescue, Jackie Welles will give you a Training Shard, use it for 4 tutorials.

The Rescue

03 Japantown / Westbrook

Hideout in Japantown

Wakako Okada, Jackie Welles, Sandra Dorsett, T-Bug.

On behalf of Fixer, you are to rescue Sandra Dorsett from the implant dealers and eliminate the scavengers.

Opens a new Side Jobs

Act 1 Cyberpunk 2077

In ACT 1, your exploration is limited to the Watson District, that is Little China, Kabuki, Northside and Arasaka Waterfront.

The Ripperdoc

04 Little China / Watson

Viktor's Clinic

Jackie Welles, Viktor Ripperdoc

Jackie Welles takes you to Viktor Ripperdoc to try to fix your cyberware problems and install new implants by the way.

The Ride

05 Little China / Watson

Misty's Esoterica, Dexter's Limousine

Jackie Welles, Dexter DeShawn.

Fixer Dexter DeShawn invites you to a conversation about a new assignment, which takes place during a ride in his limousine.

Opens a new Side Jobs.

The Information

07 Kabuki / Watson

Lizzie's Bar

Evelyn Parker, Judy Alvarez, T-Bug, Dexter DeShawn.

Talk to Evelyn Parker about the contract you got from Dexter and the relic, then with Judy check Braindance.

The Pickup

06 Northside / Watson

Storm Drains, All Foods Plant.

Meredith Stout, Jackie Welles, Dum Dum, Simon Randall "Royce", Anthony Gilchrist.

The Pickup is a non-linear Main Job with the main goal of retrieving a Flathead military drone for Dexter DeShawn from the hands of the Maelstrom gang.

First, meet with Meredith Stout, and then do with Jackie to All Foods Plant, decide whether you will buy Flathead peacefully, cheat the Maelstrom with a fake credit chip, or go all the way and collect the drone by force.

The Heist

08 Little China / Watson

Afterlife, Konpeki Plaza in Arasaka Waterfront, No-Tell Motel.

Jackie Welles, Dexter DeShawn, T-Bug, Yorinobu Arasaka, Saburo Arasaka, Goro Takemura, Adam Smasher.

An important mission where you have to steal a relic from Yorinobu's Penthouse in Konpeki Plaza, which could go wrong ...

Opens a new Side Jobs

Interlude Cyberpunk 2077

After The Heist ends, the story travels back in 2023 and you see the world through the eyes of Johnny Silverhand.

Love Like Fire

09 Corpo Plaza / City Center

Journey into memories of Johnny Silverhand.

The Hammer, Arasaka Tower

Johnny Silverhand, Rogue, Shaitan, Spider Murphy, Adam Smasher.

You relive through the eyes of Johnny Silverhand, memories of the attack on Arasaka Tower in 2023.

Act 2 Cyberpunk 2077

In ACT 2 you have access to all Night City districts.

Playing For Time

10 Eastern Badlands

Landfill, Viktor's clinic, V's Apartment, Tom's Diner.

Goro Takemura, Viktor, Johnny Silverhand.

You have to escape the landfill and get back to Night City, to your apartment. Once you recover, Takemura will contact you. You meet him at the bar.

After this Main Job all Night City is open to you.

Opens lot of new Side Jobs

This part of the story is about finding Evelyn Parker who promised to free you from the Relic and Voodoo Boys.

This part of the story is about finding Anders Hellman, one of the creators of Relic.

This part of the story is about Goro Takemura and the death of Saburo Arasaka.

Automatic Love

11 Kabuki / Watson

Lizzie's Bar, Megabuilding H8 - Clouds.

Judy Alvarez, Woodman.

You set out to find Evelyn Parker, Judy directs you to Clouds nightclub, look for clues inside the club and interrogate Woodman.

Ghost Town

19 Little China / Watson

Afterlife, Aldecaldo Camp, Rocky Ridge, Sunset Motel.

Rogue, Panam Palmer, Mitch, Scorpion, Nash.

While searching for information on Anders Hellman, you meet up with Rogue, who directs you to Panama. You must help Panama that she will help you.

Opens a new Side Jobs

Down On The Street

22 Japantown / Westbrook

Japantown Docks, Jig-Jig Street.

Goro Takemura, Sandayu Oda, Wakako Okada.

After phone call from Takemura, meet him at Japantown Docks to find out about his proposal.

The Space In Between

12 Japantown / Westbrook

Jig-Jig Street, Fingers Clinic.

Judy Alvarez, Fingers Ripperdoc.

Still looking for Evelyn Parker, you head to Jig-Jig Street to visit Fingers Ripperdoc at his clinic.

Lightning Breaks

20 Eastern Badlands

Sunset Motel, Satwave Power Plant.

Panam Palmer

Another joint quest with Panam Palmer, this time at the power plant.

Gimme Danger

23 Japantown / Westbrook

Market in Japantown, Arasaka Industrial Park in Arroyo.

Goro Takemura

Meet Goro Takemura and break with him into Arasaka Industrial Park to hack the float.


13 Japantown / Westbrook

Jig-Jig Street, Old Power Plant in Charter Hill.

Judy Alvarez, Wakako Okada, Evelyn Parker.

Still looking for Evelyn Parker. Get XBD, analyze braindance with Judy, then drive to Old Power Plant in Charter Hill and rescue Evelyn from the underground of the building.

Life During Wartime

21 Southern Badlands

Southern Desert, Crash Site, Fuel Station.

Panam Palmer, Anders Hellman.

The quest starts right after the Main Job Lightning Breaks ends and it will lead you to meet Anders Hellman.

Opens a new Side Jobs

Play It Safe

24 Japantown / Westbrook

Arasaka's Funeral Parade in Japantown

Goro Takemura, Sandayu Oda.

Insure Takemur on his way to Hanako's platform, kill three snipers and eliminate Sandayu Oda.

Double Life

14 Kabuki / Watson

Judy's Apartment in Kabuki

Judy Alvarez, Johnny Silverhand, Evelyn Parker.

Analyze with Judy, Evelyn's memories through the braindance and find links to Voodoo Boys.

Opens a new Side Jobs

Search And Destroy

25 Vista Del Rey / Heywood

Takemura's hideout in Vista Del Rey

Goro Takemura, Hanako Arasaka.

Meet with Takemura and Hanako Arasaka in room 303, after knock doors four times.

Opens a new Side Jobs

M’ap Tann Pelen

15 Coastview / Pacifica

Serenity Bible Church, Butcher Shop, Batty's Hotel.

Mr. Hands, Placide.

Call Mr. Hands and wait for him to call you back. Find your contact in the chapel, find a Placide who will hire you for the task.

I Walk The Line

16 Coastview / Pacifica

Grand Imperial Mall, Batty's Hotel.

Placide, Sasquatch, Netwatch agent, Brigitte.

You have to complete a quest for Placide in the Grand Imperial Mall, you will face Animals.


17 Coastview / Pacifica

Voodoo Boys' Hideout

Maman Brigitte, Johnny Silverhand.

Let Brigitte unlock the memories of Johnny Silverhand.

Opens a new Side Jobs

Never Fade Away

18 Coastview / Pacifica

Journey into memories during Main Job Transmission


26 West Wind Estate / Pacifica

Pistis Sophia Hotel in Pacifica

Johnny Silverhand

To unlock this Main Job, you need to talk to Johnny after completing Main Jobs: Transmission, Automatic Love, Search and Destroy, Life During Wartime.

Talk to Johnny Silverhand and open his cache.

ACT 3 - Endings Cyberpunk 2077

Point of No Return

Nocturne OP551N

The Glen / Heywood

During the scene on the balcony, the one with Misty, depending on what Side Jobs you've done before, you will have the opportunity to direct the plot towards different endings.

Suicide (bad)

Select Arasaka, Panam or Rogue, then reconsider your choice. "Could also just put all this to rest" and "[Toss pills] I know exactly what we're gonna do."

No epilogue

Arasaka (default)

You don't need any previous Side Jobs.

Leads to Default Ending.

Select: "Think trusting Arasaka’s risky but worth it." for Hanako help.

Panam (good)

To got this option you have to first finish: Riders on the Storm, With a Little Help From My Friends and Queen of the Highway Side Jobs for Panam.

Select: "[Call] Panam." for Panam help.

Rogue (almost good)

To got this option you have to first finish: Chippin' In and Blistering Love Side Jobs

Select: "Think you and Rogue should go.".

Johnny (special)

You have to first finish: Chippin' In, Blistering Love, Holdin' On, A Like Supreme Side Jobs for Johnny.

Finish Panam Side Jobs.

Do not choose any of the three options: neither Arasaka nor Panam nor Rogue, just wait for Johnny's plan.

We Gotta Live Together

Eastern Badlands

Last Caress

North Oaks / Westbrook

Forward To Death

Eastern Badlands

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Little China / Watson

Don't Fear the Reaper

Corpo Plaza / City Center


Corpo Plaza / City Center

Belly Of The Beast

Corpo Plaza / City Center

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Corpo Plaza / City Center

If you die during Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, there is no epilogue, the game is over.

Inside Mikoshi - enter the well.

Inside Mikoshi - cross bridge.

Inside Mikoshi - enter the well.

Default Epilogue

Where Is My Mind?

V will join Arasaka's program Secure Your Soul or fly back to Earth and die alone in few months.


All Along The Watchtower

V will leave Night City with Nomads, Johnny stays Cyberspace.


New Dawn Fades

V stays Cyberspace, Johnny occupies the body of V.


Path Of Glory

V become legend of Night City, Johnny stays Cyberspace.