Coastview Map - Pacifica - Cyberpunk 2077 (CP77)

Detailed and revealed Map for Coastview Subdistrict located in Pacifica District for Cyberpunk 2077 Maps & Walkthrough (CP77).

Map of Coastview in Pacifica District for Cyberpunk 2077

Coastview Map in Pacifica District - Cyberpunk 2077

Coastview Map in Pacifica District - Cyberpunk 2077
Fast Travel CP77

Fast Travel terminals

Main Jobs CP77

Main Jobs

Side Jobs CP77

Side Jobs

Gigs CP77


Gun for Hire CP77

Gun for Hire

Search and Recover CP77

Search and Recover

Thievery CP77


Agent Saboteur CP77

Agent Saboteur

SOS: Merc Needed CP77

SOS: Merc Needed

Convoy CP77


Reported Crime Clues CP77

Reported Crime Clues

Reported Crime Location CP77

Reported Crime Location

Assault in Progress CP77

Assault in Progress

Organized Crime Activity CP77

Organized Crime

Cyberpsycho Sighting CP77

Cyberpsycho Sighting

Tarot Card CP77

Tarot Card

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Drop Point

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Ripperdoc CP77


Netrunner CP77


Weapon Shop CP77

Weapon Shop

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Melee Vendor

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Junk Shop

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Coastview Subdistrict Info

Coastview is an game zone for players with 16-30 experience levels.

Coastview, the northern part of Pacifica, bordering West Wind Estate and the inaccessible Combat Zone. The Voodoo Boys are most powerful in this district, particularly in the area of the market, Batty's Hotel and Pacifica Serenity Bible Church. The gang's hold weakens once you reach the Grand Imperial Mall, homeless encampments and the old ferris wheel, where the scavengers reign supreme. If you're wondering which part of Coastview is safest, go back to the beginning and read the whole thing again. This isn't a guidebook, there's no stars or reviews – just consider yourself warned.

Main Jobs starting in Coastview

Main Jobs

Main Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 are quests related to the main plot of the game. You can check the order in which they appear on the diagram Main Jobs.


M’ap Tann Pelen


Mr. Hands Placide

Serenity Bible Church Butcher Shop Batty's Hotel

Call Mr. Hands and wait for him to call you back. Find your contact in the chapel, find a Placide who will hire you for the task.

Well, we know the Voodoo Boys were behind all this, so that's one step forward. Problem is, now we have to reach them somehow - two steps back. There are a lot of things to be found in Pacifica, just usually not what you're looking for. Good news is you already got your fixer: a man without a face to help you find this fart in the wind. Sounds like a fun fuckin' delight.


I Walk The Line


Placide Sasquatch Netwatch agent Brigitte

Grand Imperial Mall Batty's Hotel

You have to complete a quest for Placide in the Grand Imperial Mall, you will face Animals.

I'm sick of this Placide motherfucker as much as you, but at least the fog has lifted, the goal is clear. You find a netrunner in the GIM and the Voodoo goons will set up a meet-n-greet with their queen. Pros? Maybe I'll actually get to see a legit netrunner, 'cause it's sure starting to feel like an extinct species these days. Someone who's got the guts to square off against the Voodoos has given me some hope, at least. But the cons? Damn near any minute your brain could start dripping out your ears. Afraid we won't have time to make pilgrimmages to the monuments of Pacifica's Golden Age.




Maman Brigitte Johnny Silverhand

Voodoo Boys' Hideout

Let Brigitte unlock the memories of Johnny Silverhand.

It actually fucking worked. Working with the Voodoo Boys, Brigitte… It leads us straight to Alt. Looks like your troubles are over, kid. Fixing your head is gonna be a walk in the park for Alt, that I guarantee. You just do what Brigitte says for now – I’ll handle the rest.


Never Fade Away


Journey into memories during Main Job Transmission.

You get nightmares, don’t you V? The stubborn kind that keep coming back, night after night, like they wanna make sure you never forget a single detail, sight or touch? The kind where you can barely breathe because you know what comes next? You ever get those? I know you do. So here – welcome to mine.

Side Jobs in Coastview

Side Jobs

Side Jobs will appear with the completion of specific storyline Main Jobs or other Side Jobs. Some of the Side Jobs are closed episodes, others open up more Side Jobs. There are also important Side Jobs influencing the game endings called Major Side Job.

Do not reject any calls to Side Jobs so as not to close the storyline variants. You can check all Side Jobs and their availability on the Side Job List


Epistrophy: Coastview

Tune Up

Ever been to Coastview? Not too shabby. Had an output from there once. Sure, maybe she liked to wheeze, jab, pop and snort a little too much, but who wasn't in those days? Her name was Amanda or Amelie or something, I don't remember. Remind me to tell you the shooting range story sometime.

  • Find the Delamain cab in Coastview.
  • Approach the Delamain cab.
  • Stay within signal range.
  • Defeat the gangoons.
  • Talk to the divergent Delamain.

The cab drives around a small circle of streets in Coastview, trying to lead you to the trap he has set for you.

Follow the Cab through the streets to the viaduct where the taxi will stand, you will be attacked by gangoons, defeat them and talk to Cab.


Love Rollercoaster

Playing for Time

Talk to Anel

And they say Pacificans don't like strangers… These kids must be an exception to the rule. They found themselves a good vantage point and it'd only be better if that got that old roller coaster runnin'. At least, that's what I'd try.

  • Talk to Jean.
  • Scan to find the control panel.
  • Use the control panel to activate the roller coaster.
  • Inform Jean the roller coaster is working.
  • Talk to Jean.
  • Get on the roller coaster.
  • Enjoy the ride.
  • Exit the roller coaster.
Control Panel for Love Rollercoaster - Cyberpunk 2077

Control Panel for Love Rollercoaster

Gigs in Coastview


Gigs are additional tasks that you get from the Fixer in a given district. More Gigs spawn as your Street Cred Level increases. Gigs are not related to the main plot of the game but provide experience points, equipment and resources.

There are no Gigs in Coastview.

Reported Crimes in Coastview

Reported Crime Location Reported Crime starter

Reported Crimes are NCPD Scanner Hustles in which you are looking for clues leading you to the next location where you are carrying out the task.


Reported Crime: Roadside Picnic

Her name was Nina. And she died alone, terrified. You'll fill in the rest of the story, V.

  • Go to Nina's hideout.
  • Find Nina's loot.

You have to climb the scaffolding, watch out for the mines.


Reported Crime: Honey, Where are You?

Looks like Night City punishes love, betrayal, or indifference. Maybe all three. What we can say is there's a dead guy with a car somewhere in town. A car full of eddies.

  • Go to Marvin Hilton's car.
  • See what's in Marvin's car.

Cyberpsycho Sighting in Coastview

Cyberpsycho Sighting

There are 17 Cyberpsycho Sighting in Cyberpunk 2077. Treat your opponents like Mini Bosses, choosing the right tactics for each one.


Cyberpsycho Sighting: Smoke on the Water

If it weren't for the all the screaming, dead Scavs and that wreck of a car, be a pretty nice place. But hey, that's life. Wanna go check it out, see what went down? Try the pier first.

  • Search the van. (The van is at the beginning of the pier, on the sand under the pier.)
  • Find the cyberpsycho on the pier. (he it is at the end of the pier)
  • Defeat the attacker
  • Search the attacker
  • Search the area to collect information
  • Read the shard titled "Archived Conversation: Ken Masuda and Diego Ramirez."
  • Message Regina about Cyberpsycho Sighting: Smoke on the Water

Cyberpsycho Sighting: Lex Talionis

The underpass near GIM is like NC's Bermuda Triangle for the homeless. Sound like a piece of cake? In the heart of Pacifica, nothing ever is. Enter at your own risk.

  • Find the cyberpsycho. (Lex Talionis is inside the garage, the entrance is from the sea, at sand level.)
  • Search the area to collect information. (Check the contents of the laptop hidden behind the drone on the table in the corner of the room)
  • Search the computer for more info.
  • Message Regina about Cyberpsycho Sighting: Lex Talionis

Fast Travel Dataterms in Coastview

Fast Travel

Fast Travel is a way to travel fast in Cyberpunk 2077. If you discover a particular Dataterm by approaching it, you will be able to move there from any other Fast Travel point.

FT 01 Stadium Parking

FT 02 Chapel

FT 03 Batty's Hotel

FT 04 Metro: Stadium

FT 05 Pacifica Pier

FT 06 Grand Imperial Mall

Known locations in Coastview

Recognizable locations in Coastview related to Cyberpunk 2077 Lore.


Grand Imperial Mall (GIM)

Just as Pacifica was meant to be the crown jewel of Night City, so the Grand Imperial was hyped up to be the district's most luxurious mall. Located by the shore, the six-floor behemoth was meant to contain over seventy stores, service outlets and restaurants, a movie theater and a ferris wheel and rollercoaster outside. Even when construction was abandoned, the mall reeked of corpo vanity so much so that even the Voodoo Boys preferred to keep their distance after taking over the district.

Pacifica Serenity Bible Church

A simple brick-and-mortar place of worship in Pacifica at first intended to connect to the hotel complex funded by the billionaire Rothman Castern. However, when the Unification War broke out, Castern's corporation pulled out its investments. As a result, the hotel was never completed, and the church survived only in its current severe form, starkly contrasting to the ubiquitous kitsch flavor of the surrounding area. Today, the church functions primarily as a community meeting place.

Tarot Cards Location in Coastview

Tarot Card

Access to Tarot Cards will become open to you (you will see them on the walls) at the beginning of Act 2, during the "Fool on the Hill" mission for Misty. You have to scan them with Scanner, check the location of all Cards on All Tarot Cards Location.


The Hermit - Tarot Card

The Hermit - Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Card - Cyberpunk 2077

The Hermit - Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Card

In solitude, he discovers the truth about himself and the world. From this he draws strength, his lantern cutting through the darkness. Could be you... Or someone who shows you kindness.

The Hermit is a card of self-imposed isolation. It represents an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, a turning away from constant newness toward Ye Olde ways. For the hermit, solitude is the road to the sublime – a road that is taken not with great bounds and strides, but with small, concentrated steps.

Cars and Vehicles to Buy in Coastview


Once you start Act 2, the fixer in the district will start sending you offers for cars that you can buy. Besides the amount you have to pay, it is sometimes up to your Street Cred to get an offer. You have to go to the place marked by the marker on the map and make the transaction.

For more check Full Car and Bike List.

There are no Vehicles to Buy in Coastview.