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Ruins of Shadowmark Map - Anthem Game

Ruins of Shadowmark Map, Region in Anthem Video Game, All Districts, Landmarks, Hidden Places, Locations, Missions, Ruins, Strongholds, Overlooks, Chests, Arcanist Runes, Misplaced Writings, Arcanist Archives, Dominion Intel, Outlaw History, Scar Intel, Sentinel Archives, World Events in Anthem Game Guide, Maps & Walkthrough.

Ruins of Shadowmark Map - Anthem
Ruins of Shadowmark Map - Anthem

All districts, landmarks and hidden places (dungeons) in Ruins of Shadowmark necessary to complete the Challenge Ruins of Shadowmark Exploration.

Ruins of Shadowmark Districts

Each Region in the world of Anthem is divided into Districts.

  • Tracks of Midderon
  • Helena's Walk
  • Strider Alley
  • Shadowmark
  • Crescent Lake
  • North Rock
  • The Dawn Gates

Landmarks in Ruins of Shadowmark


Wrecked Gazebo

A Sentinel watchtower and a dock for striders on their way to and from Freemark. When Vassa built Anshar, he erected four gazebos around the perimeter to serve as watchtowers, but the residents of Shadowmark used them for everything from civic offices to the Chronicler's Volary. As with any high-standing structure, Sentinels would always be present.


Sunken Gardens

The distinct style of the caverns point to the fact that urgoth were not the only Anzu capable of building and design. The caverns differ from Shaper ruins, and even have, dare I say, an appreciation for aesthetics. What was this being that created such beauty? Was it just one? Or perhaps many? Perhaps they were not so different from us. Though urgoth were indeed Anzu, not all Anzu were urgoth.
- From Dialogues by Mederines


Shadow Lock

Here be the pass to Freemark. "So built to contain our woes, and stop the concern of others from adding to our peril."

Dungeons in Ruins of Shadowmark


Sovereign Mine - visit for Ruins of Shadowmark Exploration Challenge.


The Vault - the entrance is through an underground cave from Crescent Lake, visit for Ruins of Shadowmark Exploration Challenge


The Core


The Hearth of Rage
Unlocked after finishing story quests (about 20 lvl)

Return to Freemark to silence Cenotaph and stop the MOnitor once and for all.

Other Locations in Ruins of Shadowmark

OVL01Shadowmark Overlook

Treasure Chests

Possible location of the chests, its respawn is random (they appear and disappear randomly in time).
Chests contain items with quality depends on your level and difficulty level of the Freeplay mission.

Camps with Archive Collectibles


Camps with the possibility (it is random every time you play) of finding Archive Collectibles:
Arcanist Archives, Sentinel Archives, Outlaw History, Dominion Intel, Scar Intel.

Misplaced Writings - Anthem Collectibles

Misplaced Writings - Mederines Disciples, Mederines Orders, Mederines Peers
They are not random, the are one-time find and can be collected only once per character. Start new character to recreate them for challenge and trophy. You will find more info about Misplaced Writings at Misplaced Writings

Arcanist Runes


Arcanist Runes - Hidden Messages, Footsteps of Idris, Vassa's Triumph.
You have to finish See in the Dark Quest to see them, do not start to collect them before finishing Finding Old Friends. They are not random, they are one-time find. Start new character to recreate them for challenge and trophy.
You will find more info about Arcanist Runes at Arcanist Runes

World Events

World Events

Possible World Events spawn locations. You will find more info about World Events at World Events

Strongholds in Ruins of Shadowmark


Strongholds are some of the most challenging expeditions for Freelancers. These threats to Bastion are serious enough that they require a focused team of Freelancers working together in order to succeed. Strongholds cannot be played privately.

Hidden Places in Ruins of Shadowmark

You have to discover Districts, Landmarks and Dungeons in Ruins of Shadowmark.



Start a Freeplay game by selecting a Strider icon. Freeplay allows you to explore the world. Freeplay sessions are always public. You can play with friends by inviting them to a Squad on the Squad screen.

Lore for Ruins of Shadowmark

The Tracks of Midderon

When he was a boy, General Tarsis' page boy Midderon was well known for being a fast runner, even without a javelin. It was said that he could run from the base of the ravine to the Colossi and then to Anshar in record time. Before the Scar incursion, running the Tracks of Midderon was a popular event in neighboring Shadowmark as part of their yearly festival, and in individual fitness regimes.

Helena's Walk

This structure is built where General Tarsis' ghost was apparently spotted wandering, years after her death. Pilgrims from all over Bastion came to the temple to meditate and pray for Tarsis to return. Of course, popularity of this site grew again after it was the setting for Eritono's dramatic masterpiece "Raxion," but it has not been visited since titans from the Heart of Rage breached the Shadow Lock.

Strider Alley

The main strider path connecting Shadowmark to the Shadow Lock. During the Honor Valley boom, trade striders would experience gridlock as they waited to load and unload their supplies. To ease the boredom of the drivers and passengers, musicians would often perform, making Strider Alley a hotbed of local entertainment.


My mentor has decided that we should settle ourselves on the ruins of Anshar. When the other scholars and I objected to rebuilding our new academy where so many had died, my mentor revealed that the city itself was built on Anzu ruins that required study. Then he said that "we should not forget the dead or the events at Anshar, though they fill our hearts with dread. And so we will call it Shadowmark."
-Arcanist diary

Crescent Lake

Ancient Anzu Arcanists think that this lake was home to some sort of creature. The lake's underwater passages lead into the cenote in Anshar, so it could be possible that this creature had something to do with whatever happened there. If it was, in fact, an Anzu of some sort, this would be the basis for many of the stories from the area. Maybe the Fen Watcher, the Ezurite Anzu, and the mysterious shadow that came to Anshar are one and the same.
- From Ancient Anzu, radio show

North Rock

Once you've enjoyed the intricate structures of Anshar, head out of Shadowmark to this delightful picnic spot. Nothing goes better with a saltberry sandwich and a cup of tea than the vista from North Rock. This secure location is where Shadowmark holds their annual summer festival. While not as large as Freemark's tournament, it's still a delightful place to watch lancers battle it out for the big prize in the spirit of sportsmanship.
-From a Quest Advisor pamphlet

The Dawn Gates

Though the number of ancient javelin ruins revealed by our team does indicate that this was a major point of conflict centuries ago, is it actually the "Dawn Gates" of legend, where the urgoth were defeated and General Tarsis gave her life? Garred refers to the final battle being in a closed area with great cliffs, and if the urgoth were descending from the north, this would be a plausible location.
-Arcanist diary, Arcanist archives

Ruins of Shadowmark Exploration Challenge

Discover all locations in the Ruins of Shadowmark region.

  • Found the Tracks of Midderon district.
  • Found the Helena's Walk district.
  • Found the Strider Alley district.
  • Found the Shadowmark district.
  • Found the Crescent Lake district.
  • Found the North Rock district.
  • Found the Dawn Gates district.
  • Found the Sunken Gardens landmark.
  • Found the Shadow Lock landmark.
  • Found the Wrecked Gazebo landmark.
  • Found the Vault
  • Found the Sovereign Mine

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