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Eastern Reach Map - Anthem Game

Eastern Reach Map, Region in Anthem Video Game, All Districts, Landmarks, Hidden Places, Locations, Missions, Ruins, Strongholds, Overlooks, Chests, Arcanist Runes, Misplaced Writings, Arcanist Archives, Dominion Intel, Outlaw History, Scar Intel, Sentinel Archives, World Events in Anthem Game Guide, Maps & Walkthrough.

Eastern Reach Map - Anthem
Eastern Reach Map - Anthem

All districts, landmarks and hidden places (dungeons) in Eastern Reach necessary to complete the Challenge Eastern Reach Exploration.

Eastern Reach Districts

Each Region in the world of Anthem is divided into Districts.

  • Breach
  • Junkhead Basin
  • Lost Road
  • The Phantom Crag
  • Stinging Gulch
  • The Pistons
  • Scar's Duskheap
  • Headless Hollow

Landmarks in Eastern Reach


Scar Burrow

A classic example of scavenged materials used for Scar purposes, the Burrow is the heavily fortified entrance to their nest, which was (at the time of printing this book) found directly within.
-From A History Of Scars by Hanni Blythe


Convector Henge (Mining Platform)

This now dormant Shaper relic juts out of the earth like walls arranged in a large circular pattern. It became active around 250 L.V. and is thought to be connected to water boiling in the nearby water source, The Bowl. The Scar Luminary known as Junkhead undertook efforts to unearth this relic, but was defeated. Freelancers silenced the relic and it has not been active since.


The Hate Engine

Dungeons in Eastern Reach


The Shrine - visit for Eastern Reach Exploration Challenge


The Temple of Scar
Unlocked after finishing story quests (about 20 lvl)

Infiltrate a Scar nest and defeat the Escari Scelos.

Other Locations in Eastern Reach

OVL05Eastern Reach Overlook

Treasure Chests

Possible location of the chests, its respawn is random (they appear and disappear randomly in time).
Chests contain items with quality depends on your level and difficulty level of the Freeplay mission.

Camps with Archive Collectibles


Camps with the possibility (it is random every time you play) of finding Archive Collectibles:
Arcanist Archives, Sentinel Archives, Outlaw History, Dominion Intel, Scar Intel.

Misplaced Writings - Anthem Collectibles

Misplaced Writings - Mederines Disciples, Mederines Orders, Mederines Peers
They are not random, the are one-time find and can be collected only once per character. Start new character to recreate them for challenge and trophy. You will find more info about Misplaced Writings at Misplaced Writings

Arcanist Runes


Arcanist Runes - Hidden Messages, Footsteps of Idris, Vassa's Triumph.
You have to finish See in the Dark Quest to see them, do not start to collect them before finishing Finding Old Friends. They are not random, they are one-time find. Start new character to recreate them for challenge and trophy.
You will find more info about Arcanist Runes at Arcanist Runes

World Events

World Events

Possible World Events spawn locations. You will find more info about World Events at World Events

Strongholds in Eastern Reach


Strongholds are some of the most challenging expeditions for Freelancers. These threats to Bastion are serious enough that they require a focused team of Freelancers working together in order to succeed. Strongholds cannot be played privately.

Hidden Places in Eastern Reach

You have to discover Districts, Landmarks and Dungeons in Eastern Reach.



Start a Freeplay game by selecting a Strider icon. Freeplay allows you to explore the world. Freeplay sessions are always public. You can play with friends by inviting them to a Squad on the Squad screen.

Lore for Eastern Reach

The Breach

They're building in the Breach again, their favorite place. Maybe that's because this is where they first started, you know? Like it's home... someone's going to have to go in there and stop it. Too bad there aren't enough Freelancers around...
– Transcript, Sentinel records

Junkhead Basin

After the terraces were destroyed, Fort Tarsis decided to be more proactive managing Scar swarms. A combined force of Sentinels and Freelancers assembled to destroy the construct in the Basin. Upon arrival, they were met with a new discovery: an intelligent Scar with technology built into its skull, earning it the name "Junkhead." Junkhead is considered the first official Scar Luminary.
-From History of Scars by Hanni Blythe

Lost Road

Formerly called the East Strider path, this ancient road used to be a bustle of activity, but when Scars began ambushing striders, traffic became less frequent. The term "Lost Road" was coined by strider drivers.

The Phantom Crag

The Phantom Javelin was last spotted along the eastern edge and the old strider path. Recent eyewitnesses confirmed previous accounts that the Phantom Javelin did indeed have no head and consequently, no pilot. Who and how can this possibly exist?
- From the Ancient Anzu radio show

Stinging Gulch

Of course not everything beyond the wall will kill you. Some of the birds are quite friendly. I was watching a flock of indigoes when I wandered into the Hollows, completely missing the huge insect colonies. The insects swarmed and damaged my javelin. It was pure luck that I wasn't eaten by wolven right there! Which brings me to the point of this guide: while not everything is trying to kill you, it may get you killed anyway. Stay home.
- From A Guide To Living Things That Will Kill You by Timon Batrok

The Pistons

We chased Malachi through to the Pistons, and as we took the small chute out, some of his cronies pushed a boulder on top of us. I broke my leg. They got away. I have to give the outlaws credit... they really know the land.
-Sentinel records

Scar's Duskheap

The heart of the Scar incursion is found at the base of Hammertop Mountain, called the Scar's Duskheap. Though efforts have been made to disrupt and destroy this massive swarm, the depth and complexity of the caverns have been to the Scars' advantage. No matter the lancer's efforts, there always seems to be somewhere to hide.
-From History of Scars by Hanni Blythe

Headless Hollow

There on the other side of the corridor was a lancer. It was some sort of old javelin, not like the kind you see today... its back was to me but I could tell something was funny about it. Gave me the chills. As I moved closer, I realized that the javelin... had no head! I must have gasped or made a noise or something, because then it turned around and looked at me. Or at least it would have, but it had no head!
-Eyewitness account

Eastern Reach Exploration Challenge

Discover all locations in the Eastern Reach region.

  • Found the Breach district.
  • Found the Junkhead Basin district.
  • Found the Lost Road district.
  • Found the Phantom Crag district.
  • Found the Stinging Gulch district.
  • Found the Pistons district.
  • Found the Scar's Duskheap district.
  • Found the Headless Hollow district.
  • Found the Scar Burrow landmark.
  • Found the Mining Platform landmark.
  • Found the Hate Engine landmark.
  • Found the Shrine.

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