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Great Falls Canyon Map - Anthem Game

Great Falls Canyon Map, Region in Anthem Video Game, All Districts, Landmarks, Hidden Places, Locations, Missions, Ruins, Strongholds, Overlooks, Chests, Arcanist Runes, Misplaced Writings, Arcanist Archives, Dominion Intel, Outlaw History, Scar Intel, Sentinel Archives, World Events in Anthem Game Guide, Maps & Walkthrough.

Great Falls Canyon Map - Anthem
Great Falls Canyon Map - Anthem

All districts, landmarks and hidden places (dungeons) in Great Falls Canyon necessary to complete the Challenge Great Falls Canyon Exploration.

Great Falls Canyon Districts

Each Region in the world of Anthem is divided into Districts.

  • The Bowl
  • Gathering Falls
  • Blackshore
  • Tears of Liatrelle
  • Korox Shallows
  • The Double-Cross
  • Eddian Grove

Landmarks in Great Falls Canyon


The Wedge Key

The Key is one of the most common Shaper ruins, found all over the known world. What makes this one different? It's believed to be an Anzu place of worship. This figure has been found painted into various caves, with light coming from its center. So is it a ruin or a relic? Ancient Anzu Arcanists think it's the latter.
- From Ancient Anzu radio show


Scar Tower

And now the Scars have built their most significant structure, the Scar Tower, equipped with defensive weapons they have never had before. This never would have happened if the Freelancers had not gone north, if they had stayed at Fort Tarsis and done their job. Now its destruction is impossible, and the Scars will thrive.
- From The Heart of Rage: A Discussion by Edgar Cye.


The Great Eddian Tree

Long ago, the graceful and majestic beast named the Eddian roamed our world. Possessing deadly horns and hooves, none dare challenge the Eddian, none save the greedy Ezurite Anzu, who found it most delicious. It hunted the Eddian until only one remained. Freelancers decided to protect the Eddian and battled the Anzu at the watering hole. The Anzu was driven off, but the Eddian was mortally wounded. As it died, plants welcomed it back to the earth, and a great tree sprung from where it lay. Freelancers still consider the Great Eddian to be in their protection, keeping their vow from long ago.
-Folk tale

Dungeons in Great Falls Canyon


Mandible - visit for Great Falls Canyon Exploration Challenge


The Well

Other Locations in Great Falls Canyon

OVL04Great Fall Canyon Overlook

Treasure Chests

Possible location of the chests, its respawn is random (they appear and disappear randomly in time).
Chests contain items with quality depends on your level and difficulty level of the Freeplay mission.

Camps with Archive Collectibles


Camps with the possibility (it is random every time you play) of finding Archive Collectibles:
Arcanist Archives, Sentinel Archives, Outlaw History, Dominion Intel, Scar Intel.

Misplaced Writings - Anthem Collectibles

Misplaced Writings - Mederines Disciples, Mederines Orders, Mederines Peers
They are not random, the are one-time find and can be collected only once per character. Start new character to recreate them for challenge and trophy. You will find more info about Misplaced Writings at Misplaced Writings

Arcanist Runes


Arcanist Runes - Hidden Messages, Footsteps of Idris, Vassa's Triumph.
You have to finish See in the Dark Quest to see them, do not start to collect them before finishing Finding Old Friends. They are not random, they are one-time find. Start new character to recreate them for challenge and trophy.
You will find more info about Arcanist Runes at Arcanist Runes

World Events

World Events

Possible World Events spawn locations. You will find more info about World Events at World Events

Strongholds in Great Falls Canyon


Strongholds are some of the most challenging expeditions for Freelancers. These threats to Bastion are serious enough that they require a focused team of Freelancers working together in order to succeed. Strongholds cannot be played privately.

Hidden Places in Great Falls Canyon

You have to discover Districts, Landmarks and Dungeons in Great Falls Canyon.



Start a Freeplay game by selecting a Strider icon. Freeplay allows you to explore the world. Freeplay sessions are always public. You can play with friends by inviting them to a Squad on the Squad screen.

Lore for Great Falls Canyon

The Bowl

As one eyewitness attests, "The Cataclysm wasn't that big. We'd all seen worse. But as the Freelancers were working to silence it... the lake water began to boil. And we were standing in it! Didn't even realize. If it wasn't for that Freelancer, we'd have been cooked like phiranix in a pot."
-From Cataclysms and Their Effects, 16th edition

Tears of Liatrelle

While Urry and Perimodes bounded along the trail, singing "Karin the One-Handed Barmaid," Gillimer stopped for a moment to watch the Tears of Liatrelle fall. How lucky he was to be here with his companions, and be reminded of Tarsis' most trusted friend. He thought of how Liatrelle had stopped fighting to heal her friends, and how her compassion was just as important to the fight as her strength. For a Freelancer without compassion was merely a flailing ursix in the woods.
- From The Freelancers Three by Fallon Dalathie

Gathering Falls

Gathering Falls is the water system that gathers effluence and takes it away from Fort Tarsis. Not recommended as drinking water, though the Crop Terraces did prove remarkably fertile when this particular stream was used for irrigation. Not all good things are gathered in this water system, however, and there has always been a number of dead animals and missing people discovered further down the way.


The Freelancer failure at the Heart of Rage has had one other unfortunate result. With Freelancer numbers much reduced, the Scar population flourishes again, spreading to nearby Lakeshore, occupying the mine and destroying the water system in the area. Scar scouts are once again an everyday occurrence, making travel more dangerous than ever. Between this and the occupation at the gate to Heliost, I can't help but feel that the Scars are winning.
- From The Heart Of Rage: A Discussion, a pamphlet by Edgar Cye

Korox Shallows

Shallow water makes this a favorite area of korox, who gather here in mating season. Korox mating is a violent, bloody affair, where females have been known to rampage and butt their heads against nearby rocks, occasionally causing avalanches. The korox who do not make it through the mating ritual become carrion for grabbits and wolven hungry for a feast. It should come as no surprise that Korox Shallows is to be avoided at certain times of the year.

The Double Cross

Freelancer Galen Blewet had grown so disgusted by society's treatment of criminals that he chose to live in the wild. He provided protection and supplies for those who had been cast outside the wall with nothing, and robbed as many striders as he had once saved. He was notorious for holding people for ransom, and during a hostage exchange in 389, he was shot in the back by his best friend, Billy "Good Boy" Natarno, who wanted to collect the reward for Blewet's capture.

Eddian Grove

The Eddian Grove is a must-see for day trips. These are the only plants of this species in existence, and while they have a tree-like structure, Arcanists are divided over whether or not it is a tree. As Tansy Hull wrote in her book The Joy of Botany, "It has a trunk, yet its top is soil and grass. Without foliage, I can hardly consider it a tree." Regardless, if you happen to make it there, you can rest on its grassy tops and watch the clouds roll by or stars twinkling in the sky.
-From Quest Advisor pamphlet

Great Falls Canyon Exploration Challenge

Discover all locations in the Great Falls Canyon region.

  • Found the Bowl district.
  • Found the Korox Shallows district.
  • Found the Tears of Liatrelle district.
  • Found the Gathering Falls district.
  • Found the Double-Cross district.
  • Found the Blackshore district.
  • Found the Eddian Grove district.
  • Found the Scar Tower landmark.
  • Found the Great Eddian landmark.
  • Found the Wedged Key landmark.
  • Found the Mandible

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