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East Gate Map - Anthem Game

East Gate Map, Region in Anthem Video Game, All Districts, Landmarks, Hidden Places, Locations, Missions, Ruins, Strongholds, Overlooks, Chests, Arcanist Runes, Misplaced Writings, Arcanist Archives, Dominion Intel, Outlaw History, Scar Intel, Sentinel Archives, World Events in Anthem Game Guide, Maps & Walkthrough.

East Gate Map - Anthem
East Gate Map - Anthem

All districts, landmarks and hidden places (dungeons) in East Gate necessary to complete the Challenge East Gate Exploration.

East Gate Districts

Each Region in the world of Anthem is divided into Districts.

  • Skystone Pass
  • Lover's Spring
  • Silent Path
  • Skystone Mine

Landmarks in East Gate


Skystone Lock

Built in 207 L.V., this strider port was built specifically to keep scorpions from migrating over the mountains into Heliost. Though the inscription reads, "May our paths go ever on together in peace," the Skystone Lock has seen its share of violence and, in 392, outlaws captured the lock for a hijacking during the busy trading days of the great expansion. Scars captured the Lock again in 464; they hold the Fort Tarsis side of the lock, while the path to Heliost on the other side is guarded by Sentinels.


Scar Mast

The totality of their mimicry can be witnessed in what Scars build. The Scar "mast" at the Duskheap is clearly a Scar attempt to build a watchtower, and as a defensive structure, it has been disturbingly successful. How the Scars organized this construction is unknown, and no matter how many times it has been destroyed, the Scars have always rebuilt it in some capacity.
-From History Of Scars by Hanni Blythe


The Mining Platform

The wonder of Skystone Mine, the new track technology which makes the transport of rocks and materials possible without javelins, opening up a new frontier of employment possibilities for people to use physical and not just mental strength in the workforce.
-Transcript, radio broadcast, Antium

Dungeons in East Gate


The Necropolis - visit for East Gate Exploration Challenge

Other Locations in East Gate

OVL09Skystone Overlook

Treasure Chests

Possible location of the chests, its respawn is random (they appear and disappear randomly in time).
Chests contain items with quality depends on your level and difficulty level of the Freeplay mission.

Camps with Archive Collectibles


Camps with the possibility (it is random every time you play) of finding Archive Collectibles:
Arcanist Archives, Sentinel Archives, Outlaw History, Dominion Intel, Scar Intel.

Misplaced Writings - Anthem Collectibles

Misplaced Writings - Mederines Disciples, Mederines Orders, Mederines Peers
They are not random, the are one-time find and can be collected only once per character. Start new character to recreate them for challenge and trophy. You will find more info about Misplaced Writings at Misplaced Writings

Arcanist Runes


Arcanist Runes - Hidden Messages, Footsteps of Idris, Vassa's Triumph.
You have to finish See in the Dark Quest to see them, do not start to collect them before finishing Finding Old Friends. They are not random, they are one-time find. Start new character to recreate them for challenge and trophy.
You will find more info about Arcanist Runes at Arcanist Runes

World Events

World Events

Possible World Events spawn locations. You will find more info about World Events at World Events

Strongholds in East Gate


Strongholds are some of the most challenging expeditions for Freelancers. These threats to Bastion are serious enough that they require a focused team of Freelancers working together in order to succeed. Strongholds cannot be played privately.

Hidden Places in East Gate

You have to discover Districts, Landmarks and Dungeons in East Gate.



Start a Freeplay game by selecting a Strider icon. Freeplay allows you to explore the world. Freeplay sessions are always public. You can play with friends by inviting them to a Squad on the Squad screen.

Lore for East Gate

Skystone Pass

News from Fort Tarsis: Freelancers have defeated the outlaws holding the gate at Skystone. Striders from Heliost will be able to resume their paths through Fort Tarsis immediately. Consequently, renovation of the palace rooftop will recommence shortly.
– Transcript, radio broadcast, Antium
Breaking news: Scars have taken Skystone Pass. Any travel to Heliost will have to use alternate routes. The Emperor asks that any Freelancers willing to help should report to the wall for contracts.
– Transcript, radio broadcast, Antium

Lovers' Springs

Said to be the place where notorious outlaw Gemma "Blondie" Dane and her opponent Kellye Belgat were found mid-gunfight and attacked by a pack of Brutes. The Sentinel and the outlaw had to work together to survive, hiding out in nearby caves until the Brutes passed. This cooperation sparked their doomed love affair, the inspiration for a storyline in the popular radio show, "The Crimson Lancer."

Silent Path

Ironically named strider path.

East Gate Exploration Challenge

Discover all locations in the East Gate region.

  • Found the Skystone Pass district.
  • Found the Lover's Spring district.
  • Found the Silent Path district.
  • Found the Skystone Mine district.
  • Found the Skystone Lock landmark.
  • Found the Scar Mast landmark.
  • Found the Mining Platform landmark.
  • Found the Necropolis

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