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Colossus Javelin - Anthem

Colossus Javelin description for Anthem Video Game. Colossus is heavy and big, is good at defense, melee combat and long-range artillery.

Colossus Javelin specification

Names: Colossus, Colosse, Coloso, Colosso, Kolos, Колосс, コロッサス, 콜로서스, 巨像號.

Colossus Javelin in Anthem

Heavy and Big, is good at defense, melee combat and long-range artillery.

This heavily armored javelin is a cornerstone of human society and is used in various occupations, including industrial work, deep-sea diving, and heavy transport. Though slower than other models, this javelin can withstand a punishing amount of damage. In battle, you can count on the Colossus to hold the line or disperse threats with its tremendous strength in close combat.

Primary Slot: Ordnance Launcher

Secondary Slot: Heavy Assault Launcher

Ultimate: High Damage Siege Cannon

Focus: Resilience

Offense Style: Multi-Target

Defense Move: Shield

Jump Type: Rocket

Playstyle: Heavy-Hitting Tank

Colossus Hints

The Colossus has double-jump capability. Hold [Space] on either jump to increase air time. Quickly re-engage [Space] to trigger a quick-boost to reach maximum altitude much faster.

The Colossus ultimate is Siege Cannon. At full power, the Colossus can deploy a massive, collapsible cannon [X] that fires [LMB] powerful, explosive shells with devastating results.

The Colossus can jump farther by sprinting and jumping.

When the Colossus lands from a high altitude, nearby enemies take damage. This stacks with the air-melee, so a Colossus air-melee from a higher altitude deals more damage than a lower one.

The Colossus has a shield that can be used on the ground and in the air. The shield protects against front damage in a 180-degree arc.

Sprint or fly into enemies with the Colossus shield to bash smaller foes.

A melee with the Colossus shield will perform a shield slam against an enemy.

The Colossus is the least agile javelin.

The Colossus takes less damage than other javelins.

The Colossus has more armor than other javelins.

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