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Ranger Javelin - Anthem

Ranger Javelin description for Anthem Video Game. Ranger is versatile Javelin - jack of all trades. Focus on precision and damage

Ranger Javelin specification

Names: Ranger, Commando, Comando, Guardiano, Patrulheiro, Łowca, Рейнджер, レンジャー, 레인저, 遊俠號.

Ranger Javelin in Anthem

Versatile Javelin - jack of all trades. Focus on precision and damage.

Commonly used by frontline fighters, this reliable javelin has well-rounded offensive and defensive capabilities due to an even balance of armor and speed. The Ranger's propulsion pack can launch quick air strikes on unsuspecting foes, as well as navigate challenging terrain during exploration.

Primary Slot: Grenade Launcher

Secondary Slot: Assault Launcher

Ultimate: Multi-arget Missiles

Focus: Versatility

Offense Style: Single-Target

Defense Move: Dash

Jump Type: Double

Playstyle: Soldier

Ranger Hints

The Ranger has a double-jump capability. Hold [Space] on the first jump to increase air time. This will not increase air time on the second jump.

The Ranger ultimate is Micro-Missiles. At full power, activate [X] to identify and paint all threats in the targeting area. Then fire [LMB] to release a barrage of missiles at all targets.

The Ranger can jump farther by sprinting and jumping.

The Ranger has a dash that can be used on the ground and in the air.

The Ranger's barrel roll can be used while flying to avoid locked-on projectiles.

The Ranger has an automated shield layer that will regenerate after a short delay (when not taking damage).

The Ranger is the second-most agile suit.

The Ranger is a jack-of-all-trades javelin.

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