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Anthem Overlooks Location for Trailblazer Challenge.

Location of Overlooks in Bastion for Anthem Video Game for Trailblazer Challenge.

Location of Overlooks in Bastion for Anthem Video Game
Location of Overlooks in Bastion for Anthem Video Game

A Freelancer tradition of documenting travels through the wild for those who follow. In the days before cyphers, overlooks were a useful way to track the happenings of Freelancers, and became a vital source for understanding an area. Now that technology can document Freelancer activity, overlooks are more often used as a record of when the area was last visited.

You will need to visit all Overlooks for Trailblazer Challenge: Discover the Overlooks in Bastion.

  • High Road Overlook
  • Academy Ruins Overlook
  • Monument Watch Overlook
  • Fortress of Dawn Overlook
  • The Ruins of Shadowmark Overlook
  • Valley of Tarsis Overlook
  • Great Fall Canyon Overlook
  • The Emerald Abyss Overlook
  • Skystone Overlook
  • Eastern Reach Overlook

Thanks to JimWraith for help

Location of Overlooks

OVL01Shadowmark Overlook

Here to gather the personal belongings of those that fled Shadowmark. No titans in sight. This place is sinking!.
-Kickin' Korox

OVL02Fortress Overlook

Here lies the great citadel of the Legion of Dawn. Wouldn't it be great if we could actually get inside it?
-Freelancer Averen

OVL03Monument Watch Overlook

Tracking outlaws. Rumor has it a few have banded together to survive. Might have weapons. My javelin's been acting up since I flew through that night vine. This is not a safe area.
-Freelancer Parion

OVL04Great Fall Canyon Overlook

Picking up Shaper energy, but can't see where it's coming from. Going to explore underwater. My cypher says I should wait for back-up here at the grove, but what fun is that?
-Freelancer Spears

OVL05Eastern Reach Overlook

Have located the Hesperus strider. No bodies to be found. Supplies scavenged. Scars. Will investigate closer to the Hate Engine.
-Freelancer Krulion

OVL06The Emerald Overlook

Behold, Fair Dunar! Nexus of thought. Behold the destruction curiosity brought...
-Freelancer Rhymer

OVL07Valley of Tarsis Overlook

I cleared some mantikars out of the Haven, then was flying up to touch the Faithful (for luck) when an outlaw ambushed me. Bunch of tesilars jumped us while we were brawling. I went to protect the outlaw and he shot me. Not hurt, but dang! You can't trust outlaws!
-Freelancer Bloom

OVL08The High Road Overlook

Freelancer Bowden Klass killed by skorpions while silencing a Cataclysm. Remembered by Freelancers Vendren, Falk, and Korlia.
-Bantam Ursix 4

OVL09Skystone Overlook

Scars have taken Skystone. Took down some nasties with flamethrowers, but then they retreated into the lock itself. Sentinels down. Not enough of us left. Must get back to the fort so the Chronicler can tell Heliost to be on guard. We cannot let the Scars get past the loc
-Freelancer Perrin

OVL10Academy Ruins Overlook

Silenced a Cataclysm, then had lunch at the falls. Did not fall in. Ha ha. Do not jump off the tower!
- The Skorpion Killers

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