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Emerald Abyss Map - Anthem Game

Emerald Abyss Map, Region in Anthem Video Game, All Districts, Landmarks, Hidden Places, Locations, Missions, Ruins, Strongholds, Overlooks, Chests, Arcanist Runes, Misplaced Writings, Arcanist Archives, Dominion Intel, Outlaw History, Scar Intel, Sentinel Archives, World Events in Anthem Game Guide, Maps & Walkthrough.

Emerald Abyss Map - Anthem
Emerald Abyss Map - Anthem

All districts, landmarks and hidden places (dungeons) in Emerald Abyss necessary to complete the Challenge Emerald Abyss Exploration.

Emerald Abyss Districts

Each Region in the world of Anthem is divided into Districts.

  • Abyssal Loch
  • Arden's Road
  • The Guardians of Dunar
  • Dark Canopy
  • Mentor's Trail
  • The Sanctuary of Dunar

Landmarks in Emerald Abyss


Sanctuary Ruins

Long ago, a wealthy merchant and a princess of Antium fell deeply in e love. It was declared, however, that Vassa's heir must not leave Antium until her duty to the people was fulfilled. Undaunted, the merchant vowed that he would come again when she was done. Years passed, and as he waited, he rebuilt the old Sanctuary, where so many Legionnaires had fallen, into a beautiful temple that stood as a symbol of his devotion. Years past, and his hair was grey when at last he came to her again. "My love" he said, "You're old and your duties are done. Let us be together at last." Antium could not object. Upon seeing the home he'd made for them, the Princess shook with happiness. Hand in hand, they entered the palace with a blissful sigh, their last breaths on this earth. For though they couldn't be together in life, they knew they would be together forever in death.
-Folk tale


East Valve

East Valve used to be a popular meeting place for outlaws, but when the Heart of Rage started, people began to go missing, and its popularity waned.


West Valve

Are the east and west valves connected? Absolutely. There is a massive Shaper structure beneath the area. The valves are certainly a part of that structure.
-Arcanist records

Dungeons in Emerald Abyss


The Foundry - visit for Emerald Abyss Exploration Challenge


Tomb of Cariff
You can enter Tombs after completing the proper challenge later in game during the mission Tombs of the Legionnaires.

Other Locations in Emerald Abyss

OVL06The Emerald Overlook

Treasure Chests

Possible location of the chests, its respawn is random (they appear and disappear randomly in time).
Chests contain items with quality depends on your level and difficulty level of the Freeplay mission.

Camps with Archive Collectibles


Camps with the possibility (it is random every time you play) of finding Archive Collectibles:
Arcanist Archives, Sentinel Archives, Outlaw History, Dominion Intel, Scar Intel.

Misplaced Writings - Anthem Collectibles

Misplaced Writings - Mederines Disciples, Mederines Orders, Mederines Peers
They are not random, the are one-time find and can be collected only once per character. Start new character to recreate them for challenge and trophy. You will find more info about Misplaced Writings at Misplaced Writings

Arcanist Runes


Arcanist Runes - Hidden Messages, Footsteps of Idris, Vassa's Triumph.
You have to finish See in the Dark Quest to see them, do not start to collect them before finishing Finding Old Friends. They are not random, they are one-time find. Start new character to recreate them for challenge and trophy.
You will find more info about Arcanist Runes at Arcanist Runes

World Events

World Events

Possible World Events spawn locations. You will find more info about World Events at World Events

Strongholds in Emerald Abyss


Strongholds are some of the most challenging expeditions for Freelancers. These threats to Bastion are serious enough that they require a focused team of Freelancers working together in order to succeed. Strongholds cannot be played privately.

Hidden Places in Emerald Abyss

You have to discover Districts, Landmarks and Dungeons in Emerald Abyss.



Start a Freeplay game by selecting a Strider icon. Freeplay allows you to explore the world. Freeplay sessions are always public. You can play with friends by inviting them to a Squad on the Squad screen.

Lore for Emerald Abyss

Abyssal Loch

The Anzu emerged from the deep waters near the camp. Hatred for the Freelancers burned in his heart. How dare they chase him from his cave? How dare they eat and drink merrily, when he had been forced to hide under the water, eating cold phiranix. He watched them around their fire on the rock face, so confident in their mastery. Well, he would show them. He would remind them why humans would never rule this world.
- From The Freelancers Three by Fallon Dalathie

Arden's Road

This road to the sanctuary is thought to be as old as Velathra, perhaps indicating that it was built in the time of great optimism after the urgoth defeat. The name "Arden's Road" has always existed, adding support to the old folk tale of the Princess and the Merchant.

The Guardians of Dunar

Said to be one of the wonders of Bastion, the Guardians were enormous statues built to scare off wildlife from entering the area or threatening the Arcanists at Dunar. The Guardians themselves are likenesses of Arcanist mentors long past, particularly Idris, who taught Arden Vassa the ways of Ember, and Hrennen, who found the gateway to the Anthem.

Dark Canopy

The trees are thick are like green smoke and it's blocking out the sun The cool breeze of the morning is a signal you should run The canopy is dark and it will not light your way The water there don't give you hope, it will only take away Fly away from Dunar, do not cross the Arden's road Turn your strider back, my friend, return your merchant's load Fly away from Dunar, don't you take the chance For the canopy is dark and wants to make you dance.
- Traditional song

Mentor's Trail

The Mentor's Trail is the path of meditation often walked by Arcanists seeking to ponder the deeper mysteries of existence. Though mentors would always have a lancer with them, stone tablets mark the way to and fro, since disappearances, while not as frequent as in today's Emerald Abyss, were an issue.

The Sanctuary at Dunar

Though the Sanctuary was built long ago, it came to societal prominence the 150s, when Arcanists from Anshar relocated there to accumulate the written history of humanity. It soon became the primary Arcanist academy in Bastion, and its library the primary source of history and knowledge. It attracted many famed Arcanists, notably Mederines, who would engage in long discussions about the nature of existence in the courtyard, as documented in the philosophical masterwork, "Dialogues." In 297, a young Arcanist brought a relic into the library, and the ensuing Cataclysms resulted in hundreds of deaths and the loss of the library and its contents.

Emerald Abyss Exploration Challenge

Discover all locations in the Emerald Abyss region.

  • Found the Arden's Road district.
  • Found the Guardians of Dunar district.
  • Found the Dark Canopy district.
  • Found the Mentor's Trail district.
  • Found the Sanctuary of Dunar district.
  • Found the Abyssal Loch district.
  • Found the West Valve landmark.
  • Found the East Valve landmark.
  • Found the Sanctuary Ruins landmark.
  • Found the Foundry

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