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Agent Missions & Agent Contracts in Anthem

List of all Agent Missions and Agent Contracts in Anthem.

Anthem Agent Missions (Side Quests) List

See in the Dark

Arcanist Matthias has made a discovery on his quest to find the Elysian Manuscript. He has located a site which may hold the answers to the secret system of writing used by ancient Arcanists. Investigate the site to get one step closer to the Manuscript.

Outcome: The hidden runes were located, and Matthias believes they are the key to finally uncovering the location of the Elysian Manuscript.

Hidden Depths

Elysian Secrets

Erryl has discovered a secret set of coordinates hidden in the Elysian Manuscript. He believes Raban Maur, the Manuscript's primary author, hid something at this location. Help Erryl find and retrieve whatever Maur's secreted away.

Outcome: Raban Maur's secret documents were retrieved.

Ancient Footsteps

The lost scrolls of Raban Maur alluded to a ground-breaking discovery that he made ages ago. However, he went to great lengths to conceal what it was, leaving only vague hints hidden in various writings.

Help Matti navigate Maur's clues to figure out what it was that Maur learned.

Outcome: Following Maur's clues led to a vault that was supposed to contain Raban Maur's data archive.

Unfortunately, the archive had already been taken, and Matti was targeted by a group of hired outlaws.

Tell Me Maur

Sumner wants to track down the person responsible for taking Raban Maur's data archive and attacking Matti's strider. Trace the movements of the hired outlaws to find the mastermind behind it all.

Outcome: Raban Maur's archive was recovered. The elusive mastermind behind the attack on Matti and other Arcanists was revealed to be an agent of the Symposium of Anshar, a mysterious secret society.

Secrets of the Auspex

Preventative Precautions

Sentinel Brin has heard about an unusual level of Scar activity at an Arcanist base. Investigate for her.

Outcome: You've recovered the missing Arcanist equipment from the Scars. Strangely, the Scars were trying to hook up the Arcanists' machines to a Shaper relic. Brin has noted this anomalous Scar behavior in her report

Cautious Cooperation

A Simple Job

Enemy Mine

Research and Rescue

Brin has located Cal Andrin, a Sentinel who went missing during his last expedition. Andrin's signal is faint, but should be easier to pinpoint from out in the field.

Outcome: You rescued Brin's last missing Sentinel, and killed an Escari. Before it died, the Escari ranted that the Scars had a Shaper relic capable of spawning creatures powerful enough to destroy Fort Tarsis.

Apocalypse When?

Brin believes she's discovered the location of the Scars' final Doomsday Relic. Track the relic down before the Scars weaponize it against Fort Tarsis.

Outcome: You silenced the Scars' "Doomsday Relic," saving Fort Tarsis from a titan attack.

One of Us

What Freelancers Do

The first site chosen to start construction on Fort Tarsis was damaged by a massive flood, creating a series of sink holes. After a thorough series of seismic tests, construction began again at a different site. Regular tests are performed under the current Fort Tarsis to monitor the foundation.

Outcome: A routine contract to ensure the protection of a group of Arcanists conducting seismic tests revealed unprecedented Scar activity close to Fort Tarsis. All the Arcanists were returned home safe with help from a fellow Freelancer named Rythe, who was wounded in the encounter.

A Favor to Ask

A Cry For Help


A strider escorted by a Freelancer named Diggs has not arrived in Fort Tarsis. Locate the strider and find out what happened.

Outcome: You discovered Diggs is an outlaw posing as a Freelancer. He kidnapped a group of Arcanists and sold them to Scars. You found the Arcanists and returned them to Fort Tarsis. Diggs is still at large.

Tempting Target

A group of Arcanists have discovered a cache of valuable Shaper fragments and posted a contract asking for Freelancer help. Yarrow is concerned that Diggs, a dangerous outlaw posing as a Freelancer, will find this information too valuable to ignore.

Outcome: Deep inside a Shaper ruin, you rescued a group of Arcanists, along with a collection of Shaper fragments. You stopped Diggs from kidnapping the Arcanists, but he did manage to steal some of the very valuable and very dangerous fragments.

Bad Deal

The impostor Freelancer Diggs has stolen Shaper artifacts and plans to auction them off to the highest bidder. Stop the auction and recover the artifacts.

Outcome: With the outlaw auction shut down, and the Shaper fragments recovered, you pushed Diggs into a bad spot with some dangerous people. The bad news? The Dominion was one of the buyers. Who knows what deal Diggs could make with the scattered, desperate remains of an invading army?


Anthem Agent Contracts List

Decryption Research

With proof of a mysterious and dangerous group, Matthias and his colleagues turn to you to continue their work and uncover the truth.

Outcome: Your field work has aided the Arcanists in their continued research.

Archive Hunt

The search for Maur's archive intensifies with an attack on Matthias himself. The Arcanists need your help as more and more of them retreat to Fort Tarsis, ill-equipped to face the increased dangers of the field.

Outcome: The world outside the walls has grown much more dangerous since the Dominion started causing trouble. Your help in completing contracts was needed more than ever for the remaining few who brave field work.

Scar Control

Scars are a constant threat in the region. Hit their operations to keep them from threatening Fort Tarsis.

Arcanist Runes

Matthias is certain the discovery of a secret system of runes used by ancient Arcanists is the key to locating the Elysian Manuscript. Recover any runes you find as you assist him in his research.

Outcome: You helped Matthias and his fellow Arcanists continue their work in the field. More and more, the act of posting a contract is seen as a prudent move, rather than a last resort.

A Helping Hand

Sentinel Collaboration

Sentinels search the wilderness for threats to Fort Tarsis. Aid and reinforce their patrols.

In the Wrong Hands

Shaper relics and fragments are extremely hazardous. The last thing anyone needs is for these things to fall into enemy hands. Go out and keep these dangerous remnants of the Shapers from being misused.

Outcome: Your work helped reduce the threat of volatile Shaper relics.

First Response

Diggs and his outlaws are growing in power. Disrupt their influence by completing contracts they could exploit for profit or use to sow chaos and confusion.

Outcome: You've disrupted the stolen Freelancer contract network Diggs was using to find his next big score. Until this imposter is stopped, however, the Freelancer reputation will continue to suffer.

Protection Duty

Freelancers are skilled at survival beyond the wall. For citizens who must travel, trade, or conduct research out in the wild, a Freelancer is often the only thing standing between them and an unfortunate fate.

Outcome: You figure the success with helping those Arcanists outside the walls with their tests has brought in some more contracts. People may be reluctant to use a Freelancer, but they can't argue with the results.

Field Work

Freelancer Work

Fort Patrol

Additional Legendary Contracts

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