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Critical Missions in Anthem - Main Story Quests

List of all Critical Missions (Main Story Quests) in Anthem.

Anthem Critical Story Missions List

Silence the Heart of Rage

You are an inexperienced Freelancer. Along with Freelancers Haluk, Adair, and Miller, you've joined a mission to silence a dangerous Cataclysm called the Heart of Rage. This Cataclysm has been churning for eight years as it slowly spreads and threatens Bastion. Under the guidance of your cypher Faye, you must reach the Shaper relic at the center of the storm and silence it.

Outcome: This mission to silence the Heart of Rage is a failure. Miller and Adair-along with most of the other Freelancers-are dead. Many cyphers were gravely injured. You pulled an injured Haluk to safety, saving his life.

Early Warnings

It's been two years since that fateful day in the Heart of Rage. Now as a Freelancer for hire, you're taking contracts wherever you can get them. Your current job has tasked you and your cypher, Owen Corley, with inspecting the early warning network that detects Shaper energy. It's the first line of defense for catching any sign that a dangerous Cataclysm might be forming in the region.

The early warning network has detected a massive spike in Shaper energy in your vicinity. You must locate the source of the disturbance and prevent a Cataclysm from forming before it unleashes havoc on the region.

Outcome: You successfully silenced the relic and averted disaster. It's time to catch your breath in Fort Tarsis and reflect on a job well done. Freelancers don't garner much respect these days, but the work you're doing is keeping everyone safe, whether they appreciate it or not.

Welcome to Fort Tarsis

Welcome home, Freelancer. Fort Tarsis, named for the famous General Tarsis, is a frontier town in Bastion. It's hard to dispute that the place has seen better days. Still, there's a Freelancer Enclave where you and Owen might pick up a contract or two. With the Heart of Rage still burning and the entire world trying to kill you, there are worse places to be than safe behind these walls.

A mysterious woman named Tassyn gave you a contract. Perhaps your luck is about to change. Lost Arcanist

Tassyn wants you to search for a missing Arcanist by the name of Matthias Sumner, who has not reported in for some time. She has given you his last known location.

Outcome: Starting with a lead from Tassyn, you followed a trail of abandoned research camps in search of the missing Arcanist.

The trail ended in an ancient ruin where Matthias had taken refuge. You fought through marauding Scars and managed to bring Matthias home, bearing critical information for Tassyn.

Lighting a Fire

Prospero needs ember to relight the Forge so it can be used to craft upgrades for your javelin. You'll need to search outside the walls of Fort Tarsis to find pieces of ember to bring back for him.

Outcome: You found enough ember for Prospero, enabling him to relight the Forge. Additional crafting options are now available for upgrading your javelin. Incursion

Tassyn has asked you to meet with her agent that is currently embedded with the Regulators. She's given you her location at a Regulator camp, but also warned you of a possible Dominion presence in the area.

Outcome: You pursued the Monitor into the jungle, only to be ambushed by his troops. He got away, but not all is lost-you managed to recover the intel from Tassyn's agent. With any luck, it will reveal further clues about the Dominion's plans and the threat they pose to Fort Tarsis.


Tassyn has asked you to meet with her agent that is currently embedded with the Regulators. She's given you her location at a Regulator camp, but also warned you of a possible Dominion presence in the area.

Lending a Hand

Tassyn needs time to analyze the archive you recovered to learn more about the Dominion's plans. In the meantime, you should see if her agents in Fort Tarsis could use any assistance with important tasks.

Tassyn cracked the Dominion archive and learned that the Monitor is after your old partners Faye and Haluk. The Dominion believes they're on to something that will get them to the Cenotaph. Tassyn wants you to get there first

Finding Old Friends

Outcome: You successfully reunited with your old partners, Haluk and Faye. Despite some lingering animosities, you now all face the daunting task of stopping the Dominion from weaponizing the Cenotaph.

Meeting With Corvus

You've found Haluk and Faye, so Tassyn wants to speak with you immediately.

Tassyn gave you the name of another Corvus agent in Fort Tarsis-Sev, who might have additional missions for you.

Freeplay: Tombs of the Legionnaires

Explore Bastion in Freeplay to discover the final resting places of the four Legionnaires.

Outcome: All four tombs have been entered, the guardians have been greeted, and your worth proven. Talkoto Faye about what comes next.

The Tomb of General Tarsis

Zhim's intel may have revealed the location of the tomb of General Tarsis. Her Javelin of Dawn holds the key to reaching the Cenotaph. Go to the tomb and search for it.

Outcome: the tomb didn't hold a javelin, just a signet. But that signet might be the key to opening the long-sealed Fortress of Dawn. If the javelin is anywhere, it's there.

The Fortress of Dawn

Outcome: Owen has betrayed you and the Javelin of Dawn has been stolen. But all hope isn't lost. Faye believes you can build a shield based on what she saw.

Triple Threat

Inverse Functions


Crafting the Dawn Shield

Faye has a plan to recreate the Dawn Shield from the javelin of General Tarsis. Haluk is convinced he can build it, but he needs materials. Lots of materials. To collect them, defeat Escari, maybe hunt a few titans, check with Matthias, and watch for a new contact, Lady Adaxia Dell.

Mysterious Beginnings

Haluk and Faye have set up a meeting with you and Sentinel Dax, whose family owns a collection of artifacts pertaining to General Tarsis. This could be the best lead in finding materials to build the Dawn Shield. But first, you must help Dax uncover why people have vanished in the Emerald Abyss.

Outcome: Despite Dax's jumbled instructions, you were able to recover a cypher link containing intel on the Emerald Abyss. Hopefully, this new information will shed some light on why people have been vanishing from that region.

Dear Diary

An outlaw named Talon has stolen Dax's aunt's journal. Without the journal, Dax.can't solve the mystery of people disappearing in the Emerald Abyss. She wants you to ambush Talon and steal back the journal.

Vanishing Act

Freelancer Down

Repairs and Inspiration

Return to the Heart of Rage

The Monitor is attempting to connect with the Cenotaph and extract its power. Race into the Heart of Rage, stop the Monitor, and silence the Cenotaph.

Outcome: the Cenotaph has been silenced. The cataclysm over Freemark will finally end, and the Monitor has been defeated. Tassyn's contract should be satisfied now.

Challenges of The Legionnaires

You've closed the Heart of Rage and completed the final task of General Tarsis. Learn more about her legacy and create your own through the Challenges of the Legionnaires.

Outcome: You've unlocked the stories of General Tarsis. Now you can take on challenges in the spirit of her faithful Legionnaires.

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