Ilum: The Gathering Force Echoes Location for Databank

Location of The Gathering Force Echoes on Planet Ilum in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. There are 6 The Gathering Force Echoes Databank collectible entries and they are all on Planet Ilum, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Maps & Walkthrough.

The Gathering

The Gathering 1. Enter The Gathering

Younglings came here for the sacred rite of the Gathering, a test all Jedi must pass to build their lightsaber.

The Gathering 2. Finding The Crystals

A crystal discovered by a Youngling but mysteriously left behind.

The Gathering 3. Youngling Pride

This bag belonged to a Jedi Master who fried to provide their Youngling with wisdom.

The Gathering 4. Youngling Afraid

A supply pouch left by a Youngling dealing with fear and frustration.

The Gathering 5. Angry Youngling

A pack dropped by a frustrated Youngling. Some succeed, but some fail. This one gave in to her anger.

The Gathering 6. Youngling Lost

Remains of a camp. A Jedi Master was concerned for a Youngling that was missing in the caves.

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