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Kashyyyk Maps 100% for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Walkthrough with Maps for Kashyyyk Planet in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order with location of Puzzles, Secrets, Chests, Databank Force Echoes, Stim Canisters, Encrypted Logs, Force Essence, Life Essence and Terrarium Seeds, Enemies and Legendary Beasts to Scan for Tactical Guide. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Maps & Walkthrough.

Map of Kashyyyk Planet in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Kashyyyk Planet Completion

Kashyyyk Planet in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Chests in Jedi Fallen Order



Secrets in Jedi Fallen Order



Encrypted Logs in Jedi Fallen Order

Encrypted Logs


Force Echoes in Jedi Fallen Order

Force Echoes


Save Points in Jedi Fallen Order

Save Points


Enemies to Scan in Jedi Fallen Order

Enemies to Scan


Legendary Beasts in Jedi Fallen Order

Legendary Beasts


Stim Canisters in Jedi Fallen Order

Stim Canisters


Life Essence in Jedi Fallen Order

Life Essences


Force Essence in Jedi Fallen Order

Force Essences


Terrarium Seeds in Jedi Fallen Order

Terrarium Seeds


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Holomaps Completion

Required Abilities

Force Slow in Jedi Fallen Order Wall Run in Jedi Fallen Order Force Push in Jedi Fallen Order Force Pull in Jedi Fallen Order Jedi Flip Jump in Jedi Fallen Order Scomp Link in Jedi Fallen Order Overcharge in Jedi Fallen Order Powered Zipline in Jedi Fallen Order Underwater Breather in Jedi Fallen Order

You will not be able to discover all the mysteries of the Kashyyyk planet during the first visit. You will have to come back here again at least once with Force Powers, Abilities and Doid Upgrades you earn in the following locations.

Detailed maps of areas on planet Kashyyyk

To find all Chests, Secrets, Force Echoes, Enemies to Scan, Legendary Beasts, Stim Canisters, Encrypted Logs and Terrarium Seeds on the planet Kashyyyk, look at the maps of the locations to which links you will find below.

Remember that not all locations will be available to you without having specific Jedi Force Power, Abilities or BD-1 Droid Upgrades.

Main tasks on the planet Kashyyyk

First Visit on Kashyyyk

  • Make way to Imperial Refinery
  • Learn Overcharge
  • Free Wookiees

Second Visit on Kashyyyk

  • Meet Tarfful and Mari in Origin Lake
  • Get Underwater Breather in Origin Lake
  • Heal Shyyyo Bird in Gnarled Heights
  • Get Double-Bladed Lightsaber in Chieftain's Canopy (One of the alternative places.)
  • Defeat Ninth Sister
  • Learn Slice: Security Droid in Imperial Refinery

Quests on Kashyyyk Planet

First Visit - Chapter 3

1. A Fateful Meeting

While descending into Kashyyyk's atmosphere, the Mantis crew became embroiled in a skirmish between Imperial forces and freedom fighters. Believing Wookiee Chieftain Tarfful could be among them, Cal jumped ship and hijacked an AT-AT, piloting it right into the infamous insurgent Saw Gerrera! Saw and his fighters were in the middle of a campaign to liberate a nearby wroshyr sap refinery. With the possibility that Tarfful could be one of the Wookiees detained there, Cal and BD-l agreed to help him.

2. New Allies

After freeing the imprisoned Wookiees and taking the refinery from the Empire, Cal still had no information on Tarfful's whereabouts. Luckily Choyyssyk, one of the Wookiees Cal helped liberate, had fought alongside Tarfful in the past. He and Mari Kosan, a member of Saw's guerilla fighters, agreed to find Tarfful for Cal. However, just as he received this news, Cere discovered an Imperial transmission revealing the Empire was close to unearthing another tomb on Zeffo...

Second Visit - Chapter 4

2. Diverging Paths

After a talk from Greez, Cal and BD set off to find Mari and Tarfful. While Cal was fighting the Brood, Trilla led an attack to destroy their resistance. A rift formed between Mari and Saw, splitting their forces in two; Saw had since left the planet. After fighting their way through the recaptured refinery, Cal and BD met Mari, Tarfful, and Choyyssyk. Tarfful told Cal to climb the Origin Tree and Mari gave Cala breather to help him get there. The two groups parted ways. Now Cal must climb the Origin Tree...

3. Fall Of The Ninth Sister

On the way up the Origin Tree, Cal and BD encountered the Shyyyo Bird. After saving himself from a deadly fall with Jedi Flip, Cal and BD rode the Shyyyo to the top. They discovered two things: Cordova found a Zeffo Astrium there years before, and a Zeffo tomb on Dathomir might hold another. Just as they were leaving, the Ninth Sister attacked! A fierce battle ensued, but Cal won by pushing the Ninth Sister off the tree. The grateful Shyyyo Bird gave Cal and BD a ride down. Now their hopes rest on finding an Astrium on Dathomir...

Encrypted Logs on Kashyyyk Planet

There are 7 Encrypted Logs on Kashyyyk.

Archive Five - Astrium (3) - Cordova's Journey

  • 1. Shyyyo Bird - Origin Tree
  • 2. Origin Tree - Gnarled Heights
  • 3. Astrium - Chieftain's Canopy

Force Echoes on Kashyyyk Planet - Databank

There are 41 Force Echoes on Kashyyyk.

Flora And Fauna (6)

  • 1. Tach - Gnarled Heights
  • 2. Spider Web - Origin Tree
  • 3. Wyyyschokk Eggs - Imperial Refinery
  • 4. Lung Plant - Origin Lake
  • 5. Mushblooms - Gloomroot Hollow
  • 6. Shyyyo Bird - Gnarled Heights

Imperial Occupation (11)

  • 1. Wookiee Revenge - Imperial Refinery
  • 2. Wyyyschokk Attack - Imperial Refinery
  • 3. Poisoned Wookiee - Imperial Refinery
  • 4. Slave Collar - Imperial Refinery
  • 5. Wookiee Oppression - Imperial Refinery
  • 6. Refinery Cells - Imperial Refinery
  • 7. Wookiee Witness - Overgrown Pass
  • 8. Sap Barrels - Imperial Refinery
  • 9. Patrol Station - Forest Trench
  • 10. Wookiees In Hiding - Imperial Refinery
  • 11. Refinery Expansion - Overgrown Pass

Insurgent Activity (8)

  • 1. Saw's Ambush - Forest Trench
  • 2. Rescue - Origin Lake
  • 3. The Battle Of Kashyyyk - Imperial Refinery
  • 4. Partisan Retreat - Kyyyalstaad Basin
  • 5. Breaking Point - Gloomroot Hollow
  • 6. Partisans Ambushed - Gloomroot Hollow
  • 7. Weapon Cache - Cargo Pad
  • 8. Imperial Trackers - Shadowlands

Wookiee Culture (10)

  • 1. Wookiee Home - Kyyyalstaad Falls
  • 2. Wookiee Horn - Origin Tree
  • 3. Sacred Shadowlands - Gloomroot Hollow
  • 4. Spiritual Connection - Origin Lake
  • 5. Wookiee Mourning Ritual - Origin Lake
  • 6. The Last Shyyyo Bird - Gnarled Heights
  • 7. Wookiee Rite Of Passage - Gnarled Heights
  • 8. Sacred Tree - Origin Tree
  • 9. Tareful And Cordova - Origin Tree
  • 10. Kashyyyk Wildlife - Origin Tree

Imperial Tech (5)

  • 1. AT-AT - Kyyyalstaad Falls
  • 2. Gonk Droid - Cargo Pad
  • 3. (LAAT/I) - Origin Lake
  • 4. Imperial Astromech Droid - Imperial Refinery
  • 5. Corporate Alliance Tank Droid - Kyyyalstaad Basin

Eno Cordova (5)

  • 4. Astrium - Chieftain's Canopy

Kashyyyk Tactical Guide Updates (7)

  • Flame Beetle - Forest Trench
  • Wyyyschokk - Forest Trench
  • Jaw Plant - Gloomroot Hollow
  • Slyyyg - Gloomroot Hollow
  • Saava - Shadowlands
  • Mykal - Overgrown Pass
  • Albino Wyyyschokk - Imperial Refinery

Empire Tactical Guide Updates (17)

  • Stormtrooper Commander - Imperial Refinery
  • Flametrooper - Imperial Refinery
  • Security Droid - Imperial Refinery
  • Electrostaff Purge Trooper - Imperial Refinery

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