Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Maps & Walkthrough

Fortress Inquisitorius Maps on Nur for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Walkthrough with Maps for Nur Planet, Fortress Inquisitorius Location in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order with location of Puzzles, Secrets, Chests, Databank Force Echoes, Stim Canisters, Encrypted Logs, Force Essence, Life Essence and Terrarium Seeds, Enemies and Legendary Beasts to Scan for Tactical Guide. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Maps & Walkthrough.

Fortress Inquisitorius Planet Completion

Fortress Inquisitorius Planet in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Force Echoes in Jedi Fallen Order

Force Echoes


Save Points in Jedi Fallen Order

Save Points


Enemies to Scan in Jedi Fallen Order

Enemies to Scan



Holomaps Completion

Required Abilities

Force Slow in Jedi Fallen Order Force Push in Jedi Fallen Order Force Pull in Jedi Fallen Order Scomp Link in Jedi Fallen Order Underwater Breather in Jedi Fallen Order

You will only have only one opportunity to visit Fortress Inquisitorius on the planet Nur and you will never come back here again. Slowly explore everything to collect all 8 Force Echoes for Databank.

Detailed maps of areas in Fortress Inquisitorius

To find all Chests, Secrets, Force Echoes, Enemies to Scan, Legendary Beasts, Stim Canisters, Encrypted Logs and Terrarium Seeds on the planet Fortress Inquisitorius, look at the maps of the locations to which links you will find below.

Main tasks in Fortress Inquisitorius

  • Infiltrated the Fortress Inquisitorius
  • Fight Trilla
  • Take back the holocron
  • Run from Darth Vader
  • Destroy holocron on Mantis

Quests in Fortress Inquisitorius

Chapter 6

2. The Final Battle

Cal, BD, and Cere infiltrated the Fortress Inquisitorius as Merrin cloaked the Mantis. Trilla waited for them inside, where she and Cal had a climactic battle and Cal took back the holocron. Cere stepped in and apologized for the pain she caused Trilla. Just as it seemed the plea might reach her, Darth Vader appeared and murdered Trilla. Cere and Calran for their lives. Vader nearly trapped them, but Cere used the Force to protect Cal. A favor he returned once the Fortress flooded. Merrin and Greez rescued them and the holocron.

3. An Uncertain Future

Once the holocron was safely on board the Mantis, Cal made the decision to destroy it. Whatever future awaits the crew, the children inside will remain safe...

Force Echoes in Fortress Inquisitorius - Databank

There are 8 Force Echoes in Fortress Inquisitorius.

Fortress Inquisitorius (4)

  • 1. Fortress Inquisitorius - underwater approach (automatic)
  • 2. Detention Cell - Prison Block
  • 3. Imperial Dojo - Inner Fortress
  • 4. Interrogation Chamber - Fortress Citadel

Security Systems (4)

  • 1. Laser Gates - Prison Block
  • 2. Submerged Section - Defensive Perimeter
  • 3. Security Systems - Fortress Citadel
  • 4. Control Room - Defensive Perimeter

Empire Tactical Guide Updates (17)

  • Electrohammer Purge Trooper - Inner Fortress

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