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Characters & NPCs

Cal Kestis

1. Cal Kestis

Cal Kestis is a young scrapper working on the remote world of Bracca, but hiding a dangerous secret: he was a Jedi Padawan. When his close friend, Prauf is about to be killed in a tragic accident, Cal uses the Force to save him. The event reveals Cal as a Jedi to the deadly killers of the Empire, the Inquisitors, and he barely escapes aboard a rogue starship thanks to two new friends.

2. Order 66

Cal carries trauma from the horrifying experience of Order 66 when he and his Master, Jaro Tapal, were attacked by their own troops. With Tapal's help, Cal escaped, but his Master was killed. In his dying moment, Tapal gave Cal his lightsaber and these words of advice: "Trust only in the Force."

3. Hope

In the wake of his terrifying experience on Dathomir, Cal travels to llum to construct a new lightsaber. With the help of his new Master, Cere Junda, he is able to conquer the horror of his past and forge his new Jedi weapon. Cal moves forward, now determined to complete his mission, let go of his tragic past, and choose his own destiny.

Cere Junda

1. Cere Junda

Cere Junda is a former Jedi who survived Order 66. After years in seclusion, she teamed up with starship captain Greez Dritus on a secret mission to rebuild the Jedi Order. After saving Cal from the Imperial Inquisitorius, she begins to mentor him.

2. Apprentice Of Eno Cordova

Cere reveals her mentor was a Jedi named Eno Cordova, a loner who studied lost cultures and often challenged the wisdom of the Jedi Council. While the two remained in contact throughout her years as a Jedi Knight, they were never very close.

3. Cere's Padawan

Cere shares an awful memory about her past. During the Jedi Purge, she was captured and tortured by the Empire. She was able to escape, but her Padawan was not so lucky. Years later, the event has left her scarred and reluctant to use the Force.

4. Cere's Pasti

Cal learns Cere lied, hiding that her former Padawan Trilla is the Second Sister. When Cere was tortured by the Empire, she was forced to betray Trilla. The Empire then captured Trilla and turned her into an Inquisitor. Cere, devastated, used the dark side of the Force in order to escape. Fearful she will slip back to the dark, Cere vowed to never use the Force again.

5. A Jedi's Resolve

Cal helps Cere come to terms with her violent past and let go. Armed with Trilla's lightsaber, she uses it to knight Cal. Together as Jedi, they venture to the evil depths of the Fortress Inquisitorius to retrieve the holocron and complete their quest.

Greez Dritus

1. Greez Dritus

Greez Dritus is a four-armed Latero and captain of the Mantis. He works for Cere Junda and appears to hold her in high esteem despite his otherwise curmudgeonly nature. After saving Cal on Bracca, Greez reluctantly accepts the young Jedi's friendship.

2. Infamous

Unknown to his co-pilots, Greez hides a dangerous secret: a large gambling debt to the Haxion Brood. While tracking Greez, the Brood's ruthless bounty hunters discover he's travelling with a Jedi, a much more valuable prize. They capture Cal and BD-1 for payback against Greez's debt. Greez and Cere rescue Cal, defeating the Brood and forcing Greez to come to terms with his addiction.

3. The Pilot Of Mantis

Over their adventure, Greez warms to his friends, revealing his affection for food and his great-grandmother. His piloting skills are put to the test, forcing Greez to become the hero he never thought he could be.


1. BD-1

Cal encounters BD-1 while exploring the mysterious world Bogano. BD-1 is curious, good-natured and utterly fearless in the face of danger. He has quickly grown attached to Cal and seems intent on leading the young Jedi towards something or someone waiting inside the ancient Vault that looms over Bogano's horizon.

2. Encrypted Files

Upon learning that Cal is a Jedi, BD-1 reveals an encrypted memory log of Jedi Master Eno Cordova. The log proves vital to beginning Cal's quest and guiding him on the journey to retrieve the holocron.

3. Droid Jail

Captured along with Cal by the criminal syndicate, the Haxion Brood, BD-1 is separated and thrown into a droid prison cell. Known for mercilessly scrapping droid parts, the Brood's targeted him for dismantlement. Luckily, Cal finds him before the Brood can hurt him, and the two plot their escape together.

4. My Friend

After a fateful event on llum, BD-1 finally retrieves the last of his memories about his old friend, Eno Cordova. The recordings BD played for Cal were all logs from private conversations between the droid and Cordova. In a final recording from Cordova, BD shares the moment his memory was frozen to encrypt the secret data about the Vault.

Eno Cordova

1. Eno Cordova

Jedi Master Eno Cordova was a scholar and explorer revered for his knowledge of ancient civilizations. After experiencing a vision of the Order's doom, Cordova hid a holocron containing identities of young Force-sensitives in the Bogano Vault.

2. Vault Requirements

Master Cordova journeyed to Zeffo, the homeworld of an ancient civilization of the same name. This same species built the vault on Bogano where he hid the holocron. On Zeffo he discovered a tomb dedicated to the powerful Sage Miktrull. Cordova's exploration revealed the existence of a Zeffo Astrium, a tool that could allow him to access the vault on Bogano.

3. Influences From Kashyyyk

During his exploration on Zeffo, Master Cordova uncovered a temple dedicated to the Sage Eilram. This exploration revealed further mysteries of the ancient culture, including their fascination with Kashyyyk, the homeworld of the Wookiee civilization. Curious to learn more, Cordova's path took him to Kashyyyk where he sought wisdom from his old friend and Wookiee chieftain, Tarfful.

4. Astrium

On Cordova's journey to Kashyyyk, he met with Chieftain Tarfful, who knew of an ancient artifact atop the Origin Tree. Cordova scaled the massive Origin Tree, where he discovered one of the last remaining Zeffo Astriums. With the Astrium he was able to access the Vault on Bogano and hide the holocron.

5. My Friend

In his final message, Master Cordova revealed a close connection to BD-1, his faithful companion droid. On their many adventures, they shared close trust as BD-1 recorded Cordova's journey and vital knowledge. When they parted ways, BD-1 agreed to have his memory banks encrypted with this information, beginning his important mission and saying goodbye to one another.

The Second Sister

1. The Second Sister

A relentless Imperial Inquisitor, the Second Sister arrives on Bracca to hunt Cal Kestis, a surviving Jedi Padawan. Sadistically toying with her prey, she ruthlessly kills Cal's friend, Prauf, before striking. In the attack, Cal is forced to flee, barely escaping, but the hunt has only begun.

2. Cere's Padawani

The Second Sister revealed that she was once Cere's Padawan, Trilla, whose location Cere gave up under Imperial torture. Trilla was found by the Empire and transformed into an Inquisitor.

3. An Inquisitor Is Born

When the Second Sister encounters Cal inside the Vault on Bogano, an unlucky maneuver places her saber in his hands where he witnesses a Force echo of her tragic past. Cal learns Trilla's history as Cere's Padawan, including the disturbing details of her capture and transformation into the Second Sister. The revelation leaves Cal momentarily paralyzed," allowing her to steal the holocron.

The Ninth Sister

1. The Ninth Sister

The sardonic Ninth Sister joins the Second Sister in hunting for Cal Kestis on Bracca. A powerful Dowutin, the Ninth Sister's presence creates terror wherever she goes - a fact she relishes.

2. The End Of The Ninth Sister?

The Ninth Sister faces Cal in the peaks of the Origin Tree on Kashyyyk. There she reveals her gruesome history as a former Jedi tortured and mutilated into the brutal Inquisitor she has become. After an intense battle, Cal defeats her, but is she truly gone?

Nightsister Merrin

1. A Nightsister

A Nightsister, wielding powerful magick, threatened Cal on Dathomir. It's unclear how she escaped the massacre of her coven, but her hatred for trespassers is obvious. The Nightsister immediately identified Cal as a threat and commanded the Nightbrothers to attack him.

2. Malicos Unveiled

Merrin confronted both Cal and Malicos, enraged Malicos would ally himself with a Jedi after years of convincing her they were the enemy. Seeing proof of Malicos' deception, she uses magick to unleash a horde of undead Nightsisters to destroy the outsiders.

3. A New Start

Both survivors of fallen orders, Merrin and Cal begin to trust one another. Having defeated the sinister Malicos, they realize the benefit of working together. Inspired by Cal's words, Merrin decides to leave Dathomir with the Mantis crew and pursue her own path in the galaxy.

The Wanderer

1. The Wanderer

A mysterious wanderer Cal met on Dathomir. He claimed to study lost civilizations and revealed that he is familiar with the Nightsisters, in addition to recognizing Cal's lightsaber as a Jedi weapon.

2. Taron Malicos

The wanderer is revealed to be Taron Malicos, a former Jedi now in hiding. Betrayed by his own troopers during Order 66, he crashed on Dathomir where he succumbed to darkness and madness. Seeking a return to power, he has manipulated Merrin and the Nightbrothers in an effort to learn the secrets of their magick

3. The Fallen Jedi

In their final confrontation, Malicos attempts to convince Cal to join him. Believing the Jedi era is over, the two clash in ideology. The battle escalates, finally tipped when Merrin helps Cal defeat the sinister Malicos.

Jaro Tapal

1. Jaro Tapal

The memory of Jaro Tapal, Cal's deceased Master, still haunts the former Padawan. An imposing Lasat, Jaro Tapal served the Republic with distinction during the Clone Wars.

2. Trust Only In The Force

Jedi Master Jaro Tapal was a General during the Clone Wars who mentored his Padawan, Cal Kestis, with a firm and disciplined doctrine. During Order 66, Tapal was mortally wounded but managed to get Cal to safety. In Tapal's last moment, he passed his lightsaber to Cal.

Other Characters

1. Prauf

On Bracca, an Abednedo scrap worker named Prauf befriends and mentors Cal. When an accident almost claims Prauf's life, Cal uses the Force to save him but recklessly reveals himself as a Jedi. Soon, Imperial Inquisitors arrive for Cal but Prauf gives his own life to save him, allowing Cal a chance to escape.

2. Saw Gerrera

Infamous Onderonian insurgent, Saw Gerrera leads a group of opposition fighters against the Empire on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. Harboring dark vengeance over the death of his sister during the Clone Wars, he lives by a blurred moral line, considering collateral damage to be a necessary evil. He comes to respect Cal as a strong potential ally and useful tool in his endless war.

3. Mari Kosan

Freedom fighter Mari Kosan serves Saw Gerrera's forces on Kashyyyk in their desperate battle against the Empire. Her bravery and dedication to the cause make her a valuable ally to the Wookiees. She provides Cal with vital information about Wookiee Chieftain, Tarfful, which helps his mission.

4. Sorc Tormo

Merciless and bombastic Umbaran leader of the Haxion Brood. Tormo takes great pleasure in his fight club, an infamous arena where the galaxy wagers on open combat against bloodthirsty killers and Tormo's wild menagerie of vicious space beasts. Never shy on humor, he is a mercurial mobster with a penchant for violence and greed.

5. Tarfful

A symbol of Wookiee resistance, Tarfful leads his fighters against the ruthless Imperial occupation of their homeworld. Forced into hiding deep in the forests, he evades enemy capture, striking out from secret locations by employing asymmetrical warfare. When Cal learns Cordova and Tarfful were close friends, he begins a desperate hunt to find him and learn crucial information in his quest.

6. Mirienna

A brave fighter, Mirienna serves Saw Gerrera's forces on the besieged world of Kashyyyk. After losing her husband on Zeffo, her journey takes her across the galaxy in her battle against the Empire.

7. Choyyssyk

A former member of Tarfful's freedom fighters, Choyyssyk was captured during an attack on an Imperial outpost. After the refinery prison break, Choyyssyk became fast friends with Saw's Lieutenant, Mari Kosan. Together, they will stop at nothing to save Kashyyyk from the Imperial occupation.

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