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Dathomir Maps for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Walkthrough with Maps for Dathomir Planet in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order with location of Puzzles, Secrets, Chests, Databank Force Echoes, Stim Canisters, Encrypted Logs, Force Essence, Life Essence and Terrarium Seeds, Enemies and Legendary Beasts to Scan for Tactical Guide. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Maps & Walkthrough.

Dathomir Planet Completion

Dathomir Planet in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Chests in Jedi Fallen Order



Secrets in Jedi Fallen Order



Encrypted Logs in Jedi Fallen Order

Encrypted Logs


Force Echoes in Jedi Fallen Order

Force Echoes


Save Points in Jedi Fallen Order

Save Points


Enemies to Scan in Jedi Fallen Order

Enemies to Scan


Legendary Beasts in Jedi Fallen Order

Legendary Beasts


Stim Canisters in Jedi Fallen Order

Stim Canisters


Life Essence in Jedi Fallen Order

Life Essences


Force Essence in Jedi Fallen Order

Force Essences


Terrarium Seeds in Jedi Fallen Order

Terrarium Seeds


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Holomaps Completion

Required Abilities

Wall Run in Jedi Fallen Order Force Push in Jedi Fallen Order Force Pull in Jedi Fallen Order Jedi Flip Jump in Jedi Fallen Order Scomp Link in Jedi Fallen Order Climbing Claws in Jedi Fallen Order

You will not be able to discover all the mysteries of the Dathomir planet during the first visit. You will have to come back here again at least once with Force Powers, Abilities and Doid Upgrades you earn in the following locations.

Detailed maps of areas on planet Dathomir

To find all Chests, Secrets, Force Echoes, Enemies to Scan, Legendary Beasts, Stim Canisters, Encrypted Logs and Terrarium Seeds on the planet Dathomir, look at the maps of the locations to which links you will find below.

Remember that not all locations will be available to you on your first visit and without having specific Jedi Force Power, Abilities or BD-1 Droid Upgrades.

Dathomir YouTube Walkthroughs

Video Dathomir Strangled Cliffs Secret

Dathomir Strangled Cliffs Secret

Video Dathomir Nightmare Ruins Dream Sequence Puzzle

Dathomir Nightmare Ruins Dream Sequence Puzzle

Main tasks on the planet Dathomir

First Visit on Dathomir

  • Meet Nightsister Merrin and Wanderer

Second Visit on Dathomir

  • Go around Dathomir
  • Get Climbing Claws
  • Kill Gorgara
  • Try to enter Tomb
  • Confront Taron Malicos
  • Run to Mantis

Third Visit on Dathomir

  • Enter Tomb of Kujet
  • Kill Taron Malicos
  • Get Astrium
  • Recruit Nightsister Merrin

Quests on Dathomir Planet

First Visit - Chapter 2

3. Strangers

After landing on Dathomir, Cal and BD-1 faced off against a Nightsister who demanded they leave the planet immediately. When they refused, she commanded Nightbrothers to attack them. Shortly after escaping that threat, Cal and BD-1 came upon a Wanderer, who claimed to be studying Zeffo ruins. Who he is and what's become of the Nightsister remain to be seen...

Second Visit - Chapter 5

1. The Swamps Of Dathomir

Cal and BD nearly made it to the next tomb when they were ambushed by Nightbrothers. While the two were safe, they were forced to wander through the dangerous Dathomirian swamps. They were once again found by the Nightsister Merrin who began raising undead Nightsisters to attack them as they traveled. Inside a dark cave, BD found Climbing Claws on a Nightbrother corpse - just as the dreaded Gorgara came home to roost. During the fight, Gorgara snatched them into an aerial battle, culminating in a crash that killed the batlike beast.

2. Shadow Of The Master

Cal and BD found their way to the ruins, where Cal faced a dark version of Jaro Tapal. This phantom shattered Cal's lightsaber, leaving him defenseless. Cal and BD fled the ruin, running into the Wanderer. He revealed himself as Taron Malicos, a former Jedi now studying the dark side. Malicos asked Cal to join his quest for power, but was cut off by Merrin. She raised a horde of undead to destroy him and Cal. Cal and BD rushed back to the Mantis. After Cal's confession about Order 66, Cere says it's time for him to build his own lightsaber...

Third Visit - Chapter 5

5. Laid To Rest

Cal returned to face the shade of Jaro Tapal. He realized the only way to defeat Jaro was to embrace his past and move forward. He knelt before Jaro's spectre, causing the apparition to vanish. As Cal and BD moved into the Tomb of Kujet, they came upon Merrin. This time, however, she was willing to talk. Cal learned that she might be the only survivor of the Nightsister massacre carried out by General Grievous during the Clone Wars. Merrin learned about the Jedi purge and Cal disavowed Malicos as a fallen Jedi.

6. A New Ally

Merrin allowed Cal to pass, warning that Malicos was ahead. Malicos tried one last time to turn Cal, but attacked when he refused. It appears Malicos would win but Merrin intervened, blasting Malicos with magick. They worked together to defeat Malicos. After, Cal revealed that he came to Dathomir for an Astrium. Merrin agreed to help him, and they found one in Kujet's Tomb. Desiring more knowledge of the galaxy and a future for her people, Merrin joined Cal's quest. Together, the crew stands ready to return to Bogano and find the holocron...

Encrypted Logs on Dathomir Planet

There are 2 Encrypted Logs on Dathomir.

Archive Three - Dathomir (3) - Cordova's Journey

  • 2. Kujet's Tomb - Nightmare Ruins
  • 3. Shrouded In Darkness - Tomb of Kujet

Force Echoes on Dathomir Planet - Databank

There are 36 Force Echoes on Dathomir.

Flora And Fauna (7)

  • 1. Hydraatis - Strangled Cliffs
  • 2. Mushlings - Strangled Cliffs
  • 3. The Lair Of The Nydak - Halls of the Nydak
  • 4. Spider Domestication - Halls of the Nydak
  • 5. Fire Lichen - Swamp of Sacrifice
  • 6. Brula Fruit - Swamp of Sacrifice
  • 7. Bleeding Gut - Swamp of Sacrifice

The Nightbrothers (5)

  • 1. Combat Arena - Swamp of Sacrifice
  • 2. The Pit - Halls of the Nydak
  • 3. Rite Of Passage - Witches Horn
  • 4. Dathomirian Glyphs - Collapsed Settlement
  • 5. Ominous Effigy - Upper Strangled Cliffs

The Nightsisters (8)

  • 1. Nightsister Training - Upper Strangled Cliffs
  • 2. Rituals - Swamp of Sacrifice
  • 3. Downfall - Collapsed Settlement
  • 4. A Nightsister - Upper Strangled Cliffs
  • 5. Nightsisters Of Dathomir - before landing on Dathomir
  • 6. Burial Pods - Strangled Cliffs
  • 7. Nightsister Mother - Swamp of Sacrifice
  • 8. Potions - Witches Horn

The Stranger (11)

  • 1. Interference - Nightbrother Village
  • 2. Crashed Ship - Swamp of Sacrifice
  • 3. Survivor - Swamp of Sacrifice
  • 4. Intruder - Nightbrother Village
  • 5. Interlopers - Nightbrother Village
  • 6. The Chase - Halls of the Nydak
  • 7. The Prisoner - Nightbrother Dungeon
  • 8. Power Struggle - Collapsed Settlement
  • 9. Submission - Halls of the Nydak
  • 10. The Outsider - Strangled Cliffs
  • 11. Temptation - Brother's Bastion

Sage Kujet (2)

  • 1. Burial Place - Tomb of Kujet
  • 2. Sage Kujet's Rule - Tomb of Kujet

The Wanderer And The Witch (3)

  • 1. Negotiation - Swamp of Sacrifice
  • 2. Seeking Power - Tomb of Kujet
  • 3. Merrin's Pact - Tomb of Kujet

Dathomir Tactical Guide Updates (8)

  • Bane Back Spider - Strangled Cliffs
  • Lesser Nydak - Strangled Cliffs
  • Nightbrother Warrior - Upper Strangled Cliffs
  • Nightbrother Archer - Brother's Bastion
  • Undead Nightsister - Collapsed Settlement
  • Nydak Alpha - Nightmare Ruins
  • Gorgara - Witches Horn
  • Taron Malicos - Tomb of Kujet

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