Encrypted Logs Location in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Location of all Cordava's Journey BD-1's encrypted logs for Databank in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, 7 story related and 12 find and scan encrypted logs, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Maps & Walkthrough.

There are a total of 19 Encrypted Logs in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, they are listed in Databank as Cordova's Journey Logs.

You have to find all Encrypted Logs for Data Disk Achievement - "Find all of BD-1's encrypted logs".

7 Encrypted Logs will unlock automatically becouse they are story related.

12 Encrypted Logs you have find and scan manualy.

Cordova's Journey Logs:

Archive One - Discovery

1. An Ancient Sphere

Location: Bogano Bogdo Sinkholes

My Friend, I've unearthed a curious artifact. An ancient sphere capable of storing and conducting massive amounts of energy. Whatever civilization crafted this must be the same that created the seemingly impenetrable structure nearby! | believe studying this sphere may yield the information I need to discover who they were and why they built such a landmark.

2. Sage, Vault And Tomb

Location: Bogano Hermit's Abode

My Friend, examinations of the sphere proved fruitful. I've found similar relics across Bogano's surface, including a precious few with glyphs! After much study, I've discerned a pattern and begun to translate their language. Within their glyphs, I've determined the words Sage, Vault, and Tomb. There is more: what appears to be coordinates to the Zeffo system! Perhaps this is the same ancient civilization which abounded there!

3. The Sages

Location: Zeffo Turbine Facility

My friend, in the rotations since I left Bogano l've uncovered more about the Zeffo than I once believed possible. This planet, their homeworld, has been a revelation! It appears many, yet not all the Zeffo could wield the Force! They called it the "Life Wind" and those who wielded it, sages. Three names appear with frequency: Eilram, Miktrull, Kujet. It seems these sages held esteemed positions within their culture. I've informed the Council, to lukewarm reception. They have become too focused on Jedi history, but the history of the Force belongs to us all.

Archive Two - Miktrull

1. Sage Miktrull

Location: Zeffo Tomb of Miktrull

My Friend, what I've found here is disconcerting. It seems these candles were offerings brought to this tomb in exaltation of the Sage Miktrull. At first I believed them votives to the Life Wind, but the further | delve into this tomb the less the evidence supports this. And yet there is one gift that intrigues me, statuary of Zeffo holding circular objects much like spheres. Though much of this tomb is well preserved, these are uniformly destroyed. An interesting puzzle.

2. Magnets

Location: Zeffo Tomb of Miktrull

My Friend, these devices appear to simulate this planet's gravitational pull. I can't help but see it as a motif. This place, less a tomb and more a temple to one ruler's pride. I've found repeated glyphs with the same word: "Astrium." Always near damaged statues. I believe this Astrium was once a ubiquitous, sacred symbol. Perhaps even linked to the Vault.

3. The Key To The Vault

Location: Zeffo Tomb of Miktrull - Story Related

My Friend, I finally found an intact representation of the most sacred Zeffo artifact. A depiction of Miktrull at the Vault on Bogano - you can see the object in their hand. I believe it allows a Force wielder to perceive the mysteries of the Vault. It is the key and the guide: the Zeffo Astrium! But who destroyed images of it and why? It requires further research, however the next step is clear: find an Astrium, if any still exist.

Archive Three - Dathomir

1. Discovering Dathomir

Location: Bogano - Abandoned Workshop

My Friend, I recently discovered the Zeffo had some interest in Dathomir. Strange for such a culture to have any sort of fascination with a place so... dark. There's more to be discovered on Dathomir.

2. Kujet's Tomb

Location: Dathomir Nightmare Ruins

My Friend, we've reached the tomb of Kujet in search of an Astrium. It is more secluded than even I would've thought. It seems the way in was secret even during the time of the Zeffo. A contrast from the ostentatious Tomb of Miktrull... yet not a welcome one. The Nightsisters of Dathomir granted me passage, but even they warned me against these ruins. Something dark transpired here - I can feel it.

3. Shrouded In Darkness

Location: Dathomir Tomb of Kujet

My friend, I have never been one to shy away from the pursuit of knowledge, but the shadow of the dark side lies heavy in this tomb. I've uncovered Kujet's legacy: a ruthless leader who destroyed the Astriums and lives of any who opposed the sage's rule. These Zeffo were once Kujet's enemies, brave rebels who stood against tyranny. F-forgive me. I've spent too many rotations on this planet. My mind is beginning to slip. I can go no further. I must return to Zeffo.

Archive Four - Eilram

1. Tomb Of Eilram

Location: Zeffo Tomb of Eilram - Story Related

My Friend, I believe this to be the earliest Zeffo site we've uncovered yet. Despite my reservations, I cannot chase the Bogano Vault from my mind. Its visions shaped the direction of an entire culture. I must understand why.

2. Sage Eilram

Location: Zeffo Tomb of Eilram

My Friend, This tomb is utterly fascinating. It once served as a proving ground for Force-sensitive Zeffo sages, but was converted into a space to honor their remains. And yet nothing received greater honor here than the Force itself, the Life Wind, as they called it. It's beautiful to see.

3. An Old Friend

Location: Zeffo Tomb of Eilram - Story Related

My Friend, After my analysis of the architecture in Eilram's Tomb, I confirmed the Zeffo had contact with Kashyyyk! It's time to call on an old friend. There's a good chance Chieftain Tarfful can provide the information I seek.

Archive Five - Astrium

1. Shyyyo Bird

Location: Kashyyyk Origin Tree

My Friend, as Tarfful led us here he spoke of a glorious creature called the Shyyyo Bird. He said the bird is the forest's protector. So rare it's nearly legendary. I would dearly love to research this creature further, but the Astrium must be my priority. Thope to one day return and search for the Shyyyo with Tarfful.

2. Origin Tree

Location: Kashyyyk Gnarled Heights

My Friend, Never have I seen a view more exquisite than atop this free. The climb has given me time to reflect. It was the will of the Force that I found Bogano, and that I am here now. There is a greater journey ahead.

3. Astrium

Location: Kashyyyk Chieftain's Canopy - Story Related

My Friend, I found my quarry atop Kashyyyk's Origin Tree: the Astrium. This relic is the key to the vault on Bogano. The dark side clouded every attempt at finding one on Dathomir, but the Force provided a new path!

Archive Six - Vision

1. The Premonition

Location: Bogano Hermit's Abode

My Friend, Entering the Vault gave me a premonition just as it did for the Zeffo. I saw the fall of the Jedi, the overwhelming power of the dark side spreading across the galaxy! We must act quickly. I need to inform the Council!

2. Acquiring The Holocron

Location: Bogano Abandoned Workshop

My Friend, I flew with all haste to Coruscant and presented my findings to the Council. Despite my persistence, despite my research, they do not take this threat seriously. Only one person believed in me. My old confidant, Jocasta Nu. She entrusted me with a holocron from the Jedi Archives - a secret copy of her list of young Force-sensitives.

Archive Seven - Goodbye

1. My Friend

Location: Ilum - Crystal Caves - Story Related

BD-1, This may be the last you see of me. I can sense the doom of the Jedi Order is upon us. I must leave the holocron behind - if anything happens to me, I trust that another will come to find it. You agreed to guard this secret, at the cost of your own memories. I will never forget that sacrifice. I believe in you, as I always have. If another Jedi comes to Bogano, you will be their guide. Thank you. Goodbye, my friend.

2. Secrets Of The Vault

Location: Bogano Ancient Vault - Story Related

My Friend, My name is Jedi Master Eno Cordova. The Bogano Vault - constructed by the Zeffo millennia ago - granted me a vision of the Jedi's doom. To preserve the Order, I've hidden a holocron detailing the names and locations of all known young Force-sensitives deep within the Vault. To access the holocron you must seek out the tombs of three great Zeffo Sages. BD-1 will aid you on your journey. He will be your guide.

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