Strangled Cliffs Map, Dathomir for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Walkthrough for Strangled Cliffs zone with Strangled Cliffs Map on planet Dathomir in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order with location of Puzzles, Secrets, Chests, Databank Force Echoes, Stim Canisters, Encrypted Logs, Force Essence, Life Essence and Terrarium Seeds, Enemies and Legendary Beasts to Scan for Tactical Guide, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Maps & Walkthrough.

Strangled Cliffs Map, Planet Dathomir for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Strangled Cliffs Map, Planet Dathomir for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
Strangled Cliffs Map, Planet Dathomir for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

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Strangled Cliffs Completion

Dathomir Planet

Secrets in Jedi Fallen Order



Force Echoes in Jedi Fallen Order

Force Echoes


Enemies to Scan in Jedi Fallen Order

Enemies to Scan


Life Essence in Jedi Fallen Order

Life Essences


Shortcuts in Jedi Fallen Order




Holomaps Completion

Required Abilities

Force Push in Jedi Fallen Order

You will not be able to discover all the mysteries of the Dathomir planet during the first visit. You will have to come back here again at least once with Force Powers, Abilities and Doid Upgrades you earn in the following locations.

Strangled Cliffs Walkthrough on Dathomir Planet


Entrance from Landing Pad


Climb up to Upper Strangled Cliffs


Shortcut line from Upper Strangled Cliffs

After finishing Ilum


Push crate down from Upper Strangled Cliffs [08]

Use crate to climb to [05]


Strangled Cliffs Secret

Video Strangled Cliffs Secret Walkthrough

Youtube: Strangled Cliffs Secret Walkthrough

YouTube: Strangled Cliffs Secret Walkthrough

Secrets in Strangled Cliffs

Secret in Jedi Fallen Order

Secret - Life Essence

Life Essences in Strangled Cliffs

Life Essence in Jedi Fallen Order

Life Essence

Force Echoes in Strangled Cliffs - Databank

Flora and Fauna (7)

Force Echoes in Jedi Fallen Order

1. Hydraatis

The hydraatis grows in dry, rocky areas. Air is filtered through its filaments, which trap dust and bacteria. Once filtered, the filaments contract to lock clean air inside, creating a humid environment where the hydraatis can absorb the small amount of water it needs to survive.

Force Echoes in Jedi Fallen Order

2. Mushlings

Mushlings are an essential ingredient in the ink Nightsisters and Nightbrothers use for their tattoos. The mushlings pods are boiled down until they become a thick, yellowish paste. From there clay, ash, or other pigments are mixed in to create a variety of colors.

The Nightsisters (8)

Force Echoes in Jedi Fallen Order

6. Burial Pods

Burial pods were an essential part of Nightsister funerary rites. Readying each component of a pod was a painstaking practice. The cloth wraps were washed three times in magickal waters, the twine hand-braided while reciting a spell of protection, and the bodies cleansed with fragrant oils.

The Stranger (11)

Force Echoes in Jedi Fallen Order

10. The Outsider

An outsider was here, not a Nightbrother. I sense something... familiar.

Tactical Guide Updates in Strangled Cliffs

Dathomir (8)

Tactical Guide Update in Jedi Fallen Order

Lesser Nydak

Uphold a strong defense against its aggressive and relentless attacks. Easily thrown off by repeated parries.

Referred to in legend as the "scourge of Dathomir", the deadly Lesser Nydak is an agile and highly aggressive alpha predator. Its carnivorous appetite and relentless pursuit of prey make it a deadly foe to nearly all other life forms. Powerful arms allow it to traverse terrain in diverse and unparalleled methods, often surprising its quarry.

Tactical Guide Update in Jedi Fallen Order

Bane Back Spider

Capable of launching ranged attacks of venomous saliva.Upon death, corpse will emit a toxic acid.

The vile Bane Back Spider is a venomous foe to be reckoned with. Primarily a hole dweller, they are known to skitter and climb with agility. When encountered, they can project venomous saliva at enemies with a range of up to twelve meters. Caution should be taken if they are killed due to emission of a toxic acid that will pool out from the corpse upon death.

Abilities and Upgrades giving access to locations.

Force Power Abilities, BD-1 Droid Upgrades and other Abilities will alow you, as they are discovered, to visit previously inaccessible locations. If you encounter a place you can't reach or enter, go exploring further to find more skills or abilities , then come back and try again.

Force Power Abilities

Force Slow in Jedi Fallen OrderForce Slow - you know this power from the beginning of the game, it allow you to slow down time.

Wall Run in Jedi Fallen OrderWall Run - you will learn this power relatively early on the planet Bogano in Subterranean Refuge, it allow you to run for a short while on some vertical ridged walls.

Force Push in Jedi Fallen OrderForce Push - you will learn this on planet Zeffo in Tomb of Eilram, it allow you to push objects and enemies.

Force Pull in Jedi Fallen OrderForce Pull - you will learn this on planet Zeffo in Tomb of Miktrull, it allow you to pull objects, enemies abd open passages.

Jedi Flip Jump in Jedi Fallen OrderJedi Flip - you will learn this on planet Kashyyyk. it is long double jump.

BD-1 Droid Upgrades

Scomp Link in Jedi Fallen OrderScomp Link - you can find Scomp Link on planet Zeffo but you will need Force Push, it will allow you open locked doors and chests.

Overcharge in Jedi Fallen OrderOvercharge - you will get this on planet Kashyyyk, BD-1 can turn machinery on and off.

Slice in Jedi Fallen OrderSlice - First Slice: Security Droid you will find on planet Kashyyyk, it allow BD-1 to control damaged security droids. Second Slice: Probe Droid you will find on Zeffo, it allow to control damaged probe droids.

Powered Zipline in Jedi Fallen OrderPowered Zipline - on Zeffo after Kashyyyk, it will allow you to travel up and down ziplines.


Underwater Breather in Jedi Fallen OrderUnderwater Breather - you can learn it on Kashyyyk, it allow to explore undewater locations, You need this skill to dive under water.

Climbing Claws in Jedi Fallen OrderClimbing Claws - you will find Climbing Claws on planet Dathomir, they will allow you to climb on new types of walls.

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