Bracca: Empire On Bracca Force Echoes Location for Databank

Location of Empire On Bracca Force Echoes on Planet Bracca in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. There are 3 Empire On Bracca Force Echoes Databank collectible entries and they are all on Planet Bracca, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Maps & Walkthrough.

Empire On Bracca

Empire On Bracca 1. The Scrapper Guild

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The Scrapper Guild is a network of engineers and laborers that operate in concert with the Galactic Empire, recycling and repurposing technology, machinery and infrastructure throughout the galaxy. Since the rise of the Empire, the Scrapper Guild has focused heavily on an expensive but highly successful campaign to do away with all vehicles, equipment and technology associated with the Republic.

Empire On Bracca 2. Starship Scrapyard

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Scrapping is the most profitable industry on Bracca. During the Clone Wars the planet's facilities were optimized to break down enormous flagships. Now, it continues to be a center for the disposal of starships despite Imperial ire with the Scrapper Guild.

Empire On Bracca 3. Bracca Cargo Trains

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Bracca's cargo trains serve as a highspeed transport network for parts being shipped off world. The average shipment travels through 25 security checkpoints before being exported to the Core Worlds for resale.

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