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An Instrumental Triumph - Bard's College Quest - Instrument Locations - ESO Greymoor Chapter

Location of missing musical instruments for An Instrumental Triumph Achievement and Solitude Bard's College Quest in Western Skyrim & Blackreach, Petraloop, Lute of Blue Longing, Chime of the Endless, Tenderclaw, Shadow of Rahjin, Lilytongue, Sky-Talker, Long Fire, Highmourn Dizi, Jarlsbane, King Thunder, Jahar Fuso'ja, Pan Flute of Morachellis Hag-Husband, Reman War Drum, Ateian Fife, Shriek-of-Silk, Kothringi Leviathan Bugle, Lodestone, Dozzen Talharpa for ESO The Elder Scrolls Online Maps, Guides & Walkthroughs.

ESO Solitude Bard's College

Location of missing musical instruments for Bard's College Quest

Locate and retrieve all 19 musical instruments and deliver them to the Bards College in Solitude.

Nel's Hidden Loves

You who quibble,

Disagree, take sides:

Relics of song,

Encyphered here hide.


Bards' legend first,

I keep it with me.

Its import true

Though worn lovingly.

(Jahar Fuso'ja)

Haafinger, go!

The hilt of a blade.


Jade shadows hide

Magnificent caves.

(King Thunder)

At western mine

A long storehouse march.

(Long Fire)

Dragged across two

Holds, steady an Arch.

(Shadow of Rahjin)

Great creature's home,

Westest of Western.


North frost grotto

Frigid, sequestered.


Hjaalmarch; A Jarl

Holds court above all.


Stirring Nord graves.

A maze of cold walls!

(Dozzen Talharpa)

Towers that lower

Bear weight of great tales.

(Kothringi Leviathan Bugle)

Following sleep,

The seas this one sails.


To Karthald; Turn

Winds. Watching Jarl's foes.


Fall upon South.

Brisk breezes freeze toes.

(Lute of Blue Longing)

Then to the Dark;

A dwemer does take.

(Pan Flute of Morachellis Hag-Husband)

Empty, falls light

At waterfall's break.

(Ateian Fife)

Sunsets in dark,

Miners do covet.

(Highmourn Dizi)

A junk-heap's gem,

Lord Chaurus above it.

(Reman War Drum)

Towers do form

From fungus that grow.

(Chime of the Endless)

Deep keep above

and lava below.

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