The Fort & Berserkers Walkthrough ELEX II Map

ELEX II The Fort Map & Walkthrough for Elex 2, Berserkers Region Map with locations of Teleporters, Missions, Companions, Trainers, Teachers, Merchants, Traders, Legendary & Unique Weapons, Glasses, Safe Codes and Map Pieces, ELEX II Maps & Walkthrough.

ELEX II Map Berserkers Walkthrough

The Fort & Berserkers Region Map for ELEX II

The Fort & Berserkers Region Map for ELEX II

ELEX 2 The Fort & Berserkers Region Map Description

Map Legend

Teleporters ELEX II


Mission Starter ELEX II

POI Mission Starter

Trainers / Teachers ELEX II

Trainers / Teachers

Merchants ELEX II


Companions ELEX II


Legendary Weapons ELEX II

Legendary Weapons

Sunglasses ELEX II


Map Pieces ELEX II

Map Pieces


Other NPCs



Warrior Potion Strength +1 Potion ELEX II

STR +1

Marksman Potion Dexterity +1 Potion ELEX II

DEX +1

Mage Potion Intelligence +1 Potion ELEX II

INT +1

Iron Skin Potion Constitution +1 Potion ELEX II

CON +1

Thief Potion Cunning +1 Potion ELEX II

CUN +1

Small Elex Drink Potion ELEX II

+500 EXP

Medium Elex Drink Potion ELEX II

+1 Attr.

Large Elex Drink Potion ELEX II

+1 Skill



Open Chest ELEX II

Open Chest

Easy Chest ELEX II

Easy Chest

Medium Chest ELEX II

Medium Chest

Difficult Chest ELEX II

Difficult Chest

Key Required ELEX II

Key Required



Mission Items ELEX II

Mission Items

Special Items ELEX II

Special Items

Ore Veins ELEX II

Ore Veins

Workbench ELEX II




ELEX 2 Walkthrough - The Fort, Berserkers Faction

The Fort will be the first faction settlement you visit. The Fort is occupied by Berserkers, ruled by Rat. Start by gaining legal access to the city nu finishing "Admission To The Fort" Admission To The Fort Walkthrough, then explore it and look around.

Main story mission in The Fort is "The Berserkers Trust", to finish it you have to finish "Baxter's Propaganda" (a very important mission with a meaningful choice), and do some minor missions for Scrappy or Tilas or Thorhild.




Plague Of Rats

Plague Of Rats Mission Walkthrough

The Cultivator Olaf has been given the thankless task of dealing with a rats' nest. He's terrified of rats and can't bring himself to do it. He asked me to help him by killing them.


Location for "Plague Of Rats", kill Hungry Mass Rats and Return to Olaf [018] for reward.


Gate to The Fort

Fang There is a small watchtower at the gate to the Fort, Fang can be found at its top, check Legendary Weapons.


From time to time, a Traveling Merchant passes through the gate.

Gardar Gardar won't let you into The Fort. Keep trying until you run out of dialogue options.

Admission To The Fort

Admission To The Fort Mission Walkthrough

The gate guard Gardar won't let me into the Berserkers' Fort. I should hang around outside and keep an ear open. Maybe someone will have a job that requires me to enter the Fort, then the gate guards should let me through.

To enter The Fort for the first time you should perform Admission To The Fort. Of course you can fly through the walls outside the gate but for the sake of story consistency it is better to complete this mission first.

↪ After you talk with Thorhild [021]

💬 "Thorhild send me to pickup some tools from Lasse."

Gardar still won't let you in.

💬 "This might change your mind ..."

Gardar still won't let you in, but will give you advice to find Scrappy.

Work For Scrappy part of "Admission To The Fort".

Work For Scrappy Mission Walkthrough

Mybe I can gain access to the Fort if I work for Scrappy.

💬 "Where can I find Scrappy?"

↪ After you return from Scrappy with "Tell Fenris About The Mine".

💬 "Scrappy send me. I need to find Fenris."

Now you can enter The Fort

↪ After "A Dangerous Raid".

Talk to Gardar.

💬 "About that troll ..."

Eliminate The Troll

Eliminate The Troll Mission Walkthrough

The gate guard Gardar wants to get rid of a troll that's causing problems for the Berserkers. They say the troll is located somewhere north-west of the seedling fields. Maybe I can convince Astrid the hunter to help me track it down.

Go to Astrid [030] for "Eliminate The Troll".

Striker He will offer you a tour of The Fort.

↪ After "Admission To The Fort".

💬 "Take me on a tour of the camp."

Tour of the Fort.

Tour of the Fort Mission Walkthrough

Striker can give me a tour of the Fort, witch will help me get my bearings.

Brambart Right outside the gate to The Fort, you will find Brambart, you need him for "World Heart Relief".

💬 "The Morkons attacked ..." Caja likes that.


Seeding Fields


💬 "I am just looking around."

💬 "How can I help?"

💬 "I'll get your work tools."

A Delivery Of Tools For Thorhild part of "Admission To The Fort".

A Delivery Of Tools For Thorhild Mission Walkthrough

I need to collect tools from Lasse for Thorhild.

↪ After you talk to Gardar [020]

💬 "Goliet hasn't sent any work tools."

Thorchild is pleased.

You have failed to deliver tools to Thorhild in "A Delivery Of Tools For Thorhild" Mission.

But yes, this failure is in line with the plot.

Thorhild referred you to Scrappy, she is basically pleased and will have more missions for you in the future.

See "Tools for the Cultivators".

Now talk to Butch, it is important to talk to him for later "Incompetent Workers", to makes him like you.

Butch He is standing in the water near Thorhild.

💬 "You lookin' to fight?" Caja likes that.

ELEX II Destruction decreased

Destruction Decreased

💬 "Here, get yourselfes some ..." Caja likes that., Butch will remember that.

ELEX II Destruction decreased

Destruction Decreased

↪ When you got "Miners For Scrappy" Mission

Completing the first mission for Thorhild "A Delivery Of Tools For Thorhild" was not successful (according to the plot).

Go back to Thorhild while you are doing "Miners For Scrappy" Mission and talk to her again.


Main Mission for Thorhild is "Thorhild's Cultivators".

Thorhild's Cultivators.

Thorhild's Cultivators Mission Walkthrough

Thorhild is experiencing problems in the seedling fields. I should see if I can help.

💬 "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

💬 "I'll go to the blacksmith for you."

Tools For The Cultivators part of "Thorhild's Cultivators".

Tools For The Cultivators Mission Walkthrough

I need to tell Lasse to make some tools so that Thorhild's people can get back to work.

↪ After "Tools For The Cultivators"

💬 "Lasse made you the work tools."

💬 "What's up?"

Incompetent Workers part of "Thorhild's Cultivators".

Incompetent Workers Mission Walkthrough

Thorhild's Cultivators are almost all defectors - former Outlaws. She isn't very impressed by them. She thinks they're lazy, unreliable, and too rough with the seedlings. I need to find them and get them back to work.


Scrappy House

You come here for "Work For Scrappy"


💬 "Can you help me get into the Fort?"

Underground part of "Admission To The Fort".

Underground Mission Walkthrough

Scrappy says I should go to work in the iron mine close by. Once I have proved my worth there, he'll make sure I can get into the Fort.

↪ After first return form Iron Mine [023]

💬 "I'm back from the mine. Everyone's dead."

Tell Fenris About The Mine part of "Work For Scrappy".

Tell Fenris About The Mine Mission Walkthrough

Scrappy wants me to report to Fenris on the state of the mine.

↪ After return form Fenris [024]

💬 "Fenris send me, it's about the mine."

💬 "He gave me money (1000 Shards)." Caja likes that.

💬 "How about sealing up ..."

Scrappy wants me to find the gas leak in the mine. The air in there is highly toxic, so I need something that will help me breathe while I search. The gas mask he gave me will help, but I may need some extra protection. I guess I should see if I can buy some somewhere.

Scrappy gives you Gas Mask

Scrappy's Mine Problem

Scrappy's Mine Problem Mission Walkthrough

Scrappy is responsible for gathering resources for the Berserkers. He's having problems with a mine. If he can't get it up and running soon, there won't be enough material to guarantee the security of the Fort.

↪ After second return form Iron Mine[023]

💬 "I found the source of the gas."

Scrappy's workers need gas masks to work in the mine. He asked me to get some for him. He told me that Morkon traders sell them. I need to explore the Trade District and see if I can find any.

Gas Masks for the Mine part of "Gas In The Mine".

Gas Masks for the Mine Mission Walkthrough

Scrappy want me to buy him 5 gas masks.

Miners For Scrappy

Miners For Scrappy Mission Walkthrough

Scrappy's miners were killed by the toxic gas, so he needs new workers. He asked me to put up a few flyers in the Berserker Fort advertising the job.


Iron Mine

for "Underground".

Jackhammer take it, its important for Mining.

Mining for Dummies


You will find a few monsters around the entrance, kill them and look for a corpse on the ground. Do not go inside because the air in the mine is toxic.

Gas In The Mine when you try to enter Mine.

Gas In The Mine Mission Walkthrough

The air in the mine is toxic.

Return to Scrappy and tell him about toxic air.

↪ After you return here from Scrappy with Gas Mask.

Put on the gas mask and now you can enter the mine.

In the mine you will find several miner's notes, miners' corpses, iron ores and ore veins.

Your task is to block the gas opening. But it is not possible.

Use the healing potions and the gas mask, run through the corridors of the mine, following the right side of the mine. Eventually you will reach the end of the corridors and you will notice that it is impossible to close the gas hole.

Then come back as soon as you can to the entrance.

I found the gas leak in the mine. I need to tell Scrappy that it's unlikely we'll be able to stop it.

Return to Scrappy with this information.


The Fort - Healer District

Fenris you come to him for the first time for "Tell Fenris About The Mine".

Fenris is the main person in charge of The Fort and he is the one with whom you must seek access to Upper District.

💬 "Scrappy send me ..."

Fenris wants me to go back to Scrappy and give him some shards. The money's supposed to help Scrappy get the mine up and running again. He didn't tell me how shards are supposed to help get gas out of a mine.

Get inside Fenris house and talk to him.

The Berserkers' Trust is an important mission as it gives you access to Upper District

The Berserkers' Trust.

The Berserkers' Trust Mission Walkthrough

Fenris says that, to win the trust of the Berserkers and join the faction or gain entry into the Upper District, I must do something useful for the camp. I also need an advocate: I can choose Thorhild, Scrappy, or Tilas.

8696 inside Fenris House

+500 Experience inside Fenris House

↪ After "Hitch and the Three Investigators"

Hear Fenris talking to the children.

💬 "Who takes care of those kids ..."

💬 "Why not let the kids help out?"

↪ For "Incompetent Workers"

💬 "Thorhild says you'll divide up ..."

Hank he is standing (at night?) in western part of district near Tilas place.

Meeting With Hank.

Meeting With Hank Mission Walkthrough

I'm supposed to meet the trader Hank in two days in the Fort's Healer District.

It's not hard to figure out that Hank is trying to cheat you. But pretend you can't see it and keep "playing" with it.

"Get along" with him and come back to Hank in two days.

💬 "Got anything to trade?"

💬 "You want Elex? ..." of select any other offer.

Hank's Gold Bar take it from Hank.

Bartering With Hank.

Bartering With Hank Mission Walkthrough

I stumbled across a guy named Hank in the Fort. He offered a trade. He gave me a gold bar, and said I should take it to the Castle and give it to a Cleric called Vivian.

You have to take Gold Bar to Vivian in Castle (Clerics).

Alchemist Potions, Food, Materials, Plants, Recipes & Blueprint.

1950 inside Alchemist House

Lasse in the blacksmith's shop in the northern part of the district.

Talk to Lasse, but first give him Beer. Caja likes that, Lasse likes that.

ELEX II Destruction decreased

Destruction Decreased

💬 "Can you forge me a weapon?"

💬 "About that special weapon."

💬 "Where do I find all this?"

💬 "Any idea where I can find ..."

The Weapon Of An Artist.

The Weapon Of An Artist Mission Walkthrough

Lasse the smith has a project that he needs my help with. He wants to explore his passion for forging fine weapons, but he doesn't have the right materials. He asked me to bring him some very old pricklebacks, critters, and wetlurkers, and disembowel them for him.

You have to collect materials for Lasse for special weapon.

Unique Trophies part of "The Weapon Of An Artist".

Unique Trophies Mission Walkthrough

I took a few interesting trophies from some especially old animals.

💬 "About that special weapon."

💬 "I found everything you asked me for."

Lasse said if I come back in a week he'll have finished the weapon.

↪ For "Baxter's Propaganda":

💬 "Are these nails ..."

💬 "Somebody is stealing nails ..."

Interrogate Lasse.

Interrogate Lasse Mission Walkthrough

I have to question Lasse. He's suspected of being a member of Baxter's Outlaws.

Lasse is sure that the nails used to hang up the propaganda were made by him. He told me that nails are always being stolen.

Lasse Weapons, Armor, Tool/Key, Recipes & Blueprint, Fuel.

Lasse Armor, Resist All, Stamina, Stamina Regeneration, Build Weapons, Gemstone Socket, Create Ammunition, Build Grenades.

↪ For "Tools For The Cultivators"

💬 "You have to manufacture the tools for the Cultivators."

💬 "I'm not going back there empty handed."

💬 "Exactly how much ..."

Iron For The Tools part of "Thorhild's Cultivators" / "Tools For The Cultivators".

Iron For The Tools Mission Walkthrough

Lasse needs iron ore for the tools. Lasse said I can get the iron he needs from Scrappy.


Tilas is quite distracted, repeat the conversation with him and move towards talking about his assistant.

💬 "I'll help you find your apprentice."

💬 "What does your ..."

Tilas' Apprentice.

Tilas' Apprentice Mission Walkthrough

Tilas is waiting for an apprentice to arrive from Goliet. He should have been at the Fort by now. I should search for him in western Tavar.

You have to go to Western Tavar and look for Apprentice.

Tilas Strong Potions, Good Eater, Extra Hitpoints, Health Regeneration, Chemistry.

0000 Tilas Safe

↪ For "Incompetent Workers"

💬 "I need a few shards for the Cultivators ..."

💬 "I was hoping YOU ..."

💬 "And you think his shards ..."

Marvin after you find him in "Tilas' Apprentice".

Petra There are 3 children running around The Fort, Petra is one of them, their base is in the Trade District [026] next to the merchants in Detective Club looking like shed with toys.

Most often, you will meet Petra at the entrance from Living Quarters to Healer District, he will come to you and talk to you.

💬 "Of course."

Petra want to show you something, follow her to [025] Hitch House.

Follow Petra part of "Hitch and the Three Investigators".

Follow Petra Mission Walkthrough

I need to follow Petra, a girl from the Fort.

Justin There are 3 children running around The Fort, Justin is one of them, their base is in the Trade District [026] next to the merchants in Detective Club looking like shed with toys.

Justin is another kid from Detective Club, he is runing around, I meet him at the entrance from Living Quarters to Healer District, he will come to you and talk to you.

💬 "Am I interupting?" Caja likes that.

ELEX II Destruction decreased

Destruction Decreased

💬 "Can I help?" Caja likes that.

ELEX II Destruction decreased

Destruction Decreased


The Fort - Living Quarters

+1 Skill Points inside house left of gate, on a shelf under the ceiling.

Cook Food, Recipes & Blueprint

In Cook's house, upstairs, there is 2681, fly to balcony, and sneak inside.

Skinny Skinny's Soup Kitchen

Hitch He cleans his house.

💬 "Do you need a bucket of water?" Caja likes that.

ELEX II Destruction decreased

Destruction Decreased

Cunning +1 inside Hitch's house, you have to steal it, but maybe don't do it when they're gonna catch you.

Caution: Reavers! pinned to the board.

A Dangerous Raid - read "Caution: Reavers!" Note to get this misson.

A Dangerous Raid Mission Walkthrough

Some reavers living near the Fort have stolen from the Berserkers. If I can get the stolen goods back to Gardar, the gate guard, I bet he'll give me a reward. Retrive 8 Stolen Valuables.


The Fort - Trade District

Ivan Weapons, Modifiers, Materials, Recipes & Blueprint, Fuel.

💬 "What's a Morkon doing in ..."

A guard will come and you will witness an unpleasant conversation.

💬 "Remind me: What was ..."

An Unwelcome Morkon

An Unwelcome Morkon Mission Walkthrough

The Morkon trader Ivan isn't very popular at the Fort. He asked me to help him so that he can return to Carakis soon.

Collect Ivan's Rations From Chloe part of "An Unwelcome Morkon".

Collect Ivan's Rations From Chloe Mission Walkthrough

Ivan asked me to collect the rations he was promised from Chloe.

↪ For "Gas Masks for the Mine" talk to Ivan

💬 "I need gas masks."

Scrap Merchant Weapons, Junk

Trader Weapons, Ammunition, Fuel

there is Difficult Chest inside Merchants's (07) shack. You can lock pick it (after midnight in sneak mode), or steal key from Merchant (don't do it now, save it for the end of the game, only 1500 elexit in it).

Food Trader Recipes & Blueprint, Food

Fenja Innkeeper Here you can rent a sleeping room.


💬 "My name is Jax." Caja likes that.

ELEX II Destruction decreased

Destruction Decreased

💬 "Do you interrogate everybody ..."

Speak to Wulf

Speak to Wulf Mission Walkthrough

I met a Berserker named Wulf in the Fort.

💬 "Alright, Im in." Caja likes that.

ELEX II Destruction decreased

Destruction Decreased

💬 "About those clues."

💬 "Looks like this nail was made in forge."

💬 "The back of the flyer is kind of interesting." Caja likes that.

+100 Exp

Baxter's Propaganda after "Speak to Wulf".

Baxter's Propaganda Mission Walkthrough

Wulf has been charged with finding the source of the Outlaw propaganda. He's not making much progress, so I'm supposed to help him. He told me to speak to Chloe and Lasse. They're under suspicion because the propaganda was written on the back of Chloe's menus and hung up using Lasse's nails.

The house Wulf stands in front of has interesting content. You have to wait until midnight is past and sneak inside while the host is asleep.

Map Piece 03 check the location and walkthrough of obtaining Map Pieces on Map Pieces Location Map.

4756, you have to wait until midnight is past and sneak inside while the host is asleep.

Detective Club

This location is in the Trade District, next to the Merchants' stands.

When you visit The Fort for the first time, this shed is empty. As the action develops, it will fulfill its task in related missions.

Check the mission description:

Hitch And The Three Investigators Mission Walkthrough

ELEX 2 Children's Dedective Club for Hitch And The Three Investigators Mission

ELEX 2 Children's Dedective Club for Hitch And The Three Investigators Mission

Hitch And The Three Investigators.

Hitch And The Three Investigators Mission Walkthrough

The kids: Justin, Petra, and Bobby, want to discover who messed up the hut belonging to Hitch from the Fort.

Tell Fenris That The Children Are Innocent.

Tell Fenris That The Children Are Innocent Mission Walkthrough

Justin asked me to tell Fenris that it was Striker who made the mess in Hitch's hut, not the kids.

Find A Taker For Striker's Notebook.

Find A Taker For Striker's Notebook Mission Walkthrough

I didn't tell the kids about the contents of Striker's notebook. I bet I can earn a bit of money with it.

Manna Shrine



The Fort - Chloe's Bar

Doorman won't let you in, but at Chloe's rebuke, you're a welcome guest.

Doorman Melee Weapons, Melee Weapons Specialist, Backstab, Grenades, Heavy Weapons, Heavy Weapons Specialist.


💬 "You in a bad mood?"

↪ For "Collect Ivan's Rations From Chloe":

💬 "Ivan is waiting for his groceries."

↪ For "Baxter's Propaganda":

💬 "You ever seen this before? (Show Outlaw propaganda)"

💬 "There are your drink menus."

Interrogate Chloe part of "Baxter's Propaganda".

Interrogate Chloe Mission Walkthrough

I have to question Chloe. She's suspected of being a member of Baxter's Outlaws.

Chloe Haggler, Cheaplearning.

Bartender Food, Recipes & Blueprint

5461 Chloe Safe

↪ For "Incompetent Workers"

Butch he stands at the far left of the bar.

💬 "Shouldn't you looking after ..."

💬 "Why don't you bring ..."

💬 "Is thorhild the one ..."

Return to Thorhild [021]

↪ For "Incompetent Workers"


Keep talking to Raik until he wants to talk to you.

💬 "The Cultivators want more shards ..."

💬 "What do you suggest?"

Raik's Solution part of "Incompetent Workers".

Raik's Solution Mission Walkthrough

I met a Berserker named Raik in the Fort. Raik thinks he has an idea that could solve the Cultivators' wage problems. I need to give him a day to sort things out and then find him again.

Pond near Chloe's Bar

Bobby There are 3 children running around The Fort, Bobbya is one of them, their base is in the Trade District [026] next to the merchants in Detective Club looking like shed with toys.

Come close to Bobby

💬 "What do you care?"

💬 "And how long do I have ..."

Guard The Old Bottles part of "Hitch and the Three Investigators".

Guard The Old Bottles Mission Walkthrough

A kid named Bobby asked me to guard a few old bottles in the Berserkers' Fort.

Behind Chloe's Bar

↪ Outside behind Chloe's Bar For "Incompetent Workers" / "Raik's Solution"


Duel With Curtis part of "Incompetent Workers" / "Raik's Solution".

Duel With Curtis Mission Walkthrough

Raik hired Curtis as an Enforcer. As soon as I have beaten him, I can get to Raik.

Confront Raik part of "Incompetent Workers" / "Raik's Solution" / "Duel With Curtis".

Confront Raik Mission Walkthrough

Raik's Enforcer won't be causing any more problems. Now I have to deal with Raik.


The Fort - Upper District

Admission to the Upper District is reserved for a select few, you cannot enter it on your first visit.


Reavers Camp

Location for "A Dangerous Raid".

Reavers kill them all.

open chest inside bulding for "A Dangerous Raid".

Stolen Valuables x8

The Midas Touch part of "A Dangerous Raid".

The Midas Touch Mission Walkthrough

I found some stolen valuables in a reaver camp close to the Fort.

Return to Gardar [020] for reward.


Astrid's House & Pond

Location for "Eliminate The Troll"

Astrid Ranged Combat, Survival, Trophies Trainer

Talk to Astrid about Troll for "Eliminate The Troll", she will not help you, but she will show you a location in a nearby pond as a Troll's lair.

Astrid buys Leather and Heavy Leather for best price.

Wounded Forest Troll near Astrid's House in the pond, for "Eliminate The Troll".

Every Troll, even a wounded one, is a difficult opponent. You can postpone the completion of this mission until you become stronger. Either way, attack him from a distance and watch out for rocks thrown by him, dodge.

A Gluttonous Monster part of "Eliminate The Troll".

A Gluttonous Monster Mission Walkthrough

The Wounded troll will no longer cause any problems.


For "Unique Trophies" / "The Weapon Of An Artist"

Old Wetlurker kill 2 for mission.

Coarse Leather x2

(to be continued)

Teleporters (ELEX 2 South Central Magalan)

The Magalan world of ELEX II has a network of 47 teleporters. You have to activate each of the teleporters before you can use it. To activate a teleporter, you must find him and reach him on foot. Then you will be able to fast travel between any two activated teleports. Solving Map Pieces Puzzle will give you location of all Teleporters. Teleporters Location Map






Teleporter, it is close to starting location, but you need Jetpack to reach it.




























Companions (ELEX 2 South Central Magalan)

There are 7 potential companions in ELEX 2: Crony U4, Caja, Nasty, Fox, Falk, Nyra and Bully. Companions are friendly NPCs that you can meet on your journey through the world of ELEX II and join your party. Companions in Elex 2.

Trainers / Teachers (ELEX 2 South Central Magalan)

There are several types Trainers / Teachers in ELEX II, they are located mainly in faction settlements and in the Bastion. Trainers Location Map

Merchants (ELEX 2 South Central Magalan)

Merchants & Traders are like shops where you can buy and sell weapons, armor and equipment. Merchants are located mainly in faction settlements and in the Bastion. Not all potential trader NPCs will want to trade with you when you first meet them. Many of the Traders will require you to complete a mission. There are also traveling traders located outside the cities. Merchants Location Map

Legendary Weapons (ELEX 2 South Central Magalan)

In the world of ELEX II, you can find or obtain 29 special, unique or legendary weapons that are significantly better than the commonly available ones. Legendary & Unique Weapons

Sunglasses (ELEX 2 South Central Magalan)

The world of Elex II offers you a variety of glasses to suit any occasion and offer a variety of extra skills. You just need to find them. Glasses Location

Safes & Codes (ELEX 2 South Central Magalan)

Safes require a 4 digit code to be opened.


Safe is open.


Code: 6666. Safe is in the attic, you have to use Jet Pack inside upper level of main building in Bastion. The code for the safe is drawn upside down on the wall next to the safe.


Code: 1243. Safe is inside house.


Code: 0423. On the top of watchtower.


Code: 1657. On ground level.


Code: 6241. Inside building, above ground on the platform.


Code: 2371.


Code: 3712. Underground, below antena.


Code: 5126. Inside hut.


Code: 6942. On the stairs, closer to the top.


Code: 9086. Up the stairs.


Code: 3071.


Code: 2681. In Cook's House, upstairs, fly to balcony and sneak inside.


Code: 4756. You have to wait until midnight is past and sneak inside while the host is asleep.


Code: 8696. Inside Fenris House


Code: 1950. Safe in Alchemist House


Code: 0000. Tilas Safe


Code: 5461. Chloe Safe

Map Pieces (ELEX 2 South Central Magalan)

There are 16 Map Pieces scattered around the Magalan world in ELEX II. If you find all the map fragments and put them together, you will learn the safe's location and the safe code. The cache contains a device that shows the location of all Teleporters in Magalan. Map Pieces Location Map