Nyra Companion in ELEX II

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Nyra - ELEX II
  • Faction: Albs
  • Melee Weapon: Sword
  • Ranged Weapon: Alb Blaster
  • You meet her in Albs Settlement
  • Possible Romance

Highly capable Alb technician with all the skills and shortcomings of her people.

She worked in the Domed City of Abessa to earn money during the war of the Free People against the Albs. Believing she had lost her beloved home for good, her sense of self-preservation made her a Separatist.

She believed in rational thought and logic as effective weapons and worth preserving but also demonstrated great depth of feeling. Whenever she stopped taking Elex, she would become unpredictable as she suffered through the inner turmoil of her extreme emotions. Still, she was always trying to go without it to test her self control.

Nyra Likes (Loyality):

  • Albs
  • Smartness
  • Greed

Nyra Dislikes (Loyality):

  • Berserkers
  • Morkons
  • Clerics
  • Outlaws
  • Silliness
  • Inappropriate Jokes

Where you can find Nyra?

You will meet Nyra later in the game, because she is in Depot, the Albs settlement.



You can find Nyra in Central Magalan in ELEX 2 in Albs Settlement.

CC Magalan Map

Location of Nyra Companion in ELEX 2.

Location of Nyra Companion in ELEX 2.

Nyra Recruitment Missions


Nyra Missions


Companions Missions in ELEX 2

Companions missions are tasks given to you by your companions after you gain their trust and add them to your party.

Mission Name Giver Walkthrough
1 A Mage For Magalan Caja Walkthrough
1.1 Only A Dead Morkon ... Caja Walkthrough
2. Securing The Land Caja Walkthrough
2.1 Cleric Junk Caja Walkthrough
2.2 Alb Remains Caja Walkthrough
Crony U4
1. Carakis Scan Crony U4 Walkthrough
2. Ateris Scan Crony U4 Walkthrough
1 A Fox Among Wolves Fox Walkthrough
1.1 Neighborly Help Fox Walkthrough
1.2 Hunting Expedition Fox Walkthrough
1.3 Reading the Riot Act Fox Walkthrough
2. Field Duty Fox Walkthrough
1 Ambitious Cyborg Falk Walkthrough
1.1 Being Human: Survival Instinct Falk Walkthrough
2 Ambitious Self-Experimentation Falk Walkthrough
2.1 Being: Human Sharing Out Of Charity Falk Walkthrough
2.1.1 Meat For Falk Falk Walkthrough
2.2 Being Human: Helping Friends Falk