Being Human: Sharing Out Of Charity Companion Mission in ELEX II

Walkthrough for Being Human: Sharing Out Of Charity - Falk Companion Mission in ELEX 2, ELEX II Maps & Walkthrough.

Mission Description

Mission Type: Falk Companion Mission

Mission Name: Being Human: Sharing Out Of Charity

Falk Missions

Mission Walkthrough

"The cyborg Cleric Falk wants to learn what it means to be human. This includes sharing possessions with others. He wants me to show him how to share."

Falk the conversation will start automatically

💬 "You belive performing an altruistic act will make you more human." Falk likes that.

ELEX II Destruction decreased

Destruction Decreased

💬 "OK, I'll see what I can do. Ten chunks of raw meet ..." Falk likes that.

Meat For Falk Mission Walkthrough

We will then share them with some of the members of the 6th Power.



Return to Bastion and talk to the 5 members of the 6th Power with Falk walking with you.

Then talk to Falk.

💬 "Have you finished your experiment ..." Falk likes that.

+100 EXP

(The End)

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