Factions in ELEX II

Factions of Magalan in ELEX II: Berserkers, Morkons, Albs, Clerics, Outlaws, Skyands and Bastion location, ELEX II Maps & Walkthrough.

Factions in ELEX II Map

ELEX II Factions Location Map

ELEX II Factions Location Map

There are 6 NPC factions on Magalan in ELEX II. Most of them relate directly to the factions you encountered in ELEX I.

You can join 5 of them: Berserkers, Morkons, Albs, Clerics and Outlaws by completing missions for them and gaining reputation. Joining each faction will be rewarded with an Achievement.

You cannot join Skyands and this faction will always be hostile to Jax (your hero).

In ELEX II there is also the option of avoiding joining a faction, I don't know if it is a good solution, but you get the Defector Achievement for it.

The Berserkers - ELEX II

The Berserkers

The Berserkers originated from survivors of the meteor strike who had no or little access to technology. They developed into a medieval-like culture of farmers, hunters and healers who despised anything technical. When their then spiritual leader discovered how to transmute the blue Elex into what they called Mana, they finally had a weapon against the Albs. Blue Elex changed once green and lush areas into cold and dead landscapes, but certain plants enriched with their Mana, called world hearts, could reverse that effect, and bring back life to the planet. Mana gave them also access to magic-like abilities, and so they became a powerful faction even without any technological weapons and aids.

After the war in Elex 1, they started to convert the barren desert of Tavar into a green wonderland with a world heart. This caused the Outlaws of Tavar to split up into several smaller sub-groups, and one of them joined the Berserkers. This has changed the faction. Although officially Caja has become their new spiritual leader, as she’s a powerful mage who says that she has the power to “speak” to Elex, many Berserkers don’t want to live the simple life without technology anymore, and want to bring the faction into a new more modern age.

The Morkons - ELEX II

The Morkons

The Morkons were once the peaceful inhabitants of Tomsontown, but when the meteor struck, the survivors fled to the underground tunnels below the city, where they barricaded themselves from the dangerous outer world, and slowly evolved into a vicious and isolationist subterranian tribe, using metal and scrap from the destroyed city to build their weapons. Due to their limited access to food and other resources, they set up harsh rules for reproduction and acceptance of people from outside. Over time, these rules became a religion, the members of the tribe fanatics, and they started to call themselves Morkons. Their goal became to destroy all infidels who do not believe in their strict rules.

The Albs - ELEX II

The Albs

The Albs were formed by a splinter group of Clerics, who didn’t want to follow their purity vows of using Elex only for powering lifeless objects. They consumed Elex like candy and developed magical powers in addition to their deep technical knowledge through that, but lost their empathy and emotions in the process. Their goal was and still is to reach the next level of evolution. At first they thought they would be able to achieve this through the excessive consumption of Elex, but because of that they could be corrupted by the Hybrid in Elex 1 to do horrible things. After the fall of the Hybrid, the Separatists, a moderate group of Albs who saw the dangers of excessive Elex usage, could convince the Alb leadership to control the Elex intake of their members, and so they stopped being a threat to all other factions. They still see themselves superior to all other factions of Magalan though, and pursue their goal of evolving themselves.

The Clerics - ELEX II

The Clerics

The Clerics are a overly righteous and highly technical faction, who think that it’s their task to save Magalan from people who follow their lower instincts and use Elex in a different way than they do. They have purity laws that demand that Elex cannot be consumed, but only used to power lifeless machines. In Elex 1, Jax uncovered that the stories about their god Calaan who they worshipped were a lie, but that couldn’t stop them from believing in their established teachings. They believe that they are the last bastion that stands between survival and destruction. Although they are low in numbers, they are feared because of their highly advanced plasma weapons that they use to prozelytize everybody who doesn’t want to join their mission.

The Outlaws - ELEX II

The Outlaws

While the other factions used Elex for magic or technological advances, the Outlaws used it to produce drugs called stims. They never had any grand vision or goal other than to get high and to murder their neighbor to get what they have. They are a bunch of criminals and druggies, taking whatever they can get. The law of the strongest is their mantra. When the Berserkers terraformed the desert of Tavar back to a fertile region, many people from other factions came there and settled down, chasing the Outlaws out of Tavar. Some stayed, and became part of the Berserkers. Others went to crater landscape of Ateris, trying to continue their lawless way of life there.

Skyands - ELEX II


It seemed like the Skyands had come out of nowhere, but they spread like wildfire all over Magalan. They take their power from dark Elex, a new and more aggressive form of the blue Elex. The have massive Formers – huge structures that have begun to transform the environment around them. The dark Elex infects everything – plants, animals and also people. And when they’re infected, they change ... some die, some become "Skyand".

The Skyands are incredibly powerful, ruthless, determined and strategic, and are therefore almost invincible. Their goal seems to be to transform all of Magalan. They have no morals, no belief system. They only know their goal, and they do everything to reach it.