Prologue Walkthrough ELEX II Map

ELEX II Prologue Map & Walkthrough for Elex 2 first steps and the beginning of the game with locations of Teleporters, Missions, Companions, Trainers, Teachers, Merchants, Traders, Legendary & Unique Weapons, Glasses, Safe Codes and Map Pieces, ELEX II Maps & Walkthrough.

ELEX II Map First Steps Walkthrough

Prologue Map for ELEX II

Prologue Map for ELEX II

ELEX 2 Prologue Map Description

Map Legend

Teleporters ELEX II


Mission Starter ELEX II

POI Mission Starter

Trainers / Teachers ELEX II

Trainers / Teachers

Merchants ELEX II


Companions ELEX II


Legendary Weapons ELEX II

Legendary Weapons

Sunglasses ELEX II


Map Pieces ELEX II

Map Pieces


Other NPCs



Warrior Potion Strength +1 Potion ELEX II

STR +1

Marksman Potion Dexterity +1 Potion ELEX II

DEX +1

Mage Potion Intelligence +1 Potion ELEX II

INT +1

Iron Skin Potion Constitution +1 Potion ELEX II

CON +1

Thief Potion Cunning +1 Potion ELEX II

CUN +1

Small Elex Drink Potion ELEX II

+500 EXP

Medium Elex Drink Potion ELEX II

+1 Attr.

Large Elex Drink Potion ELEX II

+1 Skill



Open Chest ELEX II

Open Chest

Easy Chest ELEX II

Easy Chest

Medium Chest ELEX II

Medium Chest

Difficult Chest ELEX II

Difficult Chest

Key Required ELEX II

Key Required



Mission Items ELEX II

Mission Items

Special Items ELEX II

Special Items

Ore Veins ELEX II

Ore Veins

Workbench ELEX II




ELEX 2 Walkthrough - Prologue

In the ELEX II Prologue, you learn about the basic rules of the game. You meet Adam, who will later guide you through the storyline of the game. You acquire the Jet Pack, perhaps the most important item in the game, and also meet your first Companion Caja.

Significant places in the game world are numbered on the map. Each number on the map has its equivalent in the description below the map. The number can mean a specific point in the game, as well as an area or building. The sequence of numbers shows suggested order of visiting locations.


Starting Location

The plot of ELEX II begins here. Jax, deprived of weapons and equipment, escapes from his hut where the invaders' ship has landed.

Equip the Damaged Lead Pipe you will find in your inventory.


Nothing To Lose Mission Walkthrough

Everything I had left was taken from me. Hunted by creatures belonging to the strange invaders, I'm forced to find a large settlement of humans to get new equipment and take stock.

The mission directs you north, before you go there, go back to the fire a few steps to the west and collect everything you can find there.

You can fry Raw Meet at Campfire to make Fried Meat, which regenerates lost health.

Go through the tunnel-like pipe, you encounter your first opponent Weak Blood Claw, kill him and go further along the path looking for equipment on the ground.

Loot in ELEX II.

There are tons of items in the world of Magalan. Don't think about each one individually, just collect them all. Some of them will turn out to be worthless, some you will sell later in the store or remade, some will become your equipment.

Just collect whatever you find.

Always search the surroundings as you explore new locations.

Switching between combat and exploration modes is important. In combat mode, you don't interact with the environment and not all options work.

Explore the world always in the exploration mode with a hidden weapon.


Climb platform and jump to lower platform to pickup Potion.

Dexterity +1

Potions are important in ELEX 2 because thanks to them you can permanently raise Attributes, add Skill Points and add extra free experience points, more about Potions.



Go north. A cutscene appears.

You appear in [004]


Adam & Jet Pack

Adam tak to him, using all options.

The mysterious man tells you about how he saved you and invites you to pursue common goals.

Talk to him using all dialogue options and you will receive a whole set of missions.


Infected Mission Walkthrough

The creatures that appeared with the invaders, seem to have infected me with this strange, dark substance. I can feel it flowing through my veins. I can feel it changing me. I don't know how long I can resist. I'm in desperate need of relief, or, even better... a cure.

In Danger.

In Danger Mission Walkthrough

My son is in danger as long as he stays in the wasteland. I have to find him and bring him back to safety.

The 6th Power.

The 6th Power Mission Walkthrough

The old man, who calls himself Adam, wants to start an army, independent of all other factions, called the 6th Power. He plans to set up its headquarters in the old Bastion at Carakis. Seems like a foolhardy plan that will be difficult to carry out.


Incognito Mission Walkthrough

The old man who calls himself Adam is obviously very involved in the intrigue between Magalan's factions. His identity is the key to the many secrets he's hiding.

You can start exploring the world.

Jet Pack received from Adam after conversation.

Jet Pack

You will receive the Jet Pack from Adam after the conversation is over.

Jet Pack is an important element of the game because it allows you to move above the ground by flying.

You will develop the Jet Pack and the related skills during the game. At the beginning, the Jet Pack allows you to make high jumps.

located inside the building.


Beds and other sleeping places are spread over the land. These are the only places where you can sleep. Their primary function is to cause the passage of time. If you need to wait until morning, sleep is the quickest option.

The lapse of time in the game, contrary to what the NPCs say, is basically insignificant, so sleep as long as you like.

While sleeping, you also rest and regenerate your strength.

inside hut.

on the roof of hut, use Jet Pack to reach it.


Collect Fuel because you can use it to upgrade your Jet Pack.

Simple Bow on the roof of hut, use Jet Pack to reach it. Its your first ranged weapon.

Strength +1 on first floor of ruins on oposite side of the road.

Map Piece 08 on the top of tower, check the location and walkthrough of obtaining Map Pieces on Map Pieces Location Map.

Sunglasses are a great help in the game.

According to the ELEX II storyline, you should now head north. I suggest you a little side jump, using Jet Pack go to [005] and activate DELTARA Teleport, go to (as arrows shows) [006] and pick some stuff, then go to [007] for a really handy at the start of the game PERSPECTIVE Sunglasses that will magically highlight items around you, making it very easy to collect loot.

Next Use Teleport [02] on your in-game map to return to [005], then back to [004] and continue the story.



Deltara activate it.


You won't get here from below, you have to go to the footbridge suspended in the air from above, or fly up using the Jet Pack.

you need skill to open locked chests.

Retrorockets Retrorockets prevent you from falling to your death. If you don't have enough fuel, you burn a retrorocket. You can install retrorockets on your Jet Pack using a jet pack workbench.


PERSPECTIVE extremely useful because they highlight with a colored border objects that lie on the ground and that you can pick up.

Check the location and walkthrough of obtaining Sunglasses on Sunglasses Location Map.

Return to [004] and continue north, next location [008].


West Carakis World Heart

West Carakis World Heart

Thialg Warlord of the Berserkers, talk to him.

💬 "Where's Dex? Where's my son?" for In Danger Main Mission.

Where is Caja?.

Where is Caja? Mission Walkthrough

Caja is a powerful mage and Elex expert. She's also the mother of my child. Maybe she knows a cure for my infection with the invaders' strange, dark substance.

Talk to him about your illness to update "Infected".

💬 "Can you heal me?"

Small Healing Potion x3

💬 "of course, thanks."

ELEX II Destruction decreased

Destruction Decreased

After receiving "A Commander For The New Troops" in [013].

World Heart Relief part of "A Commander For The New Troops".

World Heart Relief Mission Walkthrough

Thialg wants to be excused from guarding the World Heart, but the Fort in Tavar needs to send a replacement first. Brambart, the Paladin, will be good for the job.

↪ After you finish "World Heart Relief"

💬 "Paladin Brambart will take ..."

From now Thialg will move to Bastion.

Smith Crafting Trainer: Lock Picking, Build Weapons, Gemstone Socket, Create Ammunition, Build Grenades. Later in game Smith will move to Bastion.

Smith Recipes & Blueprints, Lockpicks, Jet Pack, Materials, Weapons, Armor, Potions.


+1 Skill Points x2

+500 Experience


Berserkers Camp


Talk to Caja to finish "Where is Caja?" Main Mission.

A Mage For Magalan.

A Mage For Magalan Mission Walkthrough

Caja is the most powerful mage I know. Winning her support would be a huge boost for our plans.

💬 "You're going to take our son ..."

💬 "I didn't want to burden you with my problems ..." Caja likes that.

ELEX II Destruction decreased

Destruction Decreased

💬 "Dex need to be somewhere safe." Starts and finish "Mother May I" Mission

Talk to her about your illness to update "Infected".

Mother May I.

Mother May I Mission Walkthrough

Before I take my son anywhere, I really need to tell his mother what I'm planning.

💬 "I've beed speaking to an old man ..." will finish "Incognito" and updates "The 6th Power".

💬 "I don't recognize you anymore ..."

💬 "I'll take care of your Morkon problem." Caja likes that

Only A Dead Morkon....

Only A Dead Morkon ... Mission Walkthrough

Caja followed the Morkons that attacked the western World Heart in Carakis and wants to punish them for their crime before they reach the Grotto, the Morkons' headquarters.

After "In Danger"

💬 "I've been taking good care of Dex ..." Caja likes that, Loyalty: Caja accept you.

After "Only A Dead Morkon ..."

💬 "You don't have to worry about ..." Caja likes that.

💬 "Will you help me now?".

💬 "i'd love you by my side." complete: "A Mage for Magalan".

Now you can join Caja to you team.

is open



Abandoned Farm

Asgar talk to him

Guardian May I.

Guardian May I Mission Walkthrough

Before I take my son anywhere, I need permission form Asgar, his guardian

Dex talk to him after you talk to Asgar.

    Alternative dialogue paths, you have to pick one:

  • 💬 "It's not something a boy your age ..." - Dex likes it

    ELEX II Destruction decreased

    Destruction Decreased

  • 💬 "We'll make sure nothing like ..." - Dex likes it

  • 💬 "The Morkons are lead ..." - Dex likes it

    ELEX II Destruction Increaded

    Destruction Increased

💬 "Come with me, I'll get you out of here" - Dex has joined you.

+500 Experience inside hut, on cabinet.

inside hut

outside hut

Abandoned Farm

Go towards the Bastion.


Thumper check Legendary Weapons.

+1 Attribute Points at the top of the little watchtower.


Teleporters (ELEX 2 South Central Magalan)

The Magalan world of ELEX II has a network of 47 teleporters. You have to activate each of the teleporters before you can use it. To activate a teleporter, you must find him and reach him on foot. Then you will be able to fast travel between any two activated teleports. Solving Map Pieces Puzzle will give you location of all Teleporters. Teleporters Location Map






Teleporter, it is close to starting location, but you need Jetpack to reach it.




























Companions (ELEX 2 South Central Magalan)

There are 7 potential companions in ELEX 2: Crony U4, Caja, Nasty, Fox, Falk, Nyra and Bully. Companions are friendly NPCs that you can meet on your journey through the world of ELEX II and join your party. Companions in Elex 2.

Trainers / Teachers (ELEX 2 South Central Magalan)

There are several types Trainers / Teachers in ELEX II, they are located mainly in faction settlements and in the Bastion. Trainers Location Map

Merchants (ELEX 2 South Central Magalan)

Merchants & Traders are like shops where you can buy and sell weapons, armor and equipment. Merchants are located mainly in faction settlements and in the Bastion. Not all potential trader NPCs will want to trade with you when you first meet them. Many of the Traders will require you to complete a mission. There are also traveling traders located outside the cities. Merchants Location Map

Legendary Weapons (ELEX 2 South Central Magalan)

In the world of ELEX II, you can find or obtain 29 special, unique or legendary weapons that are significantly better than the commonly available ones. Legendary & Unique Weapons

Sunglasses (ELEX 2 South Central Magalan)

The world of Elex II offers you a variety of glasses to suit any occasion and offer a variety of extra skills. You just need to find them. Glasses Location

Safes & Codes (ELEX 2 South Central Magalan)

Safes require a 4 digit code to be opened.


Safe is open.


Code: 6666. Safe is in the attic, you have to use Jet Pack inside upper level of main building in Bastion. The code for the safe is drawn upside down on the wall next to the safe.


Code: 1243. Safe is inside house.


Code: 0423. On the top of watchtower.


Code: 1657. On ground level.


Code: 6241. Inside building, above ground on the platform.


Code: 2371.


Code: 3712. Underground, below antena.


Code: 5126. Inside hut.


Code: 6942. On the stairs, closer to the top.


Code: 9086. Up the stairs.


Code: 3071.


Code: 2681. In Cook's House, upstairs, fly to balcony and sneak inside.


Code: 4756. You have to wait until midnight is past and sneak inside while the host is asleep.


Code: 8696. Inside Fenris House


Code: 1950. Safe in Alchemist House


Code: 0000. Tilas Safe


Code: 5461. Chloe Safe

Map Pieces (ELEX 2 South Central Magalan)

There are 16 Map Pieces scattered around the Magalan world in ELEX II. If you find all the map fragments and put them together, you will learn the safe's location and the safe code. The cache contains a device that shows the location of all Teleporters in Magalan. Map Pieces Location Map