The 6th Power Main Mission in ELEX II

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Mission Description

Mission Type: Main Mission

Mission Name: The 6th Power

Mission Giver: Adam

Mission Start: In 004 at SC Magalan Map

Mission Walkthrough

"The old man, who calls himself Adam, wants to start an army, independent of all other factions, called the 6th Power. He plans to set up its headquarters in the old Bastion at Carakis. Seems like a foolhardy plan that will be difficult to carry out."



Adam invites you to the Bastion to discuss the creation of the sixth faction in Magalan.



💬 "I've beed speaking to an old man ..."

"The old man is Dr. Adam Charles Dawkins. The man who was inside the Hybrid's machine back during the war against the Albs."

Caja tells you about Adam's true identity.



Adam Charles Dawkins

💬 "I don't want to talk about the past ..."

He's no longer controlled by the machine and wants to fight the invaders. He calls them the Skyands. In return for his help developing a cure for my infection with this strange Skyand substance, I'm supposed to help him develop the 6th Power in the Bastion of Carakis.

(to be continued)

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