Grotto Map - Morkons City - ELEX 2

Grotto of Raavac underground Morkons City, Map & Walkthrough for Elex 2, locations, trainers, merchants, with locations of Teleporters, Missions, Companions, Trainers, Teachers, Merchants, Traders, Legendary & Unique Weapons, Glasses, Safe Codes and Map Pieces, ELEX II Maps & Walkthrough.

ELEX II Map Grotto of Raavac

Map for ELEX II Grotto of Raavac, underground Morkons city.

 Map for ELEX II Grotto of Raavac, underground Morkons city.

ELEX 2 Grotto Walkthrough Map Description


Entrance to Grotto of Raavac


Follow Dimitry To Khan


Admission To The Grotto

The gate guard Dimitry and his colleagues are fighting about whether to give me permission to enter the Grotto. Finally Dimitry agreed to let me into the Grotto at least provisionally, and to take me to their leader, who'll decide whether or not I'm allowed to stay.

Follow Dimitry To Khan

Dimitry will lead me through the Grotto to Khan. I should follow him.




Shards For The Prisoners

Most Morkons don't care about the prisoners but they'll starve without support. Alexej asked me to convince a few people in the Grotto to donate some shards to them. Venja will donate to the prisoners. Attila will donate to the prisoners. Dixxon will donate to the prisoners. I convinced some of the Morkons to give up some shards for the prisoners. They'll no longer starve. Alexej will be happy.

The Fundraiser

I've collected enough donations for the prisoners.


Arms Dealer (After Tengis Trade Permit) - One Handed, Two Handed, Ammunition, Junk


Attila Arena Master

Attila's Tests Of The Outside World

Attila organizes battles against creatures from the outside world. If I want to take part in one, I need the trappers to return with their catch. I should ask Venja if I can do anything to get them back faster.

I did what I could for Venja. Now I should speak to Attila again.

I put the new tranquilizer in the creatures' food. Now I can go back and talk to Attila.

Attila’S First Challenge

My fist challenge is waiting for me in the Morkon’s Arena

Attila’S Second Challenge

My second challenge is waiting for me in the Morkon’s Arena

Attila's Third Challenge

My third challenge is waiting for me in the Morkons' Arena.

Attila's Fourth Challenge

My fourth challenge is waiting for me in the Morkon's Arena.

Attila's Fifth Challenge

My fifth challenge is waiting for me in the Morkons' Arena.

Ask Venja To Take Part In The Ceremonial Slaughter

Attila is worried about Venja. He wants to rekindle her old fighting spirit. He thinks I can convince her to take part in the ceremonial slaughter in the Arena.

A Trophy For The Ceremonial Slaughter

Attila didn't have time to organize a trophy for the ceremonial slaughter as it's happening earlier than planned. He wants me to find him a troll skull as a favor while he feeds the creatures. He told me Venja's trappers discovered a harpy nest, and I'm sure to find one there.

Scratched Troll Skull

Attila Melee Weapons, Melee Weapons Specialist, Backstab, Grenades, Heavy Weapons, Heavy Weapons Specialist, Stamina, Stamina Regeneration, Animal Trophies.


Morkon’s Arena


Venja's Beast Trappers for Attila's Tests Of The Outside World

Venja gave some of her troops a tranquilizer to use on the animals. I should find them and make sure that they bring back whatever's left over.

Ilka and her people are dead. It seems that Venja's tranquilizer didn't work.

Have The Tranquilizer Examined for Attila's Tests Of The Outside World

Venja doesn't have enough experience with alchemy to determine why the tranquilizer didn't work. I need someone who understands alchemy. Venja thinks there must be someone at the Crater or the Fort who can help.

Go to Tilas

Tell Venja What You Found Out for Attila's Tests Of The Outside World

Tilas worked out why Venja's tranquilizer didn't work. He also told me that its current make-up actually causes aggression. Tilas thinks the drug would work with just a slight change of recipe. I should tell Venja.

Return to Attila

Inject The Tranquilizer Into The Food

Venja wants to avoid unnecessary fighting in the Arena. I told her I'd help. Now I have to add the new tranquilizer recipe to the creatures' food. That way the creatures in the Arena will barely be able to defend themselves.


Nasty talk to her.


Dixxon's Mailman

I'd deliver something for him. I need to visit him again tomorrow to pick it up.

Dixxon asked me to take his wife some flowers. He can't go anywhere near the Crater himself, as he no longer has anything to do with the Outlaws.


Blood Shrine


Zarina's Judgment for Morkon Values - After You talk to Khan

To prove myself to Khan, I first have to prove myself to Zarina: She gave me an amulet and wants me to use it to discover more about the secret underground group of Morkons it came from. She didn't tell me more, but my gut says this has nothing to do with thieves.

Dimitry made a stupid joke about knowing what the amulet was, but he doesn't seem to know anything about it.

I spoke to Marat. He told me how he found the amulet in Gosta's bar. It was stuck in a gap in the floor and he stepped on it. He says he brought it to Zarina immediately.

Batulga has never seen an amulet like this before.

Gosta the innkeeper was able to tell me a few things about the amulet. He showed me a picture of an old Morkon god who's now forbidden. His name was Kriiton. The fact that someone found this amulet can only mean that the followers of this god are growing stronger again. I should keep investigating.

I still haven't been able to find any solid clues. I should keep searching the Grotto. A woman called Ivika approached me about the amulet. I should listen to what she has to say and then decide whether or not to rat her out to Zarina.

↪ After you give Amulet to Ivika:

💬 "Someone took the amulet. (Lie)"

ELEX II Destruction decreased

Destruction Decreased


Victor talk to him


When you meet her for the first time, she won't want to talk to you, but later, when you move through missions, Ivika will retrieve you herself in [G10] and talk to you.



You come here with Dimitry from Entrance to Grotto of Raavac.

The Voice of Khan


Morkon Values

Khan will consider whether or not I am allowed to stay in the Morkons' Grotto. I should wait for his decision. A man who calls himself "The Voice of Khan" will find me and let me know Khan's decision once he has made it. I should probably get some rest for a few nights and then return to him.

Khan agreed that I could stay in the Grotto, but only if I'm willing to help. The Voice of Khan told me I should speak to Khan personally once I'm ready to begin work.

I spoke to Khan. In return for his generous offer to let me stay, he expects me to help his overseers, Tengis and Zarina, whenever they ask.


Trader’s District

Tengis after you talk to Khan

Tengis' Judgment for Morkon Values

If I work for Tengis, I will have better standing within the Morkons' Grotto.

I found Ivan. But he won't return to Carakis until I help him get his things from Chloe. Tengis doesn't know where Ivan is.

I already met him, so I need to go back to him and convince him to return to the Grotto.


Tengis has given me permission to trade in the Grotto.

Batulga after you talk to Khan

You have to finish his mission to enter Cellar.

Cleaning Up The Grotto

I agreed with Batulga that I would do something useful for the Grotto. He told me to clear the rubble out of some of the Grotto's tunnels.

I gave the rubble I collected to Sloppy. If I find any more, I can give that to him too. Let's see what Batulga has to say about it.

Do not finish "Cleaning Up The Grotto" by returning to Batulga

After you collect Rubble go to Sloppy [G11] and give Rubble to him, then return to Batulga and take next mission.

Plague Of Rats In The Grotto

There are all sorts of vermin in and around the Grotto.

Kill 10 Sick Rat (small rats on the ground)

Batulga Combat, Survuval - Melee Weapons, Melee Weapons Specialist, Backstab, Stamina, Stamina Regeneration.

Ivika after you ask others about Amulet, she will start to talk to you, follow her to [G15]

Follow Ivika

A woman named Ivika spoke to me in the Grotto. She knows that Zarina sent me to find out who lost the Kriiton amulet. She says I should follow her so we can talk in peace.



Rubble on the ground for "Cleaning Up The Grotto", Collect Rubble from ground.



When collecting Rubble for CLEANING UP THE GROTTO and pick up Rubble near Sloppy.

💬 "Batulga told me ..."

💬 "Deal ..."

Give him Rubble.

Return to Batulga and take another mission with killing Rats.

Stones In The Way

There is a lot of rubble in the Grotto's tunnels. I need to clean it up.

Sloopy Mining


Bloody Letter


The Cellar

Morkon Beggar He ask for money.


💬 "Tengis says you can fix me ..."

Medium Healing Potion Recipe

💬 "How can I earn ..."

Gosta's Contest

Gosta offered to let me fight in his tournaments. If I win, he'll pay out double whatever I bet on myself.

Dixxon is my first opponent. I should find him. I beat Dixxon.

I should talk to Gosta again.

Alexej is my next opponent. I should find him. I beat Alexej.

I should talk to Gosta again.

Jagun is my next opponent. I should find him.

One of the Morkons asked me to lose the duel against Jagun.

If I do, he promised me I'll receive a reward from Sloppy, the worker.

I lost against Jagun.

I should talk to Gosta again.

Batulga is my next opponent. I should find him. I beat Batulga.

I should talk to Gosta again.

Constitution +1

Duel With Dixxon

Duel With Alexej

Duel With Jagun lost with Jagun and go to Sloppy

Duel With Batulga

Gosta Survival, Personality - Armor, Resist All, Stronger Potions, Extra Hit Points, Health Regeneration, Attribute Points, Attribute

Gosta Potions, Food

Vlad Survival, Trophies


Residential District

Jagunfor Gosta’s Contest, lost with him and go to Sloopy


Here Ivika will bring you from [G10] to tell about the Amulet.


Give Amulet to Ivika.

ELEX II Destruction decreased

Destruction Decreased

Ivika's Sacrificial Lamb

I agreed to help Ivika and betray Zarina. Ivika told me her plans. She'll plant the amulet on a well known, illegal trader in the Residential District. While she does, I'll talk to Zarina and tell her that this smuggler might have it. Once Zarina discovers it on him, she'll hopefully think that there are no Followers of Kriiton, and that it can all be traced back to a smuggler wanting to make some money.

To make the plan work, I have to tell Zarina that someone stole the amulet from me while I was walking through the Residential District and that I then eavesdropped on two Morkons in the Cellar talking about the illegal trader in the Residential District. Hopefully she'll come to the right conclusion on her own.

I convinced Zarina to stop investigating Ivika by telling her that someone stole the amulet from me. She executed an illegal trader instead. I should go back to Ivika and tell her.


Quatermasters' District

Marika - Armor, Food, Fuel

Nova - after mission.







Raavac's Cathedral


Bahadur Morkon Faction Trainer


Blood Cistern


Mordrag Morkon Faction Trainer

Companions (ELEX 2 South Central Magalan)

There are 7 potential companions in ELEX 2: Crony U4, Caja, Nasty, Fox, Falk, Nyra and Bully. Companions are friendly NPCs that you can meet on your journey through the world of ELEX II and join your party. Companions in Elex 2.



Nasty - ELEX II
  • Faction: Morkons
  • Melee Weapon: Two Handed Sword
  • Ranged Weapon: Rifle
  • You meet her in Morkons Settlement Grotto, underground inside.
  • Possible Romance

Destroyer with the Morkon Resistors. A brutal and malicious woman, biological twin of Logan, former Duke of Tavar. Her mood swings were legendary.

Her basic attitude to life never improved, especially once Jax and Caja had a baby together. She felt betrayed and turned her back on Jax.

Nasty returned to the Outlaws after the war against the Albs only to discover that she had been made persona non grata. Even her brother Logan refused to help her return to her old position of power.

So she travelled to Carakis and took over diplomatic negotiations with the leaders of the Free People on behalf of the Morkons, as well as doing other dirty jobs in the Grotto. She specialized in public executions, assassinations, and intrigue.

Nasty Likes (Loyality):

  • Bad Deeds
  • Morkons
  • Outlaws
  • Courage
  • Smartness
  • Greed
  • Inappropriate Jokes

Nasty Dislikes (Loyality):

  • Good Deeds
  • Clerics
  • Berserkers
  • Albs
  • Cowardice
  • Silliness

more about Nasty

Trainers / Teachers (ELEX 2 Grotto)

There are several types Trainers / Teachers in ELEX II, they are located mainly in faction settlements and in the Bastion. Trainers Location Map

Grotto Trainers


Bahadur (Morkon Faction Trainer)

Morkon Trainer / Teacher



Melee Combat, Stamina Trainer / Teacher

Melee Weapons, Melee Weapons Specialist, Backstab, Stamina, Stamina Regeneration

Inside Grotto



Protection, Health, Attributes Trainer / Teacher

Armor, Resist All, Stronger Potions, Extra Hit Points, Health Regeneration, Attribute Points, Attribute

Inside Grotto - Inkeeper



Survival, Trophies Trainer / Teacher

Inside Grotto


Mordrag / Dimitry (Morkon Faction Trainer)

Morkon, Protection, Melee Weapons, Heavy Weapons Trainer / Teacher

Inside Grotto



Melee Combat, Heavy Weapons, Stamina, Trophy Trainer / Teacher

Melee Weapons, Melee Weapons Specialist, Backstab, Grenades, Heavy Weapons, Heavy Weapons Specialist, Stamina, Stamina Regeneration, Animal Trophies

Inside Grotto



Mining Trainer / Teacher

Inside Grotto, after you mine some ore.

Merchants (ELEX 2 Grotto)

Merchants & Traders are like shops where you can buy and sell weapons, armor and equipment. Merchants are located mainly in faction settlements and in the Bastion. Not all potential trader NPCs will want to trade with you when you first meet them. Many of the Traders will require you to complete a mission. There are also traveling traders located outside the cities. Merchants Location Map

Grotto Merchants



Merchant / Trader

Armor, Fuel, Elex, Junk


Arms Dealer

Merchant / Trader - After Tengis Trade Permit

One Handed, Two Handed, Ammunition, Junk



Merchant / Trader

Armor, Food, Fuel



Merchant / Trader

After Mission.

Stims, Elex



Merchant / Trader

Food, Potions



Merchant / Trader

Armor, Recipes & Blueprint, Ammunition, Fuel


Scrap Merchant

Merchant / Trader

Weapons, Junk