Infected Main Mission in ELEX II

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Mission Description

Mission Type: Main Mission

Mission Name: Infected

Mission Giver: Adam

Mission Start: In 004 at SC Magalan Map

Mission Walkthrough

"The creatures that appeared with the invaders, seem to have infected me with this strange, dark substance. I can feel it flowing through my veins. I can feel it changing me. I don't know how long I can resist. I'm in desperate need of relief, or, even better... a cure."



I don't trust the old man's judgement. I should look for a healer among the Berserkers.


Thialg Talk to him about your illness

Caja is the most powerful mage I know. Maybe she can help.


Caja Talk to her about your illness

Caja is too busy with other things to help me with my small problems. I'll try the old man again.



Adam Charles Dawkins

💬 "When are you going to do something about my infection?"

If anyone can help me, it's Dawkins. But he's demanding that I support him as he develops his 6th Power project before he'll help me.

(to be continued)

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