The Weapon Of An Artist Tavar Mission in ELEX II

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Mission Description

Mission Type: Tavar Mission

Mission Name: The Weapon Of An Artist

Mission Giver: Lasee

Mission Start: In 024 at SC Magalan Map

Mission Walkthrough

"Lasse the smith has a project that he needs my help with. He wants to explore his passion for forging fine weapons, but he doesn't have the right materials. He asked me to bring him some very old pricklebacks, critters, and wetlurkers, and disembowel them for him."


The Fort - Healer District


Lasse will make nice weapon for you, but you need to collect materials.

Unique Trophies Mission Walkthrough

I have thick bones from a prickleback, rough leather from a wetlurker, and the poison sac from a critter. I should take them to Lasse.

Return to Lasse.

💬 "About that special weapon."

💬 "I found everything you asked me for."

Lasse said if I come back in a week he'll have finished the weapon.



Butter Knife

One-handed Weapon, damage: 120 (Poison Damage), sockets: 3, requirements: STR 64, DEX 45.

An exquisitely forged weapon, made from creatures slain by my hand. Bears the slightly strange name "Butter Knife." Closer to a work of art than a simple weapon. Almost too beautiful for hacking and slashing.

+210 EXP

(The End)

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