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Mass Effect: Andromeda

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Priority Ops in Mass Effect Andromeda

This is full list of all available Priority Ops (main missions) in Mass Effect Andromeda Video Game. Register of Journal Missions contains Quest Name, Quest Type, Quest Starter, Mission Prerequisites, Missions Location.

All Quests Priority Ops Allies and Relationships Heleus Assignments Additional Tasks Nexus Tempest Eos Aya Havarl Voeld Kadara Elaaden

Mission Types:

PO - Priority Ops

HA - Heleus Assignments

A&R - Allies and Relationships

AT - Additional Tasks

Quest Name Type Quest Starter Required / Prerequisites Location
(01) Prologue: Hyperion PO Hyperion Cryo Bay The beginning of the game Hyperion
(02) Planetside PO Habitat 7, crash landing Land on Habitat 7 Habitat 7
(03) Nexus Reunion PO Hyperion Return from Habitat 7 Nexus
(04) First Strike PO Nexus, Militia Office, Tiran Kandros Nexus Reunion Nexus
(05) A Better Beginning PO Nexus Nexus Reunion Eos Site 1
(06) AVP Cryo Deployment Perks PO Nexus, Pathfinder Headquarters Prodromos settled Nexus
(07) Meet The Resistance PO Tempest Visit Aya Tempest
(08) A Trail Of Hope PO Nexus, Pathfinder Headquarters Prodromos settled Nexus
(09) Helping Havarl's Scientists PO Tempest Visit Aya Tempest
(10) H-047C: A New World PO Tempest Return from Kadara Tempest
(11) Elaaden: A New World PO Tempest Return from Kadara Tempest
(12) Hunting The Archon PO Aya, Evfra A Trail Of Hope Aya
(13) The Journey To Meridian PO Tempest After Hunting the Archon Tempest
(14) Meridian - The Way Home PO Tempest The Journey To Meridian Remnant City
(15) Epilogue: Home and Away PO After Meridian - The Way Home Meridian - The Way Home Nexus
(16) The World is Waiting PO Tempest, videocon from SAM 100% viability on all Planets Tempest

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